Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations to President Elect Obama!

I hope so.

I hope he will accomplish great things. It was exciting to see him walk on stage, realizing the significance of such an historic moment... our first African American president to ever be elected. America has come a long way and is indeed a beacon of light for democracy... "United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all."

I do hope his becoming president will go a long way in healing the racial divide in this country and that those who would be tempted to say they are oppressed because of their skin color; will now look at President Elect Obama and realize that dreams and visions can come true if you are willing to work for them with determination.

I wish him well and pray that all the voters who elected him are right and that he is indeed "The one" who will affect change in our great country for the better.

I will be relieved to find that I was wrong about him. I sincerely mean that. It is not about being partisan to a political party for me... but who I believe will keep us safe and help us to prosper and guide our nation in the right direction for the good of all mankind.


Jenster said...

I'll give you an Amen. He wasn't my choice, but he IS the president now. So I'll be about the business of supporting him and praying for him just as I would have McCain.

Jedi Master Daryl said...

Yeah, I am hopeful, too.

But his past does nag me... (I just hope he doesn't turn out to be the demon I think he is.)

As for the color issue, that is good. We have held skin color against people too long. It makes no sense, is arbitrary, and hateful.

I think it will be nice when we get some women in power, too.

Rositta said...

I've probably lost every blogger friend I've had out there for saying the same thing. I'm not American so I'm only a bystander here but I wouldn't have voted for him either. Color had nothing to do with it...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Jedi, Jenster and Rositta - The symbolism and hope generated with such an historic election is the only thing and I suppose that we have such a peaceful transition of power in our electoral process is what gives me hope.

I am in awe of such an historical event in our country and hope and pray he will do what is the best for our country.

That being said... I am most concerned about what direction our country will be lead in. As I hear the concern grows.

We should all pray for him to exercise wisdom and to have strength to follow his convictions despite opposition. I just hope he isn't as liberal as we here.

And I can't help but wonder WHY the President who gets all the security secrets...doesn't have to be cleared like FBI and CIA???

And for the life of me...why did people vote in such an unknown.

Well...if things go wrong...and I pray they don't because then we all suffer...but if things go will be on them... and all the people who didn't care to investigate him or ask hard questions and covered up.

I agree...color is not the issue. I would've voted for Colon Powell in a heartbeat and was disappointed to hear he crossed over to the other side.

mottsapplesauce said...

I pretty much stayed away from the political blogposts these last few weeks because I supported Obama. But, I also admire John McCain, for different reasons that I admire Barack Obama. Everyone in the healthcare industry is so worried he's going to make all healthcare coverage a socialist policy. The gameplan is, if I read it correctly, is that commercial insurances will still thrive. He has no intention of doing away with them. He just also wants to offer optional plans similar to what the government receives, so, maybe this will stimulate the commercial plans to be more competetive. Who knows? I wish him well too. He has a lot on his plate.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Motts - I hope I haven't offended too badly. The beauty of the blogs is you get to vent. I think I lost a few readers in the process... but gee... this too shall pass. I would never hold someone's political opinions against them.

You must be feeling really good about the election.

I thought Oprah was funny when she tried to empathize with the McCain supporters when she said something like if her candidate lost she'd be doing the program from Northwestern with a drip in her arm. :)

ha! I'm not that bad but some probably feeling like it.

That would be nice if it made the commercial insurances more competitive. let's hope so. :)

Nice to see you again. :)

mottsapplesauce said...

Well you can obviously see that I didn't hold your political views against you, I just didn't want to spark a horrendous debate of who's right & who's wrong. BTW your opinions did not offend me in the least. You have a right to them just like everyone else. So if anyone found them offensive, that's THEIR problem. I am hopeful that he will take the USA in a new, positive direction. He's got a lot of promises to live up to, but I like the fact that Obama is a realist, too. He's well aware it will take several years to get the economy thriving again.

passionstamper said...

I'm relieved the election is over and now we can move forward. I was peeled to the TV way too much and for too long! Although I'm disappointed that McCain/Palin did not win, and I too am concerned about the future of this great country, but I have to believe that our prayers are heard and God can lead and guide Obama as president the same as He would had McCain been elected. Personally speaking, ultimately God is in control-not a party or any particular man in leadership of this country. God is great and has a plan...and we are all His servants-regardless of who is running the country. I believe God can make great things happen-starting with this historical event in our countries history, which may very well be the beginning of a long-needed healing of the races-which have been divided for too long. It's up to us as citizens to support Obama and give him a chance-and to speak up if we don't like something-just like we would with any other president. Like any president, I agree he has alot on his plate-I have a great deal of respect and admiration for anyone who takes on the incredible responsibility of the presidency! It is rare for me to speak out publicly about politics-a subject I dislike and normally avoid whenever possible...but as in any other competition whether it be athletic or political, when the competition is over, there is a winner and a loser-and we even if we are disappointed, we need to show good sportsmanship and congratulate the winner, then offer our support.

SeaSpray said...

What a GREAT comment and you should do another blog! :)

You know we agree. ;)