Monday, September 22, 2008

Over Regulated!

Some physicians, other medical people and the average nomad wandering through here may find this link to the Throckmorton's Other Signs blog both interesting and amusing.

His current post "Stark Reciprocity" takes Congressman Pete Stark's medical regulation laws applies them to Congress. LOL! I do think if the medical regulations you docs have to jump through hoops for were indeed applied to government officials...that you would most certainly see a change for the better and quickly!

Look at this latest financial crisis. At least a decade, with two different administrations at the helm and they didn't do anything to prevent this.

(Well bush tried and was voted down by democrats and a few republicans.)

But look now... what these politicians who are supposed to be working on OUR behalf couldn't do in over a decade... as of last took them THREE DAYS to come up with some save the day plan! THREE DAYS! I don't know if it is a good plan, but my point is they actually made an effort for the good of the country to work together. What would happen if they did this the rest of the year? I believe America would prosper in many ways...but I digress.

So go check out Throckmorton's Pete Stark post. :)

P.S. It just hit me..I was looking at this from a being amused perspective...but really... it is sad, a shame and just not right that these regulations are allowed to cause unfair decreased income for our hard working doctors and so they have to work longer hours to maintain their income. Also, it steals time that would be better put to use in their medical practice attending to their patients and have time to be with their families and friends, along with pursuing other interests

That is my take on all of this anyway...after reading the med blogs for almost 2 years now.

Also, I read in our local paper last week that the hospitals in the system I worked for and the one in which I have been a frequent flier patient, scored high in the state and country with patient care. I apologize that I don't recall in what areas. I know cardiology outcomes was one of them. surgery another. And so obviously regulations and standards of excellence ARE important. But it is the over areas that cause a compromise of the physicians time and consequently..possibly optimum care for their patients that should be toned down.

I just don't understand why the pencil pushers and medical staff don't reason together (or they don't seem to) before they implement said erroneous regulations. Balance. There has to be balance.

I also don't think it is right that physicians, after years of schooling, training and caring for patients...should have their incomes challenged with unfair low reimbursements or even denials that they then have to challenge...again wasting valuable time that could be better spent. No doubt the insurance companies count on keeping the money longer and hope they will give up.

Pretty soon doctors will need both an MBA and a law degree added onto their medical degrees.

I'm just sayin...

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