Friday, September 19, 2008

DSCF0628_628_171 by you.

Two black bears were lumbering through our neighbor's yard, but one already got to the woods before I took this picture. One night I was sitting on the sofa in the family room with the sliding door open, when a big black bear walked right passed the door about 3 feet away. He turned his head and looked in as he passed through (I just stopped breathing..not even moving a muscle) and as soon as he did...I bolted up and shut the sliding door. He then walked up the dirt lane into the dark night.

Another time a bear came right up to the screen door and sniffed. My son was on the other side. The bear turned and walked away into another neighbor's back yard.

One late summer afternoon, my neighbor and her then fiance were floating on rafts in their pool when they noticed a huge bear coming out of the woods walking toward them. Her fiance bolted out of the pool and onto the house deck, latched the little deck gate shut and stood there watching the bear.

The only problem with that was that he left his fiance alone in the pool. LOL! She laid perfectly still. She said that both she and the bear stared at each other as it walked by to go back into another part of the woods.

There is a heavy bear population in our county and people have been at odds about allowing bear hunting to control the population. Some bear have broken into houses or killed small animals and they end up getting put down.

A lot of people up here have some bear stories to tell.

They are very beautiful... although it is a bit unnerving knowing they come up so close to the house at night.


Evangeline said...

oh my!!! Bears? Real bears? i faint if i see one at the zoo....?? where is tha, what location?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Evangeline - Northern NJ. The cubs are adorable. The bears are cool to watch.... at a distance. :)

View from the Trekant said...

Here it has been cougars that are interacting more and more with the local residents. I'd probably rather see bears! Still - a little scary. Great picture. Did you take it?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Echo Doc - Thanks and yes I took the pic-zoomed and cropped. Not the best camera though and so not best quality.

I'd rather run into bears too although I'd rather not run into either. :)

I guess it is because we humans are more and more encroaching on their territory and they have no choice but to mix in with us.

People have to remember NOT to feed the bears and keep garbage secure.