Sunday, December 14, 2008


This star ornament was made by our 1st born son when he was 4 and in nursery school. (24 years ago..believe me parents of young children...time FLIES BY!) A friend saw it, thought it was beautiful and said I should wrap it in tissue paper to protect when storing it. So all these years I have done just that and don't even put it in the attic. I have done the same for 2nd born son's homemade ornaments too. I keep them in a special box sown here. :)

We got our Christmas tree today!!! :)

Thanks to Passionstamper and another neighbor we got a large (10 1/2 foot tree), a Douglas Fir at a local place. For any locals that may meander through here...I have to plug this Christmas tree sale because not only are they BEAUTIFUL trees at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE...but it is for a GOOD CAUSE!!!

ALL the proceeds go to the Immaculate Conception School in Franklin NJ. They are selling them on weekends in the parking lot of the old Kulsar auto place building in route 23 south in Franklin.

The people selling it were warm, friendly and helpful. When we pulled up they were huddled around a barrel of fire... it must get pretty cold out for them. They came right over and the man helping us was so gracious and eager to help.

He said that our tree will last until February because they were only cut down 2 weeks ago. My favorite tree is a Frazier because the branches are firm to hold all the ornaments and they hold their needles and don't prick you kike a spruce will. But they were all sold out. The only thing left now are the Douglas Firs.

He didn't mind my request to bring it out and dance it around. Twirl it around this way and that. You have to see all sides... although in the end they all have their own personalities and looks. I had him do it several times and every time he was so friendly about it. He went from one side to the other for me and even carried one around... and all with a smile.

He was so nice, chatting about his friends that own the tree farms and chatting about local farms. I love Christmas trees so much I was wishing I could stand there and sell the trees with them! I LOVE the Christmas atmosphere and greatly contrasts my mood going through Mom's things, etc. :)

We ended up taking the FIRST tree he picked out. I always have to compare... hence the dancing and twirling. He did a nice job cutting the bottom and clearing the bottom branches too. The price was terrific! $65.00 for a 10 1/2 foot tree! Easily $100.00 at some of the local retailers that sell pre-cut trees... or more. I thought we'd have to get a smaller one this year. was such an easy and pleasant experience that I said we'd come back next year. I asked if we came early...could we pick out a tree but then could they hold it and he said he'd be happy to. What GREAT SERVICE...with a personal touch...and for a GOOD CAUSE too!!!

We can't take it too early or it will dry out and I want a fresh slice to the bottom just before we put it in the stand. We also put screw driver holes in the bottom to aid in the drinking. Boy is it drinking tonight! And the fragrant pine aroma hits you as soon as you walk in the door. So does the tree because it is right there!

The only concern is the branches are softer than a Frazier and so we will let the tree sit a bit a day or too before decorating. LOL! one year we put a balsam up, decorated that night and the next morning...many of the ornaments were hidden because the branches warmed up and cascaded down over the ornaments.

More about the tree in another post.

We brought Mom's large TV over to her and I feel real good about that, but I am not sure she will be adept at using the remote. 2 months ago she could! She seems to be recovering nicely from the pneumonia but seriously mixes things up and it just feels so different. I have some ideas, some projects to do with her there that she might enjoy.

I have to keep organizing and setting up for Christmas and her things and it has been a process and is why I am so late getting things done. I haven't baked one thing yet either, nor have I decorated indoors, shopped or done cards. I know these things are secondary and we have been through a lot lately, but it just feels so good to do them.

The good news is I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, the transition is mostly complete...even for me emotionally as I have accepted it and I suppose am even relieved a bit. I think the worst is over... Thank God!

It is not easy to see her looking seemingly more frail by the visit and I sometimes wonder how much time we have. ? But only God knows that. I am going to make the most of it with her in any way I can. She introduced me in a very funny way...describing a character trait to the maintenance guy... but I will post on that later.

All I am gonna say about that...think about Seinfeld episodes where they obsess... and suffice it to know...that I may be obsessing just a bit over her description and even came home and looked the word up. On the one hand... I take it as a compliment and am proud of it and on the other hand I wonder. ? One of those could go either way and just depends in what context. LOL! :)

P.S. I can not get over the fullness and size of this tree for the price and it is like a fresh cut. What a GREAT deal!! There is no way I will be able to decorate the top parts and older son and husband will have to help with that. My husband will do the lights but after that...he is done and so son will help with the rest of the top.

I am hoping newly adopted cat does not climb the tree or bang the glass ornaments around because this is all new to him and he is quite frisky!


John McElveen said...


Blessings and a Wonderful Christmas to you!

Jesus Rules,


SeaSpray said...

Hey there stranger! Nice to see you around. I haven't been making all the blog rounds with everything going on but I hope to soon. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you too. :)

Chrysalis Angel said...

Good deal on the tree! It sounds beautiful. I have a 7' one, that's enough to decorate! I hope you have a great Christmas.

Good to see John on.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - yes it was. It is magnificent and will be difficult decorating the top because even the top is so full. Someday, to make it easier for my husband we will go artificial and smaller. I know the artificial trees are so pretty now and the perk is you don't have to water them and can put up and leave up as early and long as you want. I have a couple of small artificial trees in my windows with white lights. Well...I will put them up today. And need to put the garland up with white lights too. It always feels so nice and cozy with the lights on. I leave the window trees and snow men out all winter as a winter theme and an excuse to turn the white lights on. :)

Seven feet is still a large tree and a lot to decorate. is nice to see John.