Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Frisky Gene :)

Hallway in old ED we had the snowball fight in. Entrance door at the end provided easy access to the accumulating snow. :)

I LOVE how bright it is when the sun is out and reflecting all the bright snow light into the house! It is my favorite cleaning time. (Yes I am momentarily procrastinating with this post.)

I can't get enough light during the day, but then like cozy at night..unless working... then I still prefer bright.

I wish we'd get a big old fashioned snowstorm.

I don't want anyone to get hurt, lose power, and have the calamities that sometimes come with snowstorms, and make for a very busy ED night... but would just love to have a beautiful winter wonderland to walk through and take pictures.

The kind that you can build snowmen, snow forts, snow angels and sleigh ride/toboggan. Oh and (in fun-ok..maybe MY fun) lob a snowball at an unsuspecting person...or two...or..! I admit...I still like to do that to someone I know. I can't help it. The frisky gene kicks in every time there is a good wet snow around!

I know...I still have to grow up. ;) Pssst! Don't tell anyone...but..I hope I NEVER do! ;)

One fun work memory I have is that on one slow snowy night in the ED... we had a snowball fight in the hallway and upper ED area. Too funny! Then we had to wipe it up.

That would've provided entertainment on cameras! I'm guessing it would not meet with the approval of JCAHO!


LOL! :)

One of my favorite childhood winter memories, is the day Janice (my next door neighbor) and I made this awesome sleigh run between our 2 properties. It sloped down from her property into mine. It had snow walls around the entire perimeter and a solid snow wall running down through the middle. Then we cut out an opening in the center and also down at the bottom.

The opening in center was so we could steer our sled into the other run and if we went fast enough and maneuvered quickly enough we could round the corner at the bottom of the run...but we usually just smashed into the snow wall at the end instead.

We had so much fun doing that and they had to make us come in when it was getting dark and we were so wet and cold and our cheeks were so pink. We went into my house and played Monopoly in my room.

That is my favorite childhood winter memory.

And I am sentimental about and love the looks of the wooden, red metal runner Flyer sleds and I liked how you could steer them. But we did need to pack the snow for the best rides. Ha! And living at the Jersey shore...there weren't really any hills and so we had to build them up too. :)

Now... Carpe Diem!!!

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