Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Doctor Visit Followed By Positive WOM

Starfish on the beach near Singing Sands Bed and Breakfasy, Comox, BC

Well today was interesting and I got a lot done.

And I almost caused a collision! I was paying attention until I guess the last second... or it was the last second that my attention came back to driving. At that point the driver of the other car coming toward me as I wrongfully began turning in... almost collided into me. I slammed on my brakes and so did he! Fortunately there was shoulder room for him to help avoid colliding. We would've been hurt for sure... but thankfully all is well.

The receptionist gave me the wrong instructions. She said their office was immediately after a certain building...and it was was the 3rd one down. And she gave the number which I wasn't seeing as I was focusing on the 1st 2 buildings.

I guess I focused a little too hard at the 2nd one.

I mouthed "I'm sorry" with probably a sheepish guilty face... but he didn't seem to be mouthing "I forgive you." And then he gave me "the look...the evil eye look". I don't blame him.

So..I then continued pulling into the parking lot and drove around, but realized it wasn't even a medical building and so figured it was the 1st one after all, but then I saw his car parked in the back and thought, "Oh nooo...I am going to walk in there and he will be staring angrily at me. Great!" I purposed that I would go up and apologize.

I pulled into that building and it wasn't it either (Thankfully) and so then number 3 was the lucky number.

What a wonderful doctor's office! The people and aesthetically. It is exactly the kind of place I hope to work in. I got my ideas from my 1st choice, but never panned out...but I have had this image in my head in what I would look for in doctors and staff....and aesthetically.

Of course I will take a job in a place that isn't as aesthetically is more important what the job is and who you work with... but if I could have it all...why not?

Florescent lights, sunny windows, open airy office and beautiful artwork. (I like the building too) I like both doctors - saw one... but got to talk with the other one too. I told him his father delivered my first son, he smiled but was on his way to do something. So when he came back he stopped, came over to me and said "My father delivered you..he did a good job." What? son..1980. Actually, he assisted a doctor who has been long gone." Then I went on to tell him something funny his father said to the anesthesiologist.

I have read so many med blogs that talk about poor insurance reimbursements and how unfair and disingenuous the insurance companies are.

Well this doctor had something interesting at the top of one of his forms.

It was the form the patient signs where they agree to things (I didn't read the whole form..I just signed it) about financial responsibility... or something like that. I didn't read it all because my plan has a good turn around time with provider payments. I don't know if they have ever had a problem with approval reimbursements.

This doctor has a paragraph at the top of the form that explains that some insurance companies don't pay what they are supposed to and how it hurts the practice. Those aren't the exact words. I wish I could remember the exact wordage. But it was an excellent description of how some insurance companies handle (or don't) their provider payments and how it affects physicians. I have never seen that before but was very well said.

The entire staff I had contact with was terrific! Very warm and friendly. Very welcoming medical practice!

So... I am thinking of switching to them or if my current doc retires (he is older) I will definitely switch. I do like him and have thought he was terrific. But the experience at this office was so different 9in a positive way) all the way through the process.

I have to say... who you have out front representing your business/practice is very important. Those people set the tone for a positive experience. You want your office to be inviting... one that says welcome...we're here to help you. :) That is my opinion anyway.

As I was walking out the doors, I actually prayed to God that I would love to work in a place just like that. Shoot...I don't want full time right away... but if they offered... I would start tomorrow! I wasn't applying, but took mental notes..for sure. I will keep a look out because I have seen them advertise in the past.

It turns out I have a staph infection in my eye! I wondered if I could've picked it up in the nursing home, but I guess anywhere. I heard STAPH! But the doc didn't seem to concerned other than that if I don't improve in a week to come back.

I had this since mid week, last week. I just assumed I rubbed my eye too much and played it down until yesterday, when I saw something on my iris that wasn't washing away. Then I couldn't get in fast enough and is why I ended up at another office. I didn't want to wait until tomorrow and now I am glad I didn't.

I have been happy with the other office... they were nice enough... but cold feeling. Except my doctor...he is actually very funny. :) but the techs, the office staff... they take your stuff, shut the window and barely say goodbye. the techs are okay but rush you through. I know volume is money and I get it. can still move everyone through with a positive attitude and helping the patient to feel comfortable. It's all how you word things and expressions.

Nothing turns me off more than a dead fish handshake...or disinterested person. But that is me. Maybe other people don't care...I don't know.

So... I will give this office a positive word of mouth... I will tell people to go there if I hear of someone looking for an eye doctor.

I give that doctor's office a 5 starfish rating. *****

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