Friday, October 3, 2008

Another Emergencty Call

I received another emergency call from Lifeline alerting me my mother was being transported to the hospital this morning. I called her apartment and spoke to one of the squad members. She had fallen off the sofa (I don't understand why) Long story short... when I got to the ED... she looked gray, seemed out of it and was gasping for air. She seemed to deteriorate after getting there then it reversed but she was never herself the entire day and slept all day in the ED. It was a very long day. Same ED doc on as when she fell last time and he still recommends nursing home. I had hospital bed delivered to her apt today. Too much to say now and I am too tired. I cried so much on and off that my eyes feel funny and I have a mild headache and just need a good night sleep.

I am fortunate that being around my former hospital co-workers was like being around family and so amidst tears there was laughing. Isn't it always that way around ED staff when you work there? They invited me back to their new break room and I had some real cups of coffee. I've missed it and them. They all helped today to be more bearable. Her PCP came up and she is admitted fro next couple of days and we will see what happens from there.

When I left her tonight in her room...while tired...she was more like herself... but weak. They're so busy on med floor that I woudn't leave her and it took them 2 hours just to get the intake info and I was her advocate for water, blankets, etc....including going to nurse's station to inform them Mom's roommate was vomiting.

I will be back with more detail another time.

It feels good just to blog a bit.


Elaine said...

I read your later post before this one and commented there. I am glad to hear she has been admitted as the admission might give time enough to sort things out for your mother. Once again, take care.

Elaine said...
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mottsapplesauce said...

My dear Seaspray, I can really relate to your story, esp the oil & vinegar, as I had the EXACT same relationship with my mother. It never improved until I was old enough to move out, and when I did move out, it did improve. Anyway I wanted to recommend a great little book titled "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" by Harold S. Kushner. Read it. It will help you through all this.

SeaSpray said...

Yes Elaine and I am going to her apartment tonight to literally sort some things out and clean.

I must admit I feel better knowing she is being cared for 24/7 and perhaps that is what ED doc is trying to tell me.

SeaSpray said...

Thank u MottsA- I LOVED wHITEcOAT'S QUOTE, PARTICULARLY THE LAST LINE ABOUT BEING CLOSER. PERHAPS this IS THE OPPORTuNITY. sorry not shouting...or am I subconsciously. H,mmm... :)

I will comment there later.

I will check it out. I like reading books like that. :)