Sunday, October 19, 2008

Recommendations and I'm Guilty of That

I just have to call attention to a couple of posts that caught my interest. Well there's really about a gazillion... but I have been so pressed for time lately... so I am linking to these 2 for now.

Dr Wes wrote this amusing..yet inspiring post about an elderly couple in their 80s who were/are sexually active every day... until a little snafu occurred. Dr Wes' humorous slant gave me some most appreciated chuckles. I say inspiring because this couple demonstrates that love and sexual intimacy is possible during our golden years... and not only is it possible... but desired. I LOVE it!

And good for them!! :)

The name of Dr Wes' post is "Oh, and Doctor, One More Thing..."

I am guilty of that. All I am gonna say is my urodoc has the patience of a saint and I am certain God has a special place reserved for him in heaven for being so patient with this patient. There was so much for me to take in and so much that I was going through (not just with health but other outside concerns) and it was such a roller coaster ride of emotions and treatments for me...that during that 1st year... I bombarded him with questions... and repetitvely. I feel bad about it every time I think of it. Then was all new, I was afraid and so I will cut myself a little slack. That was then... now I have been layed back. Okay..maybe there is a little denial mixed in but it's also a matter of been there-done that. And now I have a system that I think I will use in the future with any professional.

I write out my questions/points but give the doc a copy of what I am looking at and that keeps us on task..okay me on task. I don't know why... but I can always go home and still have ANOTHER question or two. I think he expects it now.

Anyway... as my regular readers know.... it is because of how stellar this urologist has been with me and how wonderful his partners and staff are...that I highly recommend them to anyone I meet in my real life when the opportunity comes up.

And I am an equal opportunity girl!

I admit... it is a trait of mine that whether on the phone or in person with almost anyone ... I am going to utter those 4 little words... "Oh... just one more thing!" or 5 little words.. "Oh wait ... just one more thing!". One of my friends said "Just one more thing" should be my epitaph! :)

I am happy to see that Charity Doc from the "Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice" is back and wrote a post titled "Fixing Our Broken Health Care System"... a post well worth reading. I think you doctors have to get together, form a plan and get media attention. Who better than the people in the trenches to influence and facilitate the implementation of a new health care plan?

And last but not least... a hat tip to Medblog Addict for announcing Charity Doc's return. :)

Oh...wait...just one more thing! ;)

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