Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doctor tries cinnamon challenge

I was over at WhiteCoats blog commenting to this post, when I decided to take a look at this Youtube posted in another commentator's comment. WhiteCoat has thoughts of getting some of his coworkers drunk and filming them doing the cinnamon challenge. I'd love to see THAT WhiteCoat! :)

This very funny video looks like it is filmed in the staff lounge and it was hilarious watching this doctor and seeing/hearing the other docs and nurse cracking up. This makes me miss the camaraderie of the ED staff and others who came into the ED area. When it was slow...sometimes you would just get to laughing so hard over things. They were notorious with pranks. :)

I confess that I had to watch some of the other cinnamon challenges and I also thought about trying it. I won't... but it did run through my mind. I must admit... I have the type of personality that will accept a dare and try to prove I CAN do it. :)

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