Saturday, February 28, 2009

Law of Urology and All Thoughts Urological

urinejoke by you.

I left a comment in The Independent Urologist's blog and so I am putting part of it here.

I don't know why exactly..but urine is on my mind. Maybe because the renal scan is coming up soon. Maybe because I am more seriously contemplating the reconstructive surgery .... or... maybe just because I need to go make some pretty whizzie winkles.. not sure. :)

I.U. wrote a post on things physicians could do to to appease the patients who balk at having to come in to the office and pay a copay... to "merely discuss lab results". He had a list of other office requirements that could be done as well so the patient feels they are getting their money's worth while discussing labs. Of course I honed in on the urine... but that has become my forte. Hey... this girl can put out urine. I'm not bragging or anything.. but 2000 ccs during a lasix renal scan..seems to impress the techs. ;)

My competitive nature want to try to out do myself.. beat my previous record. Besides... there is a method to my madness. The more I put out... the better it washes out the radioactive isotopes. Sounds good in theory anyway. ;)

Patients don't realize that doctors don't get paid for phone calls (I didn't know it until I began meandering through the medblogs) and they certainly don't process how many patients a doctor may have to call with results..on top of all the other calls. And you are paying for their expertise when you come in to the office.

It's like at the ED on a busy night. Oblivious to the dynamics of an ED...patients don't understand why the doc can't" just look at them" quickly.. because their complaint is "easy".

This is old news in this blog... but I do have the most amazing urologist. He has taken my calls and always been right there to help me if I had a concern. I have always felt confident with him over my case. They have all been so good to me in that urology office and that is why... I love to treat them with food every so often. :)

I have never hesitated or questioned why I had to come in. I would expect that if I have been asked to come in.. then it is important or they wouldn't ask. Some offices will have the office staff call with good results.. but I always appreciate hearing from the doctor and I usually have a question. Well...only with urology.. because it has been more involved.

Funny thing... prior to May 2004... urology was a foreign concept to me. I didn't know I had a ureter..never mind TWO of them. And I RARELY thought about urine. As a matter of fact... go back 20 years... and the pediatrician suggested that I may want to consult a ..... *UROLOGIST*... if something with our son didn't correct itself in a year. I remember I was all afraid... because we might have to consult with a ...*UROLOGIST*. Boy isn't life ironic sometimes?! Now seeing the *UROLOGIST* seems as natural as breathing. I'm just sayin. :)

Fortunately, I have been blessed to be really healthy for most of my life... and it has only been since the 1st kidney stone (since 04) that I have had some health challenges, primarily urologic.

Anyway... during these last few years... I have observed what is at the crux of universal law in urology..well in the office anyway.

It is a fact that upon entering said urology office ... they will want your urine! Now they are not greedy... they don't want it all... but they will always want at least a token of your champagne of body fluids.

I am sure there are many things required in the practice of urology... but based on personal experience... I am certain that the following is true.

"Please be advised that upon entering the urology office, you will be required to give a urine specimen. No breathing mammal will be exempt from this requirement. Please be further advised that unless said urine specimen has been obtained, you will not be permitted to leave the office.

It is the law."

Remember the part about, "No breathing mammal will be exempt" ? Even the staff and physicians.. give a daily urine sample. They have to. It's only logical. They have stepped foot into the *urology office* and if they want to go home... they will comply with the * the LAW*.

I think I am now a professional urology patient and if I know anything is gonna happen at the urology office... it is that they want my urine and my copay ... and I just go with the flow. ;)


Ms-Ellisa said...

"urology was a foreign concept to me"... "Now seeing the *UROLOGIST* seems as natural as breathing"

Haha me too :-D

Now I want to become a Urologist even more!

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ms Ellisa-Becoming a Urologist seems natural to you? That's interesting. I have wondered what causes doctors to choose their specialties. ??

I think it would be neat if blogging docs did posts on why they chose their specialties.

Dr KeaGirl was going to write a post about why she chose urology.. but I don't believe she ever did.

Ms-Ellisa said...

Well I realised that doing my Urology rotation brought out the best of me.

Both in the hospital as a student doctor being helpful and doing the best I can and being good at it, as a person being kind and always trying to stay a bit longer, and when I came back home I still felt happy and had the strength to be a nice person for the people around me.

I would love to feel like that my whole life.

SeaSpray said...

Wow Ms Elissa-Your Urology rotation inspired you that much? Having that green light in your spirit, seeing/feeling it all come together for you with a career ..knowing that you know it is the right path for you.. must feel so good! I think it is a gift when we get those signs and feelings about something so important. You are fortunate to find your niche in life.

You sound like you will be a terrific urodoc!

I wish you every success with your medical career. :)