Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Great Hair Day! :)


Kind of like this sans bangs.

I love my hair! My hairdresser cut it perfectly again. Whatever she did with cutting my hair last month...it was great. Perfect layers, falls wonderfully on my shoulders, flips in all the right places and I loved it.

My friend's daughter noticed and complimented it on New Year's eve and for a 16 yr old to like it... that was a compliment. She's sweet and thoughtful anyway...but I didn't even get my coat of when she said "Your hair looks so pretty!" :)

It was the cut.

I have a skilled hairdresser and I usually like almost everything... but sometimes and I don't know what it is...maybe the sun and the moon and the stars line up... but some cuts really stand out.

So when I went in today... I let her know that I always like what she does(only once in 6 years did she go too short with layers) but this last time was my most favorite of all and if there is anyway she could do the exact same thing..I'd be thrilled.

I don't wear bangs anymore, but wear them cascading down off to the side.

It's just so fun and bouncy! And it falls perfectly down onto my shoulders, back and chest.

The only thing...she used a large drummed curling iron and is how she probably got the flippy pieces. I don't own a curling iron because I don't want to damage my hair.

Also she is a hairdresser and skilled and knows how to style hair.


Suffice it to know that God gave me 2 boys because he knows I couldn't do a French braid if my life depended on it. I am NOT adept at styling hair! But when I use large rollers I can get the flippy, bouncy hair.

So for the last hour ...I have been shaking my head and watching it fall and bounce.

I do hope I can duplicate it with rollers.... or blow drying with a big brush.

Girls..you know how I feel. Tis a good thing when we have a great hair day! :)

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