Thursday, July 31, 2008

HAPTODYSPHORIA / 5 Starfish Rating!

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Haptodysphoria is an odd sensation felt by certain people when handling peaches or other fuzzy surfaces.

You may now go on with your day. :)

HHMI = Hemostatic Hemoccult Manifesting Ischemically

Okay, admittedly...that is the SeaSpray definition of HHMI as I tried to bluff my way through Balderdash. I didn't have a clue what the abbreviation HHMI stood for! I don't know where the words came from. LOL!

Passionstamper said HHMI = Hungarian Homeland Mocks Immigration

The real answer is Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

If you don't know the right answer (not likely) you try to bluff and get them to think your answer is the right one, which is mixed in with the real answer. It's hilarious trying to read what someone wrote and even the real meanings on some of them. There are 5 categories. My favorites are words, abbreviations and laws. The other 2 are films and names.

Here is a word we had to define: Bignonia

Passionstamper said -
To be born with a big nose.

I said - Big baloney from the Alps region.

in Thailand it is illegal to - leave your house without wearing underwear. That's a true law. I don't remember what we said. :)

What a fun game!! I haven't laughed so hard in a while. Playing this fantastic game with Passionstamper and her daughter gave me some badly needed R&R from everything going on right now. :)

We laughed so hard through the whole game and Passionstamper was crying because she was laughing so hard.

Years ago..we used to play this in the ED on downtime only using a dictionary. What a riot! And in my opinion...the scoring board game part is incidental and you could just as easily have fun without it... well..ahem..unless I win next time. ;)

I think it would be even more fun with more people playing. We are planning on getting together again on Friday..hopefully with more people.

Passionstamper won THIS one. ;)

They say if you watch a disturbing movie that the effect will stay in your body for 24 hours and conversely...if you watch something humorous...those positive effects will stay in you for 24 hours. I don't know how they measure such a thing but it sounds good to me.

Seriously...we were laughing so hard that I could just feel the healing vibes going through my body and all the tension was being released. I feel so much better after playing with them. :)

I can think of a few bloggers that would be hilarious playing this game! :)

So if you want to have a foot stomping, trying to swallow so you don't spit your beverage out, laugh til you cry and can't breathe fun time with your family and friends..I strongly urge you to run out and by the game BALDERDASH!

SeaSpray gives this game a 5 starfish rating!! :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Banana Coffee!

What I am about to describe to you is the act of a desperate woman with strong survival instincts.

Oh and that opening sentence is more dramatic then the rest of the story, but does demonstrate the intensity of disappointment and frustration upon realizing there is NO milk to go in my first cup of God's manna from heaven for the day.

I never go for the milk until I pour the much desired cup into one of my Longaberger mugs. Actually, this time of year, I mostly use ocean mugs I've collected on various beach vacations.

So this morning I casually opened the fridge to get the milk, but to my surprise which quickly turned to wasn't in the usual door spot. I felt the tension mounting within and I looked over to the shelf..ever which point I hear the Hitchcock music and exclaim.."NO MILK!???...CHRISTOPHER!!!"..who of course is oblivious because he is outside mowing the lawn..and really how can I be mad at someone who is mowing the lawn?

So I closed the door and turned and stared at this much desired cup of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the kitchen, the mug on the counter was beckoning me to hold it... but I just couldn't..not without milk or half and half.

Every coffee drinker knows the 1st cup of the day, that morning cup of coffee is the best...and if something goes wrong with that 1st just can't get the experience back. It doesn't matter how many cups you have after that one...none will taste as good as that first cup would have. can drink the others... but you will have to wait until the next morning for that greatly desired 1st cup of the morning experience.

Such a thing as no milk doesn't even compute in my brain and is probably why I just stood there staring at it for a minute. I built an instant wall of denial and looked back in the fridge just in case I missed it. Now if I had already had a sip..I'd be alert and know immediately what to do...but instead ...I had to muddle through morning brain.

I contemplated black..but OH..the HORROR! Skipping I HAD to have it. What to do? What to do? AHA! ICE CREAM! VANILLA ICE CREAM IN MY COFFEE!

Now..I don't like sweet coffee but it's better than black. OH NO! There's NO vanilla ice cream! CHRISTOPHER!!! Oh right..he's mowing the lawn. Alright so what is this? Banana Split? Hmmm... maybe it has vanilla. Nope! It has BANANA! And it has strawberry and chocolate syrup. Fine...I'll use the banana!

And so I put a scoop of banana ice cream in my coffee, stirred it (looked frothy but lighter) and drank said cup of banana coffee. Needless to say..I only had one cup of banana coffee this morning...but still better than black.

There is this little rule in our house. Yes it is my rule. If there is only a little milk left one is supposed to drink it... because of course it is supposed to be for my coffee. There is nothing worse to a coffee drinker than making your coffee and then finding there is no milk.

My husband doesn't go near that vile white substance.... but our sons... well they've always been like an army of locusts when it comes to cereal and milk! And btw...I am all for nurturing and building strong bones and all that for the boys..but morning coffee trumps just does. I mean really... there are priorities...he could've eaten his cereal dry or made toast or eggs or not eaten at all.

Y'all know I'm almost kidding..right? ;)

I really did drink the banana coffee though and I have to really wasn't all that appealing but it was still better than black. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Think We Have Forever..and ramblings
It was a beautiful, sunny and breezy day for the family barbecue we went to on Saturday. There were 4 generations of relatives. It wasn't as large as they used to be, but rather a smaller gathering of more immediate family.

Two of the younger cousins flew up from Florida to stay with their grandmother, my husband's aunt, who was also the hostess for the barbecue. Her grandson wants to check out some colleges in NY and is interested in photography. They were the only out of state relatives. Nope ..actually family from PA too but that is really local..just over the border from where we live.

And there was way more food than could be eaten. I contributed the homemade coleslaw...which btw..I think using honey for the sweetener makes all the difference. :) All the usual salads which were delicious. Aunt Dales infamous baked beans...and she adds hamburger in with it. No one makes beans as good as she does. :) Also corn on the cob, hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of deserts, with my m-i-l's Hawaiian wedding cake being my favorite.

The hamburgers had a good flavor - black angus beef. Although mine was almost raw in the middle and so I only ate the outer edges.

I am pretty particular about food prep and also cooking beef and poultry thoroughly. But people were eating the hamburgers that way. Doesn't anyone think about e-coli? I mean blood was dripping from the center of my burger. My m-i-l saw it and commented how hers has to be well done. And so we began discussing raw meat and one of the cousins (13) always eats raw hamburger when preparing a meal.

1st of all...ewwww! But seriously...isn't that dangerous to do these days? I didn't think people did that anymore. So I said it is alright to have a steak or roast rare in the middle because the e-coli doesn't go into the middle and would be cooked on the outside. However, hamburger meat is ground up and so it is potentially mixed all through the meat and is why it has to be thoroughly cooked.

I'll admit I was concerned about what I ate but all is well.'s always nice to see the aunts and uncles that we don't usually get to see. So many people have died...almost a whole generation except for one relative and she is out in Ohio now. I appreciate things so much more than I did when I was younger. I used to want to get out of some family things and now I cherish them.

When we're younger we think we have forever. I did anyway. And I never thought about losing relatives...seeing them die off one by one. And now I keep telling our sons that family is important and it's important to keep the bonds strong. And I think family reunions and barbecues do that. And funerals. But sadly...that is often when we realize too late that there was someone special in our midst that we could've done so many things with, had wonderful conversations. And gain insights and perspectives that come from people who have lived a full life and have much to impart to the younger generations.

And I love seeing children running around at family functions. They breathe a whole new life into the family. I loved watching Devan with her close friend Kelly. They're both seven and seem to be like 2 peas in a pod. It truly warmed my heart watching them yesterday and reminded me so much of Iris and me when we were 7. :) I can't wait to show Iris the pictures I took of the girls. :)

And it was neat seeing our sons now young adults interacting with family.

When older son was little there were so relatives of all ages. Then those cousins grew up and some moved away and have their own families now. So 2nd son didn't see how big the family gatherings used to be..but they were still good. And now..they're even smaller.

I just want them to have relatives that they will still feel connected with even if we, their parents weren't around anymore. The thing is...certain relatives bring a cohesiveness to the family. When they die there is this hole that seems to create more distance in the younger generations because they don't feel as connected and go off in different directions. I think it is important for the older generation to arrange events, celebrations that will periodically bring everyone together and then hopefully the traditions will carry on.

In my family..forget it. My mother's generation did not keep in touch with all the relatives on a regular basis. So my immediate family is very small. I only have my mother and 3 female cousins and 2 male cousins..John who married my cousin Lee and Joshua my cousin Sandy's son and then her sister Nancy. That's it..and I don't get to see them much at all. I actually have a lot of relatives but simply don't know any of them. My mother is the last of the older generation and she wouldn't know who her cousins families are because she lost touch years ago.

She was over here the other day and she was helping me to identify relatives in old pictures.

The thing that struck me most about these pictures, is that everyone seemed to be busily living their they had forever and yet the only evidence now is some faded photographs collecting dust in a box. Some staged photos..some candid. Some in the states...others in Scotland. And some of the European photographs were taken by my uncle Hector (I miss him so very much) during his time in the army during WWII, which was for most of the war. Or some that were taken by Uncle Jim (I miss him very much too) when he was in the Pacific during WWII.

If only pictures could talk...if they could just audibly describe themselves as seen through the photographer's eyes. What was everything really like back then. I did record my uncle on video when he was 80. I set the camera upon the counter, taping him while he shared his WWII experiences with all of us sitting at our kitchen table. And as he told these stories...he cried. And I know these weren't the worst ones. My uncle never talked about the war and he only cried 2 other times that I know of.

He cried when his son, my cousin Doug was killed and he cried when his crane killed a man due to a mechanical malfunction. The city of New York impounded it for investigation and stated that was the cause. And I am guessing he cried when the World Trade Center was attacked and destroyed. He helped to build that and was proud of the job.

I Called down to Alabama to speak with him that morning but his wife said he couldn't watch the news anymore and was out in the garden. So I told her to let him be and I'd call again. I can only imagine how a man who fought so long in a major war felt seeing us attacked in various places, people dying and the buildings he worked hard to erect reduced to a pile of rubble on the ground. I imagine he cried that day too.

I should go and pull out that tape. We never watched it after that. I am sure it will reveal more to me than I witnessed in person that day.

Life gets so busy or we are distracted by technology...and don't keep up with all the personal interactions that we should. I know I am certainly guilty of that. I think unless something goes wrong that causes us to suddenly have 20-20 vision in the present, to become acutely aware of what is really important...that for most of us... it is easy to take life and relationships for granted..thinking we have forever... even though we don't.

Season Premiere of Mad Men TONIGHT!!!

I LOVE MadMen!! The season premiere is at 10 pm (est) tonight on AMC -channel 45 in our area. I wrote about the program last year and here is the link to that post.

Live every day...

Live every day to fulfill your personal mission. God has a reason for whatever season you are living through right now. A season of loss or blessing? A season of activity or hibernation? A season of growth or incubation? You may think you're on a detour, but God knows the best way for you to reach your destination. ~ Barbara Johnson ~

Thursday, July 24, 2008

4 weeks down - 3 weeks to go with the big stent... then I'm done!!! YEEHA!!!! :)

Living Here

Elaine , my sweet blogging friend from across the pond left this comment: "Wow, what size of garden do you have? Sounds more like a farm..." to my previous post and since I found myself writing a lengthy response, I have decided to turn it into a post. :)

We only have a half acre of property with the back and side corner being the largest parts. Our garden is only half what it used to be and we used to grow much more. People got to looking forward to our vegetables and still do. We also bring them to work and I once brought a whole bunch of cherry tomatoes to a doctor's office. I was actually going to call my urodoc's office before my last appointment to see if any of them would like some fresh garden squash but didn't because I thought that might seem weird...a patient coming in with arms full of squash. Although...I do have big Longaberger baskets that I love to use. :) And my husband left with yet another bag of squash for his co-workers today.

Neighbors used to come over for tomatoes on a regular basis. One of them makes amazing gazpacho with it. Even though Donna moved away...every summer she asks if the tomatoes are ready yet and then comes down to get some. When her girls were little, they would come into the garden to get the cherry tomatoes. Oh and my boys and their friends would have tomato fights...ahem..until they were redirected toward another activity. :) One neighbor loved the green tomatoes when they weren't going to ripen anymore. I never tried them..I should and would get more mileage out of the garden.

My friend Pat who went to her much anticipated eternal home this past April...LOVED J's tomatoes. I went up to see her for the 1st time in her hospice room in August 2006. I asked her if I could bring her anything and her only request was J's tomatoes, Pepperidge Farms white bread and Hellman's mayonnaise. :) She thought she would be dying soon and that is all that she wanted me to bring. I also brought her a huge bouquet of our garden zinnias with an assortment of wild flowers, mint sprigs and lavender. She always loved the vibrant colors of the zinnias. (She was kicked out of hospice that December as she ended up being chronically ill vs end stage..but fortunately kept her same room.)

Unfortunately, we have also had to share with rabbits, deer, cutworms, etc., but most of it is left alone. And we're happy to let the birds have the sunflower seeds.

Also, we never use any pesticides.

There is nothing like a big, warm perfectly sun ripened tomato for a tomato sandwich! I usually use whole wheat although it is the one sandwich I like white bread with too..but just don't usually. Hellman's mayonnaise, salt and pepper. I could live on them and it is my favorite sandwich that time of year for 2 months. MMM would love one now..

This is the 1st year we don't have zinnias all over the yard. I enjoy watching the beautiful butterflies hovering over the them.

My husband would loved to have had a farm. He's an outdoor guy and always seems happiest when he was cutting wood or getting dirt under his nails. I love outdoors but not getting in the dirt...just a little to plant some of the flowers. But all the credit for the vegetables goes to my husband..he does all the hard work. then I pick and cook.

I've had to beg him to plant corn these last couple of years. He never feels like growing it. But it is so sweet. Also I love the sound of the rustling corn stalks in the breeze and the nice border they make although this year he didn't plant but a couple of rows and some seems stunted.

And then my favorite thing is to bunch up the cornstalks in the fall, putting them by our front doors with pumpkins at the base and that is part of my harvest decorating. I have so many wonderful pictures of the boys as they were growing up helping with the cornstalks and vegetables or on top of the wood pile. We used to have a wood I wish we still had it.

There is something very satisfying about growing your own food. We wouldn't starve in the summer that is for sure. It is amazing how much food is yielded from such a small area.

What my blog is to me, my husband's garden is to him. I used to joke that his garden was the other woman in his life. :) Now if only he could grow sausage on a bush... one of his favorites. :)

We have a small house and had always planned to move but different things happened and so we never did. But I feel so blessed to have the little piece of property that we do. The view is just beautiful! We have mountains on 3 sides but only see all 3 when the leaves are off the trees. But our main view is across the street. Unfortunately someone bought the 5 acres across the street and so blocked off a small part of the mountains when they built their house... but it is all still pretty rustic and looks nice.

Some years back, (before the neighbors bought the property) some people knocked on our door and asked if they could use our electricity. They were driving by and noticed the view of the open field contrasted by the mountains in the background and stopped and began setting up to photograph. They said they wanted to use this view for a magazine article or add.

We can see the weather changing by looking out at the mountains. Sometimes they are completely covered in fog, other times they are a crisp blue and you know it isn't humid, and most spectacular to me is late November early December when the sky is that dark blue contrasted by purple mountains. Also, the leafless trees look like a gold filigree against the dark sky. All the seasons are pretty.

And out back..our neighbor has a pond in his back yard. The neighborhood kids had a lot of fun growing up and playing by the pond. Catching frogs, snakes and turtles, fishing and playing on the ice and riding their bikes on the dirt right of way to the land locked houses in the back. I have always enjoyed the sparking water on a breezy day. And my favorite thing of all..May through listening to the bullfrogs every night and they can be quite noisy. :)

I never cease being amazed at the uniqueness of it all.

If I ever move..I am so sentimental..I know I will cry, but I am grateful for all that we've enjoyed.

I do love living here. :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vegetables Anyone?

We have such an abundance of cucumbers, zucchini and yellow squash right now that we can't give it away fast enough!

I wish I could put out a cyber vegetable stand and you all could come get as much as you want.

It is all so fresh. The smell, taste and crisp factor is incredible and I wish everyone had the opportunity to have vegetables so fresh and sans pesticides.

We don't have a freezer and so can only freeze so much. I grated 2 cup portions of zucchini for zucchini bread this winter. And I made the most EXCELLENT (says me) zucchini parm last was restaurant worthy.

I may try canning some tomatoes again this summer. I did 49 quarts in the summer of 81...and then never did it again. Guess that did me in. :)

I also want to try making my own bruschetta and gazpacho when all the tomatoes are ripening.

The deer ate our pepper plants though. We also have some corn, beets and I am not sure what else.

Also my herb garden is doing well and we have been enjoying adding them into our meals.

Does anyone have a zucchini boat recipe that they enjoy? If you do..please share. :)

Oh and the lilies are so prolific. What outstanding plants they are this year! We have various kinds that I ordered off of QVC one year in a variety pack and I have to say they are superb.

The sunflowers are blooming now too. We used to grow them all over the yard..all sizes. My favorites are the tall, large ones. Their big heads remind me of happy faces and the birds enjoy the seeds. Did you know they turn their heads to follow the sun?
Sunflowers Follow the Sun
Sunflowers follow the sun

There is the rumble of thunder in the distance and the night bugs are singing their tune.

I do love summer! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Love Her

I had a nice visit with mom today. We didn't argue once.

When I saw her walking ever so feebly in the door...I felt instant fear and concern.

When did it change?

I still think she is going to be the healthy strong person she was and now she seems so frail. It takes my breath away.

I feel like I am going through it alone.

I have my husband and children but she's my mother.

It's just different for me.

There is this whole history there.

When something was wrong or upsetting regarding my mother..I had my uncles and aunt to go to..but they're dead. It's just me. I'm scared.

I hate that she lives alone.

Our younger son is so good with helping us with her. (Older son is married and busily working and taking care of his family.) He told me she caught her self from falling twice tonight while walking into her apt. He also had to help her lift her legs into the van. She keeps telling me how tired she is. I automatically think of her heart.

Many people who have their elderly parents in their life have to go through this.

It's so hard.

It hurts.

It's life.

When she fell a couple of weeks ago, my husband asked me if it was time for a nursing home.

No one wants to hear those words.

I said no... she has her mind and she is independent and she'd die without her cats.

Her walking doesn't seem all that steady.

And she seems weak.

She keeps telling me how heavy her pocketbook is or the Longaberger mug I gave her.

These little things we take for granted while in good health.

To everything there is a season.

I just pray that I know what to do and have the courage to do it if necessary.

The real sad thing here is that we don't have room to take her in. We do not and it breaks my heart.

I do believe she would thrive with us.

She is alone too much.

I can't get her to come over much though.

I know she enjoyed the hub bub and activity going on today...just daily family things.... life going on.

And not like the deafening silence day after day in her little closed in apartment. She lives so reclusively and I have a difficult time being in there.

Today I said to her that she should just come over and hang out more. Even if I'm can do what you want..I'll make you lunch and you can get out and get some light and do something different. It's nice having you around. I like making her comfortable and taking care of her here.

She said..well it all depends on what the weather is.

It's July and she lives 5 minutes away.

Sometimes when she's here... I even feel the closeness we had when I was a little girl before everything got so mixed up and we became strangers.

She would tell you that we are oil and water. We are.

An odd thing happened twice this week. I called her a couple of nights ago..and she answered the phone angrily.."WHAT?" And she did it again this morning. And this morning I realized... I had been picturing she looked 30 years ago... vibrant, smooth skin and temperamental with me. (she's still got that firecracker temper) And then when I thought about her coming over today... I remembered that she's aged, gotten too thin and gaunt looking. Two totally different people. And I was sad. Sad for her..and sad for me.

Then I noticed she moves like a sloth when getting things out of her pocketbook or getting ready to go. Or when she is's like her eyes and all her energy is focused on that activity and I can't explain what it is that unnerves me.. except that I see it and it's different.

It's so different then when we more able bodied people can snap to, multi task and do whatever we need to do.

It seems her multitasking days are over.

Everything seems to take concentration and effort. Things we all take for granted...may not be so easy when we are elderly.

And I find I feel secretly mad at her. Not for the past things or her quick temper, that's a given... although I do forgive the past, but I am mad at her for aging..for all the things that scare me about her in this phase of her life.

I'd rather feel mad because it is better than being scared.

But I have heard that anger really comes from fear. When we get is because we are afraid of something.

I am afraid of losing my mommy.

I do regret all the wasted time.

It know wasn't all my fault.

I know she did her best.

I know she loved me.

It was what it was.

It is what it is.

I love her.

The Bladder Patrol

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I was lying in bed this morning..resisting getting up to go make whizzie winkles. My brain and bladder said go..but my body said NO! So instead of taking 1 minute to do that, I TRIED TO SLEEP, I didn't have quality sleep, but rather began pondering various things all the while increasingly uncomfortable.

This is when a foley catheter would come in handy. :)

Have you ever done that? Do guys do that or does the horse in the bathroom always beckon them in? Those horses in the mens room of life's mysteries.

Anyway... If I manage to actually go back to sleep when this happens..I invariably will have bizarre dreams about peeing in odd places and circumstances and always with an alarming plot. (Amazing how the brain doesn't give up) The last one I had involved me frantically looking for some place to go and people were helping me. Someone found a toilet! I was so happy and quickly used it, except the lid was down and whizzie winkles were warm and going everywhere!

At that point I woke up and shot right into the bathroom!

I think those dreams are nature's emergency alarms, the code blues ( um yellow in whizzie winkle land), air-raids sounded by the bladder patrol for us to wake up NOW or they're letting the flood gates down!


I have never slept past one of those dreams.

Then the real nightmare begins if the bathroom is occupied! :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Hate the Pain Scale! -Public Service Announcements

Attention: The pain scale stops at 10

Okay..I do..I hate the pain scale. My old math anxiety starts rising to the surface because it makes me feel like I am taking a test and I have to have the right answer... except... there's a trick question. And so except for before I was "enlightened" by the medblogs... when I used to dramatize the number for emphasis and thinking it was cute...(little did I know)... I am probably underestimating the moderate pain. After pondering this a bit..I've come up with...

SeaSpray's Pain Scale

Kidney stone = 10..I know I'm right.

OFFICE Stent removal = 10... It is by God! And I'm real tempted to give it an 800..I'm just sayin. There are may depend on who is doing it, the size and if it is just YANKED out. I did have a small one yanked out (with Percocet) and it actually felt good..a warm gush and I tried to pee on the urodoc and his medical assistant, but they must have finessed their
"jump back to avoid the pee 101 class" and so I couldn't get them. ;) I couldn't believe it was out!

PUP (Pure Urine Culture) = 6 If it didn't let would be a 10! I guess using that logic..a kidney stone pain that lasted the length of a PUP = 6.

Anything going into my bladder = 6 or up.

Migraine = 7-8

Burn on hand while cooking = 5-6

Hangnail = 3-4

All things dental = 10
Just reading want adds for dental receptionist = 3-4.
Walking through the door in dentist's office = 5-6.

After looking at this pain scale that I found on Nurse K's blog...( which I VERY MUCH appreciate because it gives the best description of the pain scale thus far that I have seen)..I can see that I have misinformed the hospital staff, my urodoc and med blogdom of my actual indwelling stent pain..and mind you it is TMOAUS = the mother of all ureteral stents.

Unless I am having spasms..I have been telling everyone that the pain/discomfort is between 2-4 but you just have to get away from it 24/7. Ummm..n-o-o-o-o-o... it is NOT mild.

My revised pain scale"

Indwelling stent = 4 - 4 3/4 Pain does exacerbate from that at times up to 5-6.
Kidney Spasm = 10

I overdid it in the pool last night and I have been at a 5 7/8 -6 all day... even with Percocet and Tramdl.

Speaking of tests..I also hate the the vision test where you have to read the eye chart on the wall. I will do my darndest to get it right because I don't want to fail anything and so somewhere near the middle..umm..I know this... I do...I see HOUSE! What? No-o-o? It's an H? Well...I WAS close!

Oh and final pain scale assessment:

Hair Cut = 0 If it's a good one.

Hair Cut = 10 If it's a bad one.

I've never done it...but knowing what I know now...I do think it would be funny with serious face to toy with med professionals stating that the pain is a 49 3/4... or 31 ... -5.. just to get the it ever so small or not.

And then smile and say your kidding. Of course not a smooth move if they don't have a sense of humor... but I think most do. :)

Just venting my frustration. I tend to want to be exact with things and so this is ambiguous at best.

P.S. In defense of sincere patients everywhere who exaggerate the pain scale...we really didn't know, nor did we appreciate the gravity of your annoyance with said exaggerations...but then we aren't wearing the scrubs and white coats.

So I have an educate the masses about the pain scale...we should blitz the the WORLD... with public service announcements through all available media. Why with satellite... enlightenment of said pain scale would be instantaneous. Then for the more remote areas..air drops...send those pamphlets into the rain forest, the north pole... the south pole or the Serengeti. There are no boundaries with air born pamphlets!

Let's not forget Oprah, 60 minutes, The view, Hannah Montanna, Sponge Bob, or the State of the Union Presidential Address. The opportunities are endless.

But why stop there? If we indoctrinate the children from birth using songs, Elmo, board games and talking dolls, pajamas and t-shirts... just to name a few things ..why we could eradicate this ignorance in a couple of generations! We could do it I tell ya!!

And coming back to opportunities... I see an exponential growth in the market as unemployment drops, the economy improves, new jobs are created to keep up with the demand for these new products..and so on. This could be big! ;)

P.P.S. Note to all medical professionals...You are my heroes and heroines. You are the ones working so hard on the front lines and in the trenches to help us. I have been tremendously helped in my times of medical need ...something for which I shall always be grateful.

* I hope I haven't offended anyone with my facetiousness. :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

SeaSpray's P.U.P. - Pure Urine Procedure

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So cute! :)

For the longest time...I couldn't remember what my urologist was doing when he was getting a urine culture. All I knew is that he was going for the pure urine sample. So I always referred to it as the pure urine procedure..P.U.P. and was just called a urine culture. DUH! I really had a block to doing this because I find it very uncomfortable and it hurts. All I knew is that AGAIN he was going to do that thing to me ..that..that PUP!

What's embarrassing to me about this... is that because of the medblogs...I know...there are little old ladies everywhere having this very short little procedure right now...and they are as quiet as can be, not even a whimper...totally unaffected and probably knitting or making jam simultaneously.

And then there is me. When urodoc tells me he's doing a culture on me...he never believes me when I tell him "But...I don't make whizzie winkles anymore! It's not necessary now.?" (Alright..I don't say that, but I want to.)

As he leans in to start , I usually, desperately BLURT out "STOP! WAIT!" And he immediately stops. Now... when I do this..I have this feeling where I have to be ready... right up to that last crucial second. It all has to be synchronized. It's like with diving off the board..before you dive have to feel it... it has to be right. I feel like if we miss...there's no "we have touch down Houston" and then I will end up shooting off into a space vacuum of unnecessary or something like that.

Timing is everything!!!

Even on Percocet...I come close to hyperventilating. Urodoc tells me to breathe and BOY do I! The other day I told him tell me when to inhale and the second he says it...I inhale. And sometimes...rapidly between breaths... I say things like "I hate this!" "I can do this"... "Your mother wears army boots!" I'm KIDDING! I don't know his mother. :) And it's done. All that for ..well it feels like an hour but maybe 30-40 seconds ...and then I can breathe normally again. :)

I find that the kind of urology procedures I have..hurt or are exquisitely uncomfortable.

I had a hysterosalpingiogram once, with only an aspirin. The nurse held my hand, I did squeeze..but I never even whimpered. It hurt but it was a different sensation. I have had biopsies, needles and other painful things without medication. And all day into the evening..I never once yelled or cried out with a difficult labor..although I did hyperventilate toward the hand and had to breathe into a bag and began to say how difficult it was. I think with me..if I have a lot of pain or feel sick..I am prone to breathing so fast that I come close to hyperventilating. The inhales feel good and help the pain. Inhaling helps nausea too. If only there could be one long inhale.

Removing stents and going into my bladder really take the pain/sensations up a notch.... different from regular pain. And first two AWFUL in office stent removals with another urologist have jaded me and I am hypersensitive to all things urological. I don't know. It is what it is.

Am I proud of this? NO! Am I embarrassed that I don't handle it better? YES!

For all I know my urologist is doing a jig in his brain...but he is always patient with this patient and treats me with respect. I am pretty sure he will get a special reward in heaven... just because a girl named SeaSpray was his patient. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HOLD ON for that Bajingoland procedure! ;)

This really IS turning into the PeaSpray blog! I have so many urology stories swimming in my brain right now. No-o-o...I'm not blocked anymore...the whizzie winkles are getting out via "the mother of all ureteral stents" (TMOAUS) and my other good kidney and ureter. So thank God for them, modern medicine and my urodoc.

I wasn't sure if I should humiliate myself by telling something so personal and EMBARRASSING, you want me too? Well ...o.k....for you..anything! :)

Well before I begin...let us talk about bras...yes.. brassieres, girl restrainer containers..whatever you call them. Bras you say? Yes... bras. C'mon...we all know bras relate to urology and every wanna be urologist starts out with a bras 101 course... except the women because they already know. Fine..I know..there's no correlation between bras and urology... but they do tie into my urology story.

Now I am going to give you more info than you want but ties in to the story. I am a C cup. For some years now they have been making these bras that have a firm shape to them because of the type of padding and sometimes a little extra padding beyond that. They give women added support, pushing the girls upward, filling them out and giving a them a nice shape. (this could be another post about my 1st time with these, but I'll save that) I still prefer just being me. I don't like all the fake feeling stuff... but I have acquiesced and gotten some but don't usually wear them.

When you lie flat...any woman's real breasts will normally spread off to the sides a bit. They definitely don't remain upright like Mt St. Helen's! I vividly remember this Grey's Anatomy scene where Izzy, George and Meredith are all lying on the bed fully clothed and Izzy with her pretty dress on, was wearing one of these bras because her breasts did not change shape and remained straight up.

Another thing is that for the perfect fit with one of these have to go a size up. So that means I am wearing a "D" cup (believe me not normally) when I wear one of these. Are they called sculptured bras? O.k. now on with the post

I went to the urology office on Monday for my follow-up office visit since having TMOAUS put in. (I'll talk about THE BIG ONE in another post.) After my urologist left, his medical assistant came in to help get set up for the procedure...the dreaded urine culture. Well...for me it is... but that's for my NEXT post.

While she was setting up...I had to get nekkid in my southern region. So, then I was sitting up on the exam table waiting for her to finish setting up. She came over to help me get situated for my B.O.D.P.-Bajingoland on display position for the urine culture.

This BODP is so ingrained in me now...that if I haven't done it before leaving the urology office..I feel like something's missing.

So I did the usual lie back, feet up...skootch, skootch, skootch thing and really I have perfected the skootch..I can be right there in a heartbeat. (You all do realize don't you...that I can never put a face to these stories?) But I digress.

So there I am in BODP waiting for the urodoc to come in. She turns do do something behind the curtain for just a second and in the second she turns back to me...I for some reason truly unbeknownst to me... decide to take my hands off the side of the exam table and grab a hold of my girls...and REST my hands there...on-my-GIRLS! And it was comfortable! I didn't even realize I did this until she turned to face me and I saw her eyes glance at my hands on my breasts at which point (in my brain exclaimed "OH NO!" while removing my hands down to my sides so fast you'da thought I burned them on fire.

She didn't say anything...and I didn't say anything and we just talked like everything was normal. I was so EMBARRASSED! I mean really...WHAT did SHE think when she saw me with my hands holding onto my girls??? We were chatting about something but honestly...I was having this whole other dialog in my head with how to explain..but I didn't even know then. "Um it isn't what you think...uh..I never did that before..HONEST... the Percocet made me do it... it's more fun than it looks-I'm kidding!" And I wanted to say something to her after urodoc left but instead I got teary eyed about my urology stuff and we were scrambling for a tissue. And then I got sidetracked and really..what could I say?

It all was about 4 seconds at the most. I think even I would have caught my hands there had it been longer. It's funny how it takes all these words for a little 3 -4 second action. :)

And then my doctor came in and that will be the next post.

So...I have been thinking about this. Why not? I have the time.

1. First of all...I had a Percocet in me. Doesn't that excuse me from all blogger's remorse posts I put up and anything else I do? I'm just sayin..I am somewhat desensitized to things. (I actually don't like the little fog because I feel like my one on one interactions aren't totally connected.)

2. I am not used to that bra when lying down. You know how you hold on to a stick shift or the handle near the roof in a car...sometimes it's just comfortable? Well...they were there...sticking up...and I don't hands just went to rest there. It actually did feel rest seemed so natural and comfortable. But I promise you...I don't grab myself in any other bras or even even without. So this was a totally unnatural phenomenon that seemed so right.

3. I'm NOT used to a D cup!!! So to me..they weren't me. Nor did they feel like me. I really am not all that hard and straight up. Hey... I nursed 2 for 9 months and one for 18 months...need I say more??? So of course it is perfectly logical that I should grab onto such foreign objects to brace myself for the upcoming procedure...they were right there!

I've got nothing else...I really don't know what made me do it.

What? Was I subconsciously thinking this is gonna be one wild ride..I better hold on!? These girls are made for grippin? GEE!!!

It could've been worse urodoc could've walked in at that point. Oh dear God! If he saw that and I saw he saw that ... I swear I would've yanked the Bajingoland cover right off and put it over my face for the rest of the procedure! And it would've gotten real hot under there with the heat radiating from my red face!

(click for larger image)

Who wouldn't think grabbing on to these would steady them on the Bajingoland table??

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OR Breezyaphobia

Isn't he just so CUTE!? He looks a bit gorked on the OR happy cocktail though. ;)

I can just see it now...little squirrel transport critter wheeling him to the OR where he is greeted by his surgeon, and staff coming out, masked, gowned, and gloved. Miniature squirrel sized OR complete with anesthesia, surgical tools, lights and monitors. The other med student squirrels are watching Dr Squirrel McDreamy perform the nutectomy (removal of impacted walnut) from up in the gallery. Upon completion of the surgery, Dr McDreamy Squirrel whips off his cap and mask...revealing that... to be continued...

Dr. WhiteCoat's post about having a versed allergy solidifies my SQUIRRELLINESS about being too breezy with my words in the OR. Remembering his post amidst the usual OR banter...I informed them that I was allergic to Versed.

In unison the staff shouted "You ARE not! "and they laughed at that.

Now I could swear that I announced my versed allergy just after I got situated on the OR table on June 26th. But I could also swear that I said I was allergic to versed in pre-op on June 7th.

I mostly remember the OR banter on June 26th. I asked if my doctor would be in the OR before I was out. And I told them I had a versed allergy. Then after laughter I said I was always worried about being too breezy with words and was concerned about things I said. The anesthesiologist said in his 20 years of doing this he never heard anyone doing that. Hmmm...that is not what I've read in the med blogosphere.

It later occurred to me that perhaps my just announcing my fear of being too breezy..would've caused me to be too breezy because that was one of my last thoughts. Sigh...

I am someone who remembers details. And so I do think I said it in pre-op on the 6th too. I do clearly remember the OR conversation that night...until my last remembered thought. But What I want to how much longer am I awake and talking beyond that last cognizant thought???

Versed really DOES mess with your mind! I know it is better not to remember some of the stuff...but it just bugs me that I could be communicating and not know it. I just wonder what is so bad that they want you to forget? I is probably the pain or anything negative or uncomfortable that might go on. Still...

Here is one of my early posts on this topic. It was my dear OBGYN who upon my asking why they put me out after my son was born...said that I talked the whole time...but I don't remember because of the Versed. That is is the moment my O.R. breezyaphobia was born.

I have to say that I think the OR staff is wonderful. They have great senses of humor and always relax me to a point...still...that darn O.R. breezyaphobia!

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

I will be going back into the OR mid August and I suppose I should just surrender to the bliss of Happy Cocktail.

Versed-M.O.M. Cocktail...Versed Allergy..OR Chatter

I HATE Milk of Magnesia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That being said.......................................................................I WILL take it every nite before bed............shudder. It is so disgusting. The after taste is disgusting. And the feeling in my body is disgusting.

I know...make lemonade out of lemons.

Umm...isn't it great that there is a otc product that one can aid in preventing constipation (ugh the C word again) therefore other physical concerns.

I feel nauseated even just thinking about it.

I was exhausted last nite.

urodoc again stated that the extra meds are slowing my system down, I should not get constipated with this stent and he wants me to take this Milk of Magnesia every nite.

Now...truth be told...I would do anything for urodoc...I really would....but this...this is going too far! I know he wants to help me and I should listen and I ...w-i-l-l..but ugh!

So..I was actually falling asleep last night, with my head bobbing while sitting at the computer toward the end of my THREE hour procrastination of avoidance in allowing that stuff in my mouth. It took me THAT long before I mustered up the courage to drink that horrid!

If I could just do it in one gulp that didn't touch my tongue or throat...

So...I am supposed to have approximately 30more doses of that stuff.

Could I just not eat for the next 30 days? It would be easier?

Totally liquid protein diet?

This product would be great for weight loss if ingesting this would somehow make all bad food taste this way. My stomach has been doing flip flops.

Better yet...I have a suggestion for the M.O.M. manufacturers... mix Versed into the ingredients. And a tube (optional) to dispense it far enough down my throat so it bypasses all the body's defense signals. Then every night, with no recollection of the night before... I could again blissfully ingest this product. I am willing to wave my Versed allergy claims in the OR if I can please just have a nightly Versed laced M.O.M. Cocktail.

But for now.... It's tough...but I guess a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Doctors and Patients

I encourage everyone to go to Musings of a Distractible Mind blog by following this link to one of Dr Rob's posts in which he shares his feelings about one of his favorite patients who is dying. I was profoundly moved by his sweet post. Obviously they were both blessed to have each other in their lives.

I appreciate Dr Rob's sharing from his heart. I am so moved to see a doctor cares that much for a patient and feels privileged to have been her doctor...and honored and that the world and his life is better for having known them. That's powerful! To think that any of us have the potential to impact others so profoundly. And it wasn't just Dr Rob but the cardiologist and others too. She really must have been a very special lady!

WOW! If any of my doctors felt for me even half of what Dr Rob feels toward her...I would be truly honored. Admittedly...I usually just think of these things from my perspective ...the patient perspective. The following is part of a comment I left: "Just to let you and the other doctors know…some of us patients feel the same way about the good doctors in our lives. Personally…if I could … I would do anything to bring blessing into the lives of a couple of special docs I have. And if anything happened to them…I would be devastated."

Dr Rob also wrote "
She would stand up and open her arms for a hug, which she always got." I think you are so sweet Dr Rob for doing that and it felt good both ways. I have done what she did too. Put my arms out for a hug.

The first time I did that...I was actually saying good-bye and it felt as natural as breathing. I had never done that before. (This is inspiring a post I have been meaning to do about hugging) It was so automatic...without thought. I am very glad my doctor was comfortable and reciprocated. It meant a lot to me. Maybe it was selfish? Did I put him in an awkward position? If so...I would never have wanted to... ever. I hope it blessed him..just knowing there is a patient that thinks that highly of him.

A couple of years PCP's mother was coming home from the hospital to go into hospice care. I could see the pain all over his face and my heart was breaking for him. I've gone to him since the early 90s. I was his last patient. He told me what was going on and then he got a phone call. He came back and he was trying to address my concerns but I interrupted him and told him he should go and that we could talk another day. He seemed relieved and said he wanted to be there when she got home. I had never hugged him before...but everything in me propelled me forward to hug him and he reciprocated and was touched by my gesture...such a little thing compared to what he was enduring. He looked like a sad little boy..he really did. :(

I hope Dr Rob got that final hug he wished he could have.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Girl Next Door

A good friend of mine sent me a card in the mail along with a studio picture of herself. She works in a very busy photography studio. She helps run the business and assists with the colorization and all that is involved in the final prints. It was quite the glamor picture and I want one sometime. :)

She was my next door neighbor for years, until sadly..she had to move. She has two of the most beautiful girls (now young women) that I have ever seen. Exquisitely beautiful! We rarely see or communicate with each other because our lives have gone in different directions ... but we will always be close friends... kindred spirits. It doesn't matter how much time lapses... we can always pick up like we were together yesterday.

She would tell you I helped save her life when she was going through her darkest days. I didn't do anything any other good friend wouldn't do. I just happened to be there. And she was there for me too through some dark and trying times.

And I think she is gifted with the funniest sense of humor over anyone else I know. She always has me laughing... no matter what is going on in either of our lives. She is sweet and compassionate...and I cherish our friendship.

Last week she sent me a card and I will share her words, my blog:

The picture is in case you are delirious and do not remember who I am.

I am the girl that used to live next door to you.

I am the girl who had two kids and they played together with yours.

I am the girl who frequently took tomatoes from your garden.

I am the girl who always beats you at scrabble. (To this I laughed out loud and said "NO you DON'T!" :)

Dear Pat

Just checking in to see how you are doing.

I love you.

You have a place in my heart always.

You'll always be one of my very best friends.

Stop being sick, its annoying.


She just totally cracks me up... LOL! And she moved me profoundly with her sweet words.

Another friend and neighbor called her and told her I had been taken to the hospital by ambulance. She then went on to tell her that I must really be sick because the pool stairs were still on the deck during all the 100 degree weather. They know me and my not having the pool ready for swimming in hot weather was a huge sign that all was not well.

Anyway..Donna had called after I got home and I admittedly didn't return her calls ..or anyone's calls because I just needed to rest at that time. Then I ran into her somewhere. You would have to know her and the voices she uses when she is being funny but she told me she was all set to call again and leave this message- "You do not have my permission to die! CALL me!"

Too funny... I just love her! :)

AND...seriously...she does NOT always beat me in scrabble! Did I mention we are competitive with this game?? :)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mother Fell-need Prayer

My 85 year old mother fell and is on way up to hospital. i am in middle of major kidney spasm on side not stented. have to get up there.

Please pray that she will be alright.

Thank you very much!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

ER Doctor/Medical Reporter-National Blueberry Month & Other Health Topics

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Wilmot Orchards, Inc.

When I was a kid growing up down the shore (Yes it's true..saying "down the shore" is a Jersey thing) we often used to pick wild blueberries and eat them. They grew everywhere near and in the woods. :)

Dr Steve Salvatore is an ER doctor in NYC and the medical reporter for the CW11 Morning News in New York. I believe he does two "Ask Dr Steve" segments during the morning show. I think he's terrific!

Although...I do disagree with him on two things that I KNOW to be different because I HAVE experienced it and thought about e-mailing in, but just never did. And an ER doctor I worked with told me the same thing Dr Steve said (This was years ago) and I said HE was wrong because I have had the experience (still do) and he still maintained he was"I" lived it. Sometimes great minds have to agree to disagree...but..I'm right. I'm just sayin.. :)

But I wanted to share his Blueberry Month segment because there some great recipes they discussed/displayed. I don't know how to bring it up separately and so I linked to the entire site, but you will see the National Blueberry Month segment on his sidebar to the right. It never occurred to me to put blue berries in salad. I can't believe that I never thought about it because I do put other fruit in salads. And I don't have a drop of Italian blood in me that I know of, although I have joked that I was raised by Italians (that's for another post) but I am totally with him on ricotta cheese. I can just eat that cold without anything. Good stuff!

Chrysalis Angel...I thought of you when I saw this segment because I remember the pictures of all the blueberries you picked last summer. I also think of you when I buy them. Funny how we connect people to certain things. :)

I bought 4 pints of blueberries last week at the vegetable market and confess to eating a whole pint by myself in less then 24 hours. I forgot about blueberry pancakes and may surprise our younger son with them. :) I usually have a lot of them on my oatmeal with cinnamon and milk. You would think that is breakfast but I like that anytime of day or to just snack on them. Blueberry muffins and cake. But I've never done anything else with them. I didn't know about blueberries and sour cream either.

I also love strawberries and raspberries. We used to pick blackcaps in the fields in the back. I'll bet the bears eat them now.

I don't usually watch daytime tv...or I would stop and watch daytime tv. Been there-done that. So I have Dr Steve on my blogroll and catch up periodically with his health segments. I also like the other reporters and enjoy their interactions with each other. I think they have a good dynamic going on that show. You can follow the other reporters too...just check out the site.

I know I have been posting a lot of urolgy things and have more to say but am giving y'all a break from PeaSpray. ;)

Elevator Kiss

Missing Grey's Anatomy. New meaning to elevator rides. :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Northern EXPOSURE...Another SeaSpray Day :)

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Jupiter Images

Today was the nicest day I have had since I got stented with the telephone pole. It really does take a lot out of me. I don't understand why, but the simplest activities are very draining and I just never feel great...even with the Percocet...and sometimes I feel worse. And so for as much as I love swimming and even though I plan to...I have hardly been in the pool.

But today was just perfect. I have things to say about my activities with this stent but then that would go off in a different direction from the point of this think there is a point. ?

Well first of all, I decided to wear this bathing suit that I ruined when it was brand new because for some reason I decided to throw it in the washing machine (against instruction) and totally stretched it out. I like the low back on it and the criss-cross straps and the low front and I wanted to wear it while getting some sun. I figured I am only in my backyard and who is gonna see me?

I was walking in circles in the pool with the net in hand skimming the water. I like to do that for low impact exercise. Our pool is an 18"round, 52" high above ground pool. So I always love to walk in circles in one direction until the current gets strong and then I reverse direction and walk against the fast flowing resistant water until I get the current to change directions again. I keep doing this until I am bored or tired. I never let the current get super fast because it's not good for the pool liner and it also pulls the drop down stairs out to the middle and I don't think that is good for the liner either, plus they are heavy.

So today I decided to push it a bit and walked in circles for a long time, going in both directions against the resistance of the water. And the net is heavy and skimming the water with it adds to the resistance for arm exercise. I will admit I was wondering if this was good to walk with water resistance with a large stent in me because I am not supposed to lift more than 25lbs. Different activity, but still working the body...but I continued. Even though something this simple took effort on my also felt good in another way.

And the day was sooo beautiful. Sunny, pleasantly warm and breezy. And I love the sound of the different wind chimes blowing in the breezes. I also like to take the water return in the pool and turn it upward so it shoots the water into the air a bit and creates a running water sound.

I was suddenly feeling very tired and thought it would be nice to take a nap on the raft and just float around in the pool. As I already said, the day was beautiful and I was appreciating all the sounds while floating on the raft with the water lapping against it, gently rocking me. The sunlight wasn't too hot, but rather like a toasty warm blanket... a perfect temperature on my skin. I had found my bliss.

I was heading into the most pleasurable, dreamiest sleep state I have experienced in a long time. The gently rocking raft was lulling me to sleep and just as I was passing into a deeper sleep...ALL OF A SUDDEN...A BIG, HEAVY, BUZZING BUG...HIT AGAINST THE SIDE OF MY NECK WITH A THWOP! (Is that a word?) I was instantly awake, freaked out and tried to swat it off my neck but I only succeeded in pushing it lower toward the nape of my neck and into my hair...still BUZZING!

I didn't know what the big, buzzing, heavy bug was, but WASP went through my mind and I thought what if it stings me in my jugular? Now I don't know if that is a problem...getting stung in the jugular, but it was one of the frantic thoughts running through my mind at lightening speed!

When I freaked out after I swatted this THING deeper into my hair and oblivious to the big stent in me...I also shrieked and bolted upright...completely forgetting I had slid my straps off my shoulders and pulled the top of my suit a little lower on my chest. I also didn't give a thought to how loose this bathing suit is.

And so to my double dismay... my white as the driven snow... girls up north ...were now on display...which caused me to shriek again and just plunge over into the water!

Then while LAUGHING HIS A OFF...that big, heavy, buzzing bug took off..really fast like a bat out of hell, out of the pool and across the yard. He was so fast and my hair was in the way... that I never got a good look at him.

Ugh! I still have no idea what it was...Beelzebub maybe?

Our house is located on a corner. The front is a pretty country road and our sides and back are exposed because except for our split rail fence we never put up any fences or natural barriers. We've always enjoyed looking at our neighbor's pond and the view through our neighbor's backyards up into the woods in the back. So while it is a pretty rural area, we basically live in a fishbowl as far as backyard privacy is concerned. The front is actually more private then the back because there is only one house across the street, at a distance and we have a pretty view of the fields and mountains.

As fate wood have it my backyard neighbor, closest to our pool was home at that time. He had been out in his pool playing with his kids earlier but had gone back inside. Their house is elevated and they have a fairly close up view into our pool. My other neighbor, across the pond was doing work in front of his house. I R-E-A-L-L-Y hope they missed the show! I definitely would've been their comic relief for the afternoon! SIGH...!

I fixed my bathing suit and got back on the raft with the hope of recapturing that pleasurably, dreamy sleep...but I never did find my bliss again.

I think I exhausted myself with that walking..or maybe with the stress of BEEZELBUB and I went in for a short nap at 5:30 and didn't wake up until 8:30. Tomorrow will be 1 week down and 5 to go with this stent.

Just one last thing. Last summer while floating on the raft there was this ANNOYING kamikaze GARGANTUAN horsefly that kept biting me on my derriere. He would not give up! Those bites hurt and then they itch! He came back THREE times before I just rolled over into the water. I gave up. Horsefly 3- SeaSpray 0! :)

Click on image

The Perfect Doctor Question

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I have no idea what kind of ureteral stent my urodoc placed inside me. He said it was a big stent. After living with it for the last 6 days...I can attest to that and am pretty certain that he actually put a telephone pole up into me. I'm just sayin. ;)

A while back, Dr KeaGirl author of the urostream blog said stents come in different colors. I don't recall if they all do...but if I had remembered...I would have put an order in for a turquoise or hot pink stent. Then I'd have a little secret that would make me smile. And those colors are so summer...ya know? ;)

I can't believe it...but at this point in time...I don't have any questions for my urologist...nary a one. I am questioned out. All I asked about was the restrictions with this stent.

I have nothing to ask about the open reconstructive surgery on my ureter verses opting for a yearly procedure- having a ureteral stent placed to keep it open. I've got nothin...coming up blank. What's to say-ask? I am going with plan B...the yearly stenting. What would you do?

Admittedly, I have been known to have ...oh... just a few questions for my urodoc and he has gotten the brunt of them over other doctors..mostly back in 2006 when I was really afraid and didn't understand what was going on. Thankfully...he was always very patient with me.

He probably can't imagine it...but I hardly asked doctors questions before all the urology stuff happened. True! I was like a lemming going into the OR. Of course I never went through anything as serious either.

Anyway, last Friday morning...prior to speaking with my urologist regarding discharge instructions... I got to thinking about asking him questions and I got to thinking that I need to keep it simple. And so I ran what I think is the perfect question by him:

"Since you are the doctor..knowing what you know...if you were me...what questions would you... ask you... the doctor...regarding my case?"

He thought that was a good hope HE is doing HIS homework! ;)

I think that could work well. Okay...maybe I am taking a shortcut. Maybe I am tired and maybe this is just all so familiar...but seriously...he has all the answers... to all the questions, he knows I should ask.

I have heard doctors say that patients don't ask the right questions.

This way he can ask all the right questions and answer accordingly. Then I will have all the important answers. I think that is a win-win or am I just cheating on my homework?

So...I am going to put this out there for anyone who is familiar with my med history. I am curious to know what you would ask my urologist if you were me? I STILL cheating? ;)