Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Play It Like you're Winning...TO THE END!!!


This has been an amazing political season. It will be an exciting chapter in the history books and just think...we are the generation who had the chance to vote in such a pivotal election. No matter which candidate wins...we are headed for change.

While I was watching "The Amazing Race" reality show Sunday night... it occurred to me that this presidential race is like "The Amazing Race" program because you never know who will win at the end and who will lose.

It does not matter what it looks like.

Teams that are ahead...fall behind and lose.

Conversely...teams in last place win.

I don't think people in first place are usually too smug... but people who are in last place or perceive that they are...get discouraged. It is a very stressful and high pressured game as they have to overcome obstacles or get lost. Something invariably throws them off track.

The successful ones are the ones who never give up, despite all odds seemingly against them.

In this last episode... the 2 frat boys seemed to be in last place and they thought so too, but they played hard and they played to win. And they did not get knocked out of the game.

Never give up!

I respect Senator McCain for never giving up.

I respect him for never giving up as a POW.

I respect him for never giving up even though he has lost campaigns or people told him it was over.

MAC came back!

I respect him for crossing the political aisle in a bipartisan effort because he believed it was the right thing to do, despite the disapproval of his own political party.

And I respect him for the service he has given our great country for most of his life...since he was 17.

Whether you like him or not... his dedication in doing what he believes is right and his determination to see it through... or rally back against all odds... is admirable and worthy of respect.

So...everyone...regardless which candidate you are voting for... don't think it is a done deal and don't give up.. but GO OUT AND VOTE for the man you believe will best serve our country at this time in history.

I happen to still believe that McCain is going to win the presidency. Not because I am an optimist (I am) but because I really believe it. :)

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