Monday, December 8, 2008


I have to admit. I am a bit upset. Mom has pneumonia! I have been telling the staff that she sounds congested. I told them on the phone Wednesday night. In person Thursday night and I told her physician Friday night when he called to update me. I did say that I didn't think she was sick because it appeared to be clear but that there was SO MUCH mucus and she sounded like she was gurgling with it and chesty sounding. I asked if the house doctor could look at her. They said the nurses would check.

This morning the nurse from the nursing home called to tell me she had an x-ray and her doc just ordered 2 antibiotics (Zithromax and ?) because she has pneumonia. They said she is quiet. That worries me because... I'd rather hear she's feisty. They said she may get diarrhea because of taking 2 antibiotics. Great ... an URI takes a lot out of you and she doesn't need that to be compounded with that at 85.

I know medical people are used to this all the time. I am surprised at myself for being so taken aback by the sudden decline in my mother over the last 2 months.

I am ashamed to admit that I missed things in the months leading up to this...that in hindsight... I see a pattern evolved.

I have a urology consult and then I am going over to visit her and I am bringing one of her quilts that I just washed up. I know she will like that.

Her room is probably 95 degrees and I could go in flip flops and summer clothes but she is as happy as a clam in a shell in the ocean.

Some staff has the flu. I pray I don't pick up anything. I try to remember to keep my hands away from my face.

*I hope to put some funny things up soon. I know I have been so serious or not really posting.

I haven't even decorated for Christmas yet and I am a day after Thanksgiving decorating girl! But we are still sorting things out with mom, making room for her things which has started this whole other project of cleaning things out.

This is the first Christmas in my life that it doesn't "feel" like Christmas and I guess that is because our aunt died, my friend Pat died and these things with my mother. I am hoping she can come here for Christmas. I also just heard our neighbor died on the 24th.

I know life goes on and there is still so much to appreciate.


Elaine said...

Oh, SeaSpray, this is all so difficult for you. It is not easy pretending to be 'big and brave' when you feel anything but.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, but it is not easy to celebraate under your circumstances.

Pray for help, and my prayeers will join yours.


SeaSpray said...

Ha! Elaine..who's pretending? I am whining in the blogasphere. :) I am grateful for your kind words and support too. You are right about prayer. Something I have been forgetting.

Thank you for your prayers and hugs...they are welcomed. :)

And I need to focus on the good things and the blessings that do abound. :)

mottsapplesauce said...

I pray that she gets better SeaSpray. Life is like the Morton Salt girl says, "when it rains, it pours". Sending you big hugs your way (sorry I couldn't send you some MAN strength).

SeaSpray said...

MottsA-A little man strength in a bottle, sprinkle it on and voila..mission accomplished!

Wouldn't THAT be nice? :)

Thank you for your prayers MottsA. She is looking better. I will post on her soon. :)

Sage said...

Your mum will be in my thoughts at this time... {{hugs}} for you too, can't be easy on you and you have to take care of 'you' too...

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Sage. I do feel drained.. but a lot is going on in many directions and Christmas..such a busy time. :)

Thank you for your kind thoughts and hugs. :)