Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Surgeon's Blog

I have added another surgeon to my blogroll... Bongi, a general surgeon in South Africa... author of the "Other Things Amanzi" blog.

I highly recommend that you read this recent post, "Orchestrator", in which he writes about the importance of teamwork among the colleagues in the OR and how amidst this dramatically critical case...he also had to orchestrate the rest of the team to get them to do what they needed to do.

Here is a small part of Bongi's post: "i started the repair. then the heart stopped. it was easy to diagnose i could clearly see the heart in front of me. i informed the gas monkey (anaesthetist). he looked at me. i put my hand around the heart and started to squeeze. the gas monkey looked at me. i realised he simply didn't have the beginning of an idea what to do. i realised this was not a team work situation. i needed to take control of everything. i was the gas monkey consultant suddenly. i took control. i orchestrated what needed to be orchestrated.

"you!" to the gas monkey, "give adrenaline now! you" to house doctor floating around like an unwanted fart on the wind, " draw up x ampoules of adrenaline and put it into y ml saline!" all the time i compressed the heart. now i have occasionally compressed a heart against the sternum from inside the abdomen, but seldom have i stood with the heart completely in my hand."

What an awesome post!

Also ...his African wildlife pics are magnificent! :)


Bongi said...

thank you for your kind words.

SeaSpray said...

You're very welcome Bongi!I hope med training standards always remain high so more people like you work in medicine.

That was an awesome post/experience! :)