Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Mellow

My mother fell out of her wheelchair at the nursing home this evening. I happened to call just after it happened and the nurse stated that she was alright... except for her dignity according to my mother.

I have tried...unsuccessfully to call the nurses station for a follow up to see how she is now, but can't get an answer at the nurses station. Can I assume no news is good news?

I have not been there since Tuesday because I have a cold and did not want to bring it in to her or her roommate. I will be going over tomorrow and will keep my distance.

I understand her roommate notifies the nurses when my mother needs assistance and they both look out for their other roommate. I my mother capable or just letting the other lady help her.

I wonder how long she would have been on the floor if the roommate didn't walk down and get someone?

On the one hand I feel like I am building a relationship with staff which gives me the sense they are aware and looking out for her and yet... I still have my reservations about her staying there permanently.

Still I often see the phone ringing, the bells going off a long time and no staff to be seen. I have walked to the desk to get something for my mother, looked down both halls and still no staff to be seen. I am sure they must be short staffed.

A neighbor stopped by last night and informed me that her mother had worked there years ago and they were short staffed then. This neighbor suggested another place that I will look into.

And hey...I know the fall could happen anywhere.

I have had my doubts about a long term stay there anyway.

And hopefully it will be a moot point and she will surprise all of us and she will come home.
So much for mellow. The wine was blech! I'd rather drink Robitussin. I bought it for cooking. I don't know wines and so let the salesperson pick it out... and it was for a recipe and so I should have figured I wouldn't like it.

Who am I kidding anyway? I am not going to be mellow until Wednesday..the day after the election.

And political junkie that I am...I opted to put talking heads on discussing the election instead of watching my programs I saved on Tivo. :)


passionstamper a/k/a/ Debbie VG said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mom fell Seaspray! My must be frustrating having to deal with all this so suddenly. I'll say a prayer for her...also, I need her address so I can send her a card to help cheer her up! (handstamped, of course!:) Wanted to let you know that I *tagged* you on my now "you're it"! You can find out what you have to do by visiting my blog Also, check out the Halloween decor photos. If Chrysalis is reading this, please email me-I can't view your blog and can't get past the sign-in info!

passionstamper a/k/a/ Debbie VG said...

one more thing I forgot Chrysalis-I tagged YOU too! Didn't realize you've added the invitation only to view your blog....

passionstamper a/k/a/ Debbie VG said...
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SeaSpray said...

You can just give the card to me and I will bring it to her. I know she will appreciate it. Your cards are always beautiful. Thank you. :)

Thanks...I will play soon. :)

passionstamper a/k/a/ Debbie VG said...

ok-thanks! Hope you are feeling better?????

SeaSpray said...

Hi passionstamper-yes, thanks to Zicam I am. :)