Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things Aren't Always As Good As They Sound

Check out this post "HEALTH CARE IS A RIGHT (AND FREE PUPPIES) in which 911 Doc over at the M.D.O.D blog gives his opinion on what will happen with a socialized health plan.

As always... the comments are interesting.


peggy said...

why shouldn't healthcare be a right?

SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy-Follow the link. 911 Doc explains it.

peggy said...

neither you or the conservative blog answered my question. also, it was incredibly difficult to get past the 'god bless sarah palin' line.

ps. lowering healthcare costs does not = socialized healthcare. kind of a leap...

SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy - it would be wonderful if it could be. When you talk about free government health is socialized medicine.

If physicians were still fairly and appropriately compensated for their long years of medical training and long hours working... they might have incentive to stay in the business.

If you bring your car to the mechanic, go to a lawyer, have a plumber do repairs, etc., you and they expect that you will pay them for their services.

It is appalling how the insurance companies treat physicians by withholding reimbursements, etc. or lowering there Salaries by cutting reimbursements.

My mother's doctor was quoted in the local paper. he said that he is making 18,000.00 dollars less now than he was (I forget how many) years ago.

Nothing free comes without a price or a trade off.

The system we have is broken.

But free care will compromise quality and availability of care.

As it is...inner city hospitals are closing because they aren't taking in enough money. they have so many self pays and MDCD and don't get paid for the services they provide. Then these closing hospitals cause more people to go to the remaining hospitals and more burdens are placed on them and so on. Even our little hospital would have closed if they didn't merger.

If you go back to that blog and scroll down you can read posts that explain why 911 doc has stopped working in the ED.

But it is not just that blog. You can find information about this on many medical blogs. For one thing...the medical profession is over regulated now.

It is all complicated and a lengthy discussion and i in no way could possibly explain it like the docs in the blogasphere.

We can see how well our government did with the financial market.

Quite frankly, the whole thing is scary. Health care is so expensive and bills pile up..believe me I know.

Even now...doctors are micromanaged with how they can or can not do their jobs to facilitate healing in their patients and it would be way worse if it was a free system. You have to read what they are talking about. If you want i can suggest links for you to follow.

peggy said...

i didn't say anything about free healthcare and neither did guys can keep believing that if you want, but that's not what they're proposing. All he says is that he wants to lower the cost of healthcare (by a max of $2500 anually) i mean spin it however you want, but that's what the plan states. He's saying in a perfect world people should be entitled to healthcare. that's an ideal, that's not the reality of what he's proposing! Have you ever actually even LOOKED at his healthcare plan? Or are you reading/listening to it all on Rush, Drudge, and Fox news?

but personally, since you keep bringing up socialized healthcare (lol) i'd rather wait and wait and wait for a procedure than lose my house when my insurance company screws me, which is the reality of what's going on in this country.

also i don't feel sorry for dr. f, he's my dr too remember, and he doesn't seem to be roughing it...have you seen his car?..$18,000 less than what, exactly? (I thought doctors became doctors to help people? Not to drive around in their jaguars and count their money?) I became a graphic designer because I like drawing pictures, not because it pays well (it does not.)

i feel sorry for people who spend their last months in the hospital wondering how the hell they're going to pay for the care they've received when their insurance company (oh, poor insurance companies!) decides to use a loophole to get out of paying!

ANd why would I sit around reading a bunch of conservative blogs all day long? (I'd rather give myself full body electrolysis.) You're arguing against a system that DOESN"T exist and isn't being proposed! You're arguing the extreme for some reason. Getting yourself worked up and worried about something NEITHER candidate has proposed!

peggy said...

ps. love you

this is ridiculous, and i have to stop reading these posts because my head will pop off if i don't.

peggy said...

oh, by the way, i followed your link and also clicked around on the site. i'm supposed to take this 911 doc seriously? He sounds like a dirtbag:

happy to anonymous!

but just to play a bit how do you know i'm white? i'm actually not, but that's beside the point.

officially speaking as a physician, you have an advanced case of anal-craniocephaly and are beyond help. good day, and, just a thought, if you don't like what you read here, go somewhere else you fucking douchebag pansy socialist 'doctor'.


disgusting. i'll certainly be weeping in my pillow for this underpaid physician tonight.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Peggy- I didn't recommend the link for that, but because they explain what they believe is wrong with the medical system now (throughout the blog)and why they don't want socialized medicine.

SeaSpray said...

There are plenty of med blogs that discuss this topic and the doctors, other medical providers and patients are concerned for many reasons.

SeaSpray said...

Peggy, regarding doctor's decreasing is a concern for everyone. They struggle on low pay through residency and additionally if they opt to specialize. While other people are out there earning...they have sacrificed their time and energy and a chunk of their life before they can practice medicine. They have to build their business. They have a right to earn a good salary and it isn't for us to decide what it should be. They work long hours, are always at risk for being sued, and more and more becoming micromanaged because of new regulations... and they are responsible for quality care of human lives. They do want to treat their patients. But they have a lot of responsibility on all fronts.

Why do I care. because...i don't want to see good doctors leave the profession because they decide the reduced pay isn't worth the sacrifices, risks, etc.

Lawyers want to make a certain income. People choose professions for various reasons and I think they have a right to be compensated according to expectations.

People like CEOs of insurance they are someone to be annoyed at. they line their pockets with the money they keep from denying health claims for patients or cutting back on reimbursements to physicians and hospitals.

peggy said...
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peggy said...

no one is proposing socialized healthcare. Not sure why you aren't getting this point.

also, in most professions, you give up a chunk of your life to learn the ropes! That is not unique to doctors. I was always under the impression that doctors became doctors, in spite of the long hours, etc, because they wanted to help people, not because of the salary. Sorry, that's just me living in my dream world where people care about other people.

I can't talk about this anymore because it's pointless. No one is proposing socialized healthcare.
No one. In fact the only people who are talking about socialized healthcare are conservative republicans.

One more word and i'm naming my baby Karl Marx!!

911DOC said...

dear peggy,

the history of this republic, especially in the last fifty years is this. once a government program is started on the federal level, it never wakes up one day and says, 'our job is done here' we are disbanding. it is true that obama is not proposing socialized health care. he IS however, proposing socialism, so i don't think the jump is too large to make. it is interesting that someone of your opinion also happens to be in the socio-economic group that will initially benefit from bigger government. the sad reality of socialized anything however, and i stand ready for your counter-example, is lowered standards and quality of the product or service in question for all.

and, as to you taking offense at my off-color comments, i will henceforth remove all jokes and sarcasm from my blog.