Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Man Strength!!!

I was going to call this "I NEED a MAN!" but thought better of that!

This is highly unusual and not what the spirit of Christmas is about... at all... but it is fun.

Right NOW... I NEED a MAN to help this damsel in DISTRESS!!!

I am a day after Thanksgiving girl for getting the outside lights, bows and wreaths up and it IS a project! I was sometimes thwarted by my hospital schedule or weather... but usually not.

Well it is December NINTH! I have so much to do still with organizing Mom's things we brought here that bringing any Christmas decorations down would be insanity. I have not had time for the lights either. I actually thought about skipping Christmas like the Cranks... but I just can't.

But now...right now... I have this window of opportunity. The sky looks pregnant with something. I have errands to do and will be going to see mom. Now is the time.

But first I have to trim the bushes. Yes...my husband would've done it, but I informed him that younger son and I thought it would be better if we do it. He tends to just chop, hack and give marine hair cuts.

I have been so busy...I didn't have time or even think about it until this week.

So...I've got the lights, the extension cords, the electrical tape the duct tape and the plastic bags (I gift wrap all connections to protect from the elements) and I have the electric trimmer.

What I don't have is the MAN STRENGTH to unscrew the stupid rusted thingy, um the bolt, washer and screw...that for some stupid safety reason is holding this thing closed...thus blocking my putting the 3 pronged plug into the trimmer. Close...yet so far! It looks like I can... but I CAN'T! So I guess if I get it open...i am SUPPOSED to lock it back up? And WHY did my husband take it apart anyway?

And I had the power plugged into the cord... with the trimmer just resting on the bush. But then I thought I should unplug it because it might be a powerful start up if plugged in 1st (Can't tell if it is set to on or off -weird) and I could end up in the ED with a marine haircut and hacked in places not intended for trimming.

So... I tried putting my coat over my thumb to withstand the pressure of turning the bolt that just turns with the screw. My thumb now hurts but the bolt didn't budge!

So...I found a wrench. Here I am blogging, venting. I am now going to go outside and use said wrench.

My husband won't be home until later.

My window is NOW.

So.... if I can't make this work...I am going out to the road wielding this big chainsaw looking orange trimmer and flag a man down. I am desperate I tell you. DESPERATE!!

Hey! I may not be in spiked heels and a miniskirt... but assuming they don't think I am crazy...isn't it true that you can get a man's attention with power tools??? ;)

Aside from all this... I really do love everything about Christmas. Fa la la ..la la la la! :)

If I do get everything up, on and working better than Chevy Chase's house in American Christmas...then I will be so happy that you'll hear huge sigh of relief and subsequent purring sound through out the universe which will be from a very contented SeaSpray. I'm just sayin... :)

Here is a post I wrote... about the night I put up Christmas lights alone in the dark...until around 1 in the morning back in 2006.

* I got it open just before my husband got home and trimmed the shrubs. I called him over and I asked him WHY this was designed the way it was? He told me he NEVER unscrews that piece... he just bends it back and he showed me.

Well... I TRIED that... but couldn't bend it far enough to fit the plug in.



therapydoc said...

Or a good wrench.

SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

So true! The wrench worked!! :)

Chrysalis Angel said...


SnowLite said...
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SeaSpray said...

I know. :)