Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm Confused, But Thank GOD For Traditions

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Perhaps I need more enlightenment and I am open to anyone wishing to clarify the following for me.

I find it interesting that prayers are said during the presidential inauguration, and the President Elect places his hand on the Bible when he is sworn in as the next president of the United States.

I find it interesting that there was prayer at the opening and closing of the luncheon.

That is always the way it is done.

I find it interesting because these prayers invoking God...our creator... a supernatural being... to guide and protect us...this acknowledging his existence and calling upon him for the good of all...is being done publicly on government property, at government functions and with government employees.

I find it interesting because there have been people who vehemently try to stop public displays of anything to do with God. They have tried to have God removed from our money, from the Pledge of Allegiance and public schools aren't allowed to acknowledge God. They did ban students from Bible study on school/campus grounds..but that was overturned. Teachers are not allowed to pray with students...even though some students might request it.

They have been successful in having the 10 Commandments removed as public display in schools and government buildings. Christmas. They have even tried to Sanitize Christmas so it is devoid of the religious meaning.

But I digress.

It warmed my heart today when President Obama placed his hand on the Bible. It warmed my heart to hear the prayers and see people praying.

Does anyone remember how Congress prayed after 911? Does anyone remember the 911 memorial services with all the prayers and clergy? And yet this was done on public property for all to witness.

As I am reflecting on this...I am admittedly confused.

I don't understand.

Where are the offended people? The people who feel forced to endure or witness any mention of God? Where are the people who regurgitate ad nauseam "separation of church and state"?

Church and state didn't seem separate today.

Thankfully our forefathers founded this country with God in mind and it is demonstrated on a day like today... inauguration day, through the traditions handed down from them...where we do acknowledge our creator. God is publicly acknowledged during national events in this country.

So..why don't these people sue the entire government? Surely their offenses must be of great magnitude having witnessed on such a grand scale, the invocation of God during such a high profile governmental event? Why the disparity? Why is it okay here, but not there? And isn't it hypocritical that we can't acknowledge God in front of children in school...yet it is alright for the government to do so on a national level?

Where are the cries of outrage? Where are the lawsuits?

I am confused, but thank God for traditions.


passionstamper said...

So funny Seaspray that you noticed and thought these things too-I was thinking the same thing! I also, was impressed and even made mention of this to both kids and girlfriend of one who were here watching with me, that there were so many prayers! I told them that God is the foundation with which this country was founded on by our forefathers-and that is right and appropriate to remind the citizens of this FREE country, of this. Funny-two million citizens witnessed and respected this! So--it is understandable to question where are those who so vehemently object to prayer in public places? It is confusing. Not one person objected-two million people and it was silent during those prayers...I too, was grateful to hear those words-and especially, the Lord's Prayer! "Where two or more (or two million!) are gathered together, there I am also" (paraphrase)...May God truly Bless this United Stated of America in the days, weeks, months and years ahead...

SeaSpray said...

Hi Passionstamper-well we do think alike with these things. i have 24 TiVoed if u didn't see it.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment! :)