Saturday, December 20, 2008

I LOVE This Gift Idea!!!

Women's Sleepwear and Pajamas - Classic Favorites

Pajamagrams! What a fantastic idea!

I would love for Santa to send me a pajamagram! ;)

I just saw the commercial the other night and really liked it. It was cute, sexy and sweet and had the Santa Baby music playing in the background.

You can have a a pajamagram sent to anyone. Check out the site here.

I LOVE pajamas! Not to sleep in because I like silky nightgowns to sleep in or au naturel.

But for relaxing... I just love a nice cozy, soft pair of pajamas or a pretty, yet cozy night gown.

They have so many great things to choose from. Something for everyone!

There are so many things I like!

You can also give a pajamagram gift certificate if you don't know exactly what to pick out.

There is something for the whole family. I liked the men's things too. My husband won't wear pajamas but I think they're neat. And I like the family set with the cute. They'd never wear it, but I like them.

Actually... the image of all of us walking around in penguin pajamas makes me laugh. That would be funny! :)

I can tell you... I would be thrilled to get that as a present. What an easy and fun gift to give!

Check the site out.

Happy shopping! :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

Those look snuggley (sp?) cute. I just bought myself a silk, lavender kimono robe from China, it is gorgeous. I'm like you, I like the satin and lace kind of thing usually. Snuggley jamies are good when your sick though. Curl up with those and a bowl of soup.

Rob said...

Not nearly as nice as a Golden Llama award, however.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel - I like the satin and lace (pretty lingere)in bed because you slip and slide with those fabrics where as cottons/flannels you get hung up or too hot.

I also love beautiful robes, lingerie sets. And I have the most luxurious terrycloth robes for when I get out of the shower. I love the bedroom things...really do.

But...I LOVE cozy soft jammies to hang around the house in. Fling that bra off, hair up (not always) and cozy slippers and all is right with the world. :)

Next Christmas...Mr SeaSpray will be reminded of this site. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hey Dr Rob-just know that I shall achieve the pinnacle of funny in your blog and earn that award. NEVER say die! ;)

Trust me though...I think most women would love a pajamagram, right down to the do not disturb sign. What a cute idea! :)

scalpel said...

I saw that ad tonight and it almost suckered me in too. It still might, but I don't know what size my wife is.

SeaSpray said...

Scalpel - look in her closet. Depending on what you get her...size will be forgiving. Also...GIFT CERTIFICATE - they offer gift certificates. You know your wife...if she likes any kind of pajamas, robes, etc... she will love this sight! Says me..who doesn't know her tastes.

I want my husband to be suckered into it..anyone... I don't care who..I just want a pajamagram! :)

I already told my husband that next year I want a pajamagram. haha..I even like the little do not disturb sign. I like the whole packaging idea and even the commercial. :)

Merry Christmas!! :)

P.S. it has to be one of the easiest gifts you could give. I am a girl that likes to be cozy and comfortable and depending on my mood there is a lot to choose from there.