Saturday, December 20, 2008

Why Thank you Dr Rob!!! :)

Dr Rob has graciously awarded me (and others more deserving) the much coveted Golden Lama Award and basically made my day today. :) I didn't exactly earn it, but am more than happy to take advantage of his "generosity". ;) When I have a chance... I shall proudly display it on my side bar.

The following is my comment of appreciation to Dr Rob: "Dr Rob - so begging and nice qualified me? If I knew THAT … I would’ve begged and been nice a lot sooner! I can grovel with the best of em! I find it is particularly effective when I cling to one ankle and allow myself to be dragged while simultaneously begging with tears streaming down my face. I was close Rob..real close to doing that. ;)

So does this mean I can actually put said award on my sidebar?

Thanks for your kind words Rob. :) And your benevolence with the coveted llama. :)

I left you a comment in my blog before I saw this.

Oh…and I think I have already told you that I can not even think of a llama without thinking of you and chuckling. Oh… and that for most of my life… I never thought of llamas… except for the zoo incident. I didn’t even know how to spell llama correctly…with TWO L’s and now thanks to your llama attraction…I am sensitive to the existence of llamas. I also find that I enjoy typing a word that begins with TWO L’s.

Hopefully now that I have received this prestigious award… my husband will be able to get a full nights rest because night…after…night he was woken up to the sound of me yelling out “I WANT THE GOLDEN LLAMA!” I think he was getting jealous. He just doesn’t understand. ;)

Thanks for the Golden Llama Award Rob! :)

Just one more thing … I am still striving for the pinnacle of funny. I don’t know what or when it will be… but I am striving. I mean…after all… can one ever have too many Golden Llama Awards?"

I am not saying this because Dr Rob has paid me off with the Golden Llama Award... honest I tell you... but check out his blog because he's got something for everyone. His blog is educational, heartwarming, humorous and inane. I think we are kindred spirits when it comes to the inane.

I mean Llamas? LOL!!! :)

P.S. Thanks for the MUCH needed laugh... oh and the Golden Llama Award! :)

Thanks to Dr Rob's giving me a Golden Llama award, I discovered another great medical blog, by Dr Bruce Campbell,"Reflections in a Head Mirror" and this interesting post, "Surgery as a Form of Dance", which of course... interested a surgical groupie like me. :)


Bruce said...

Thanks for the link! Gotta love those surgery groupies!

Mottsapplesauce said...

Congrats, SeaSpray! And thank's for the link BTW. I dont know if anyone else is having this problem but I have a hard time bringing up Dr Rob's blog. Could be that my PC is not quite up to par yet (I have to reinstall some of the programs that were previously downloaded, like Adobe). Bruce just got another groupie!

SeaSpray said...

You're very welcome Dr C! Yeah surgical groupies rock!! ;)

Thanks MottsA - it perked me up! :)His blog comes up pretty quick for me, not as fast as some but not slow either. Scanman's blog takes a bit of time though.

Yes Bruce's blog is terrific. I skimmed through yesterday and look forward to reading more. :)