Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Angel Girl's Letter

I love this!

We are so proud of our little granddaughter. And a bright one she is. She is in the advanced extra curricular class where they give additional assignments, etc.

She is only 7 and I think this letter has good content and advanced spelling abilities for her age. She was reading adult things during the summer before she began 1st grade. She also has terrific printing skills...something that has never been my strong suit. She also has her mother and maternal grandmother's artistic ability. She was drawing amazing pictures when she was only 2.

She is also an avid reader and goes through book series quickly, books with 200 and 300 pages. Child books but I think more advanced for her age.

She also has the sweetest most thoughtful spirit and is so polite and well behaved.

Devan is the poster child for having more children. We look forward to her soon to be born baby sister. :)

I hope you don't mind me braggin on her... but she is one of the best blessings in our lives... ever.

I love how she calls me Mum - Mum. :)

She's my Angel Girl. :)


Chrysalis Angel said...

That is precious! I just love kids. I love the way they wonder about the world around them, and it's always interesting to find out what they are thinking about. She's so cute.

passionstamper said...

How sweet and innocent children are....love her letter! Devan is truly like a little "angel girl".

SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel and Pstamper! I agree! :)