Saturday, November 1, 2008

Foleys, Satire and Quotes

Here is a post by Charity Doc (ED) called "Tricks of the Trade" which I think is hilarious. I am so glad to be a girl...considering...ahem...I've been foley cathed more than once. I have linked to this before but thought I'd put the link up for those who may not have read it yet. LOL!

And maybe guys are different since their package is always out there anyway... but let me tell you... I would be simply MORTIFIED to have all that attention on my sea biscuit... being pulled every which way... and with an audience.

"Um... excuse me... I'm just going to die here and now of mortal embarrassment. What? I can't? Then you don't mind if I just slink down under the sheets to hide my magenta face?" Cya! :)

This next link, "Spreading the Wealth" written by ED doc Scalpel, is a satirical look at what socialized medicine could mean for the patients coming into his emergency room. :)

Monkeygirl shares a funny "Quote of the Night" by an elderly man they are dressing to go back to the nursing home. You never know what someone is going to say. LOL!

Okay...I am admittedly not inspired to do anything but put up links to other medblogger's posts... but they're GOOD! I am however about to have a rare glass of wine. Um... the wine's not rare but it is rare for me to consume said alcoholic beverage and so there is the possibility that I may become unusually inspired after a bit and return to posting as the alcohol goes to my head ... or I may kick back all nice and mellow and watch my 2 saved Grey's Anatomy's and 3 E.R.s that are on TiVo. :)


passionstamper said...

I hope you didn't watch those two saved Grey's Anatomy shows WITHOUT ME! I think I'm actually three episode behind now....and I've got to see them before the next show this Thursday! I'm so excited-did you hear? My favorite show (24) is returning for a 2 hour debut this month!! Can't wait! Don't forget to tell your I know he likes the show too!

SeaSpray said...

No I haven't seen all THREE of them and so we have to catch up! And tomorrow will be 4! Plus I am behind by 4 ERs! :)