Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I had a good doctor appointment! I don't know my ultimate outcome, but ...every day is a good day that my urology issues don't bother me. :)

Urodoc did not tell me I HAVE to have surgery and so that was a MAJOR relief! I was concerned about that because of the NPO post-op in August and he told me he just wanted to be sure I was alright. I always feel so well taken care of with this doctor..I have to say. :)

I will be getting my next renal scan in November. I can't believe I forgot already but I think he was still going with stented once a year and so I will discuss that ..I guess after my next scan. I think he will have a better picture of things (no pun intended), specifically.. my kidney and ureter... after the scan.

So all things considered... while not perfect in you're totally healed and will be forever...SeaSpray is a happy girl tonight! :)

P.S. They really are the best doctor's office I have ever had to deal with. I am so glad I got hooked up with my doctor and other staff there. I would tell the whole world to go there if I could. Well I could I guess. Okay... Go there! :)

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