Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fashion Faux Pas II - Embarrassing Moments!

I did something really embarrassing today! *sigh*

Fortunately... there weren't many people up at the front of the shop at the moment when I took my coat off.

After I took my coat off, hung it up and I then pulled my sweater down... I was perplexed because it wouldn't really move.


It seemed to be... what the heck... tangled u-u-up?

I grabbed it out of the closet last minute because I wanted to switch into something black.

I always wash my sweaters inside out on gentle and sometimes hang them up inside out.

So I grabbed it, threw it on and never checked myself in the mirror.

It is a faux 2 piece sweater. It has spaghetti straps and looks like a one of those summer tops under the sweater. The under top has little iridescent beading across the top part and then has the sweater part tie across the front under the bust and then is open in front and flares a little on the bottom. It's cute.

But it wasn't cute when I realized what I did.

I thought I tangled it up somehow, but what I really did was put it on inside out. And so now there I was with this top, with the attached piece looking not just inside out... but totally weird and those long rubber thingies that hold the top on the hanger...now hanging out my arm and my back!

It was a long walk back to the bathroom where I could change... but fortunately there weren't too many people. I was embarrassed but chuckling to myself at the same time.

It's a good thing I can laugh at myself... but then I've had a lot of practice. :)

Speaking of a fashion faux pas, I had an even more embarrassing experience in summer 2006. (see through blouse)Unfortunately, I was totally clueless until later that night and so had been to the urology office and other places. This is the second post I wrote when I was a newbie blogger" "Fashion Faux Pas!"


Ellen Kimball said...

Hi SeaSpray,

I had to laugh at your fashion "faux pas"! Here's mine:

In the early 1960s, my previous husband and I lived in a small East Side Manhattan apartment on East 28th Street. In early winter, our south-facing apartment didn't get much sun, so it was dark the day it happened -- I had layed out my clothes the night before, showered and dressed in the darkened bedroom, so as not to disturb my sleeping husband. His job started later than mine, and he got home late many nights, too.

I put a black belted wool coat over everything, and dashed out the door. Now, at the time, I worked at NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the West Side of Manhattan.

My travel took place on a Raleigh women's black and chrome three-speed bicycle! So there I was, fully-dressed in an overcoat, covering a shiny red blouse and black skirt. Under that, my black slip -- a bra, of course, garter belt, nylon stockings and suede pumps -- no "tennis shoes" for us, fashionable young women of the 1950s! We biked in high heels and the Con Edison guys whistled!

I arrived at the beauty salon near the building, where I usually sat for several minutes while the hairdresser "blew out" my hair and styled it nicely. That morning, I stayed in my coat because the stylist had just opened the shop and it was cold.

Then, it was a ride up in the elevator to the "Tonight Show" unit, where I worked with director Dick Carson, who was the brother of host Johnny Carson.

I got to my tiny office, shared with other women. Not too many women even worked there at the time. Those who did were quite junior (typists, secretaries, office people, production assistants who helped organize the teleprompter typing, "color girls" who sat on a stool while the cameramen got their setting correct. There was one woman -- Barbara Walters -- who I saw around, and she was on the "Today" show unit. Barbara is about four years older than me and I may have said "hello" to her in the elevator or cafeteria.

Anyway, I went out in the hall to the closet to hang up my coat. There were a few people around and we exchanged pleasantries. Someone began ordering our girls' coffee and suddenly, there were two or three women who kind of formed a circle around me -- with a stifled giggle from them.

"Ellen, you'd better put your coat back on. You are standing in the hallway at NBC in a red blouse and a BLACK SLIP... did you forget your SKIRT or something...?"

At age 20-something, lucky to land production work at the prestigious network, I was totally mortified. I believe I was able to wear the black coat all day in the office while people asked me why I was so cold. Somehow I just smiled.

For the rest of that winter, I made sure that I checked the apartment mirror carefully for any "wardrobe malfunctions" -- seems tame by comparison to a revealed breast, but still horrifying to my young self!

Thanks for the post!


SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Ellen! What a HILARIOUS story and interesting life!Barbara Walters,Johnny Carson and NBC? Wow!

It's a good thing you remembered to put your slip on, but you would've felt the breeze for sure if you hadn't. :)

I thought you were going to say you left with your robe on instead of your coat.

It was nice of the girls to surround you. it sounds as though you handled it well.

Very funny. Thank you for sharing that. You should pit it up as a post in your blog.

Thanks for your delightful comment. :)

I guess the lesson learned is to ALWAYS check in the mirror first. I did with the white blouse, but I guess the angle of the lights, white bra...I just didn't see my skin.

Also neat that you rode a bike to work. :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Hi Ellen - we also have the Bahamas in common. We stayed on Paradise Island and shopped in Nassau, etc.. while on our honeymoon.

mottsapplesauce said...

Hah! Just this past Sunday at church my mother was standing beside me in a line awaiting a plate of food at our annual officer pre-election luncheon. We were right behind our pastor, who's a big kid at heart, & I noticed something swinging between my mom's blouse & slacks. It was TOILET PAPER! A piece was stuck just inside the back of her waistband. Needless to say she was SOOOO embarrassed. Pastor just laughed & shook his head saying, 'raising parents.....' --you had to be there--it was hysterical.

SeaSpray said...

Motts, that is so funny! I'd be mortified! How did mom take it? LOL!

That happened to a coworker but she was at a wedding reception.

She felt she looked pretty in her dress and was enjoying herself.

As she was walking out of the bathroom and back to her table...she noticed people were looking at her. She thought they were admiring her in her dress.

But it turned out that she had a streamer of toilet paper stuck to her heel that she was dragging with her. :)

Thanks for sharing. :)