Tuesday, October 7, 2008

66 Cents


What would you do for 66 cents?

After I left the hospital tonight, I decided to buy gas. I was excited to see it had dropped. It was
$3.25 per gallon at a gas station not far from the hospital.

But I decided to go 2 towns away to the Quick Check. On my way... I saw one gas station was selling gas for $3.29 a gallon. Then Hess was also $3.25 a gallon.

Drum roll please...... Quick Check was selling gas for $3.19 a gallon. So I filled the tank. I got 11 gallons. I calculated my savings. 66 cents! Now factor in the additional wear and tear, gas and oil. How much did I actually save?

Sometimes...it's just the principal of it all. I am going with the best price. They want my money and I am more willing to give it to the most competitively priced product...providing it is the same if not better quality.

Then of course I had to back track home... and so I may have broke even or less... but I paid $3.19!

What would you have done?

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