Saturday, October 25, 2008

He Really SCARED Me! :)

LTAO (THEY ...Laughed THEIR Ass Off!)

The following post is actually a comment I left in response to a post called "Practical Joke and the New Nurse" written by a new blogging ER Doc.. Dr Evans. So go check out his terrific blog.. "Your ER Doc". Lot's of good stuff there! :)

Thanks to Medblog Addict for telling us "There’s a new ER doc in town".

I worked in ED registration for 20 years.

One day…when I just started working solo and so was still learning the ropes…I walked into the back stating that family was wondering how their relative was doing. He had come in before my shift started and so I didn’t know anything about his reason for being there.

There I was all innocent and looking to be helpful and I stared up into the face of this very tall male aide.

With a very straight and solemn face he looked down at me and said…

“He died.”

“Oh I’m sorry.”

“You have to tell them he died.”

My jaw dropped open and in absolute PANIC and FEAR racing through my newbie brain… I blurted out “I-I-I-I have to tell them???”

Then he got a big grin and said he was only kidding and with that was the collective laughter of him and the nurses. Geez! Got me good! :)


Brian Evans said...

Thanks for the Welcome!

SeaSpray said...

You're welcome Brian or Dr Evans..not sure which you prefer. You have a GREAT blog! :)