Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm about to cave and pour my heart out. seems I just did ...over at WhiteCoats blog. I didn't intend to, but his funny..yet sad post was all I needed to set the release in motion. There is so much more... but maybe later. In the meantime I recommend his post "Help" for another good laugh... even though it also made me cry.

Hmmm... actually... someone told me once, that no one can make us cry, laugh or be angry. But rather that feelings are just that...feelings. When a situation occurs that evokes such feelings...we choose to have those feelings. No one can make us feel anything.

Interesting thought to ponder.

I would also like to add a link to Dr Rob's current post "When Someone Around You Hurts". We can all benefit from his shared wisdom.

P.S. It helps to hear this wonderful ocean soundtrack that I have set to come on. I find I can write without distraction when it plays. :)

Don't can click the pause button to stop all soundtracks or music. I know that can be annoying when you just want to read or comment.

I am so loving that the ocean sounds come on when this blog opens. There is even a foghorn in the distance as it continues. Cool sound track. :)


WhiteCoat said...

By the way, your serene sounds from the ocean scared the living sh** out of me the first time I heard them. For about 5 seconds I thought that I left the window to my office open and was thinking "what the hell are SkyRats (seagulls) doing outside my window?". Then I saw the little blips going on the side of your blog.
No coffee needed this morning.

Chrysalis Angel said...

Sky Rats, that's hilarious.

I'm sorry I haven't been around more for you, Seaspray. I'll have to try to check in on you more through this.

SeaSpray said...

WhiteCoat and Angel-the "SkyRats" cracked me up so much...well that and the image of you WC, why I made it a POST! :)