Sunday, December 7, 2008

Knowing her...

My uncle still in the states during WWII

Yesterday, while cleaning out some things...I came across a packet my Uncle Hector sent me... maybe around 2000. I can't believe I missed what was inside but I was so busy that I probably didn't look all the way through it. I wish I did because I would have commented on what he wrote.

Evidently... I don't just get my desire to write from my father.... but perhaps from my uncle. Along with memorabilia from my aunt when she was president of the Stockholm Woman's Club... he also included thoughts he had written down while she was going through her illness, comments on the researchers and the CDC and comments on his feelings for her and dealing with the pain after her death.

Reading these things stopped me in my tracks yesterday.

And I am so touched that he chose to send them to me. I wish I realized it sooner.

He even stopped and wrote thoughts from his workshop. I have always done that kind of thing.

I am looking forward to sitting alone and going through these things and then perhaps I will post about it here. Uncle Hector died in 2003 and I miss him so much.

Here is part of one thing he said: "Knowing her was like opening a bottle of champagne."

I feel like I found treasure and I am deeply moved by what I have read.

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