Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Husband Annoyed and Hair Like Hickory

After I came home from grocery shopping tonight, I pulled up along side the mail box to get the mail. I smelled smoke as soon as I put the window down and I saw smoke seemingly drift forcefully downward from the roof at the end of our house to where I could see it in the spot light.

Fire? Someones wood stove?

I forgot about the mail, quickly turned into the driveway, turned the car off..leaving the window down and everything in it. I ran into the house and BURST into the bedroom exclaiming to my sound asleep husband, "WAKE UP! YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE THERE ISN'T A FIRE IN THE FURNACE ROOM!"

With that...the man shot up like lightening and landed back down, directly into his pants and shoes.

Well he got up and out so fast it seemed that way.

As he is rushing through the house to go check, I was following behind...THEN saying...well it could be our neighbors wood stove ... but I saw smoke coming off our roof down into the spotlight.

He checked and somewhat disgruntled said it was fine.

"So do you think it is our neighbor's wood stove?"


"Well it does smell like hickory. Wait! Don't go to bed! Um... could you just check the attic..real quick before you go back to sleep?"

"It's fine Pat."

"I know... but the house smells smokey now and we did just have those mice running around up there making all that noise."

Husband shoots me "the look", but proceeds to open the attic door, does a visual from the floor and states, "It's FINE!"

"Well... you know those mice could've done damage and something could be smoldering...so...could you please just go up and look and turn the light on too?"

He shot me "the look" but went up to check.

He came back down and said "There's nothing wrong up there!"

"Okay well that's good... better safe than sorry. Come to think of it ... I don't think we have anything that would smell like a ham smoking up there." While following him into the bedroom, I went on to say "Well you had to see the smoke. So a neighbor's smoke could travel over here and show up in a down draft?


And so with a sheepish expression I said..."Sorry."

But his back was to me as he was removing his pants and shoes and I couldn't hear what he was muttering and decided... I probably didn't want to... said "Thanks! Nite!" without looking back, breezed out and shut the door behind me.

To my defense... I smelled smoke, saw smoke coming off of our roof. Our attic vents are higher then the family room roof and so smoke could've been coming from the attic or chimney. And prior to my bursting into the bedroom to wake him... hadn't detected a hickory smell... just smoke.

I did speak with a friend afterward and she agreed better safe than sorry.

And so now here I am typing this and my hair smells like HICKORY! It's totally permeated with that smell. I'm surprised Bob (our dog) isn't chasing me down!

* I am just posting this now ...on Wednesday night and my husband is over it. Neither of us even brought it up today. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

You've gotta love the man that goes that extra distance to appease his worried female.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Angel -so true! It was a scary moment.I never saw smoke do that plus the smell and I reacted! Better safe than sorry.