Monday, March 30, 2009

Warning flags

Wow! Good for Daniel Hannon! We need more people courageous enough to take a stand and to speak up as coherently and with the ability to tell it like it REALLY is and not what the master spinmeisters would have us all believe.

I would vote for this man!

You should hear his opinions of our heading toward socialism and why he believes it would be disastrous, which he discusses as someone who has lived through it.

I don't pretend for a second to understand the financial world (Ha! I'm sure that's obvious :), but that's all right as it seems the "financial" people and powers that be don't either. But I think I have something that I feel they don't have anymore. COMMON SENSE!

I was surprised to hear that Germany, France and China are concerned and lecturing the United States about our drifting toward socialism (That's rich -seriously!) and the way in which we are handling our money. And that we are trying to get China to buy more bonds.

And the German Chancellor is resisting our socialist trends. GOOD for her!

Doesn't China already own a lot now?

I feel concern when I hear how much real estate, etc., foreign investors have bought up... even prior to this financial debacle of epic proportions.

I also heard today that England is in such dire straights that they just tried to get a stimulus package going but the people turned them down because there is NO money. Will we come to that?

Our political leaders better wake up, stop allowing themselves to be bought and start working for the good of the country and the people that voted for them.

I am usually a conservative... but God as my witness... I will vote for the politicians that I believe consider being elected a privilege and an opportunity to serve the people if they can demonstrate their abilities for leadership. Maybe a third party will rise up because of these things because... right now...I don't have a whole lot of faith in either party and most of the politicians have sold out to lobbyists.

I was questioning the political leadership we have now with my doctor today. I don't recall verbatim what he said, but the gist was that perhaps the people have to fall hard enough to realize what is important and things will change. When you suffer because you go too far one way, you'll try harder to make things right again.

Wouldn't THAT be refreshing?!

Weren't we the role model for capitalism at it's best? What IS happening here?

I also heard... that with our own economy imploding like it is, that China is pushing for a one world monetary system. I really hope we do not do that.

I think it is extremely important to maintain our national sovereignty and we should never give that up under any circumstances.

I feel like we are witnessing the erosion of the American values that this country was founded upon. I wonder what our forefathers would think? What would they say? Would they allow these things?

And I am astounded at the rapidity (only a couple of months) ... with which such drastic changes are looming over us. And we aren't even through this financial debacle and now they are going to change health care.

My concern...among many regarding this that they will just plow ahead...without weighing in on the opinions from the medical professionals in health care. Kind of like the CEO directing the full code going on in the ED without any medical training enabling him/her to make the right calls that will save the patient's life.

Oh and I am squirrelly about my medical records again because my doc and I were discussing the privacy issue about a patient's medical records vs the government having the right to your information if you are being funded by the government. It turns out that my doctor said he learned early on what not to say in medical records and that he looks out for his patients. I told him I was really upset that a patient can't just come in and pour their heart out without being fearful that it could be used against them.

But I digress.

Forget red flag warnings! We have a bunch of international flags waving...warning us not to go down this road! anyone listening?

I hope so.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kindred Spirits

The post secret above is taken from one of this week's Post Secrets.

I am posting this one because... well I think it's funny too.

And... I do the same thing in places that have many wind chimes hanging up. I get them all going... or as many as I can, but I stay... because I like the sounds. :)

My favorite place to do that was a local nursery where they sold large wind chimes that sounded as magnificent as church bells. I've always wanted one of those but they were almost $200.00 and I just could not justify purchasing one.

I've also turned on a lot of music boxes simultaneously. And I like turning on the Christmas dancing Santas, snowmen and other singing/moving objects... but I stay to listen. :)

Ha ha! I thought I was the only one who does this. Now I see I have kindred spirits.

I am also thinking of sending in a couple of secrets for this book... just not sure how to do the graphics. Words are so much... but I want them to be good. Ha! Unless I just go with the less is more theory and submit on a simple background. Hmmm...what to do...what to do?

Oh... by the way... if you see the book when it comes out and there is a post on a simple background (because it might not be), don't assume it is mine... because I might not send in anything.

And of course... out of the thousands Frank has sent to him... he may not even pick mine...although... I do think it will get his attention. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pointers For Dating A medical Student :)

Here is a funny article giving pointers on how to date a medical student. LOL!

I have never dated anyone in medicine... but I can relate to #7. I never became a germaphobe *UNTIL* I worked in the hospital. Ha! Between mandatory educational requirements, general conversations ...including expressions/gestures from staff during said conversations and what I witnessed myself... I am a confirmed ... yet...enlightened...#7. :)

Ignorance is bliss I tell you. ;)

Thanks for linking this in twitter Moofie. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Found a Great Blog!

I found a great blog via twitter!

"Health E Woman" authored by OBG/YN Dr Shelley Binkley. I can't wait to get back to reading it and will as soon as I have a chance. I have a fun, but busy weekend coming up. :)

So..go check out her blog. The little I have read thus far has been most interesting and informative.

I am happy to have her as a new addition to my blog roll. :)

You Never Think It will Be You

I haven't forgotten about posting on what
hideous liquid I consumed. And I could just tell you...but then you'll be wondering how I did it and it's gonna take a "few" words to explain. So, I will try to get to it this weekend sometime. :)

Salmonella, myocarditis and arterial infections.

This little post is about the phone call I got from Costco a little while ago.

It was a recall message for a trail mix I purchased a few times since December...including this past Tuesday. Specifically: "Back to Nature -Nantucket Blend" No preservatives or artificial ingredients...Almond, Pistachio, cherry, Raisin and Cranberry Mix... oh... and maybe a little salmonella!

They said to return the product for a refund and they gave a phone number to call. Also that we will be getting a letter.

I like that they can track which customers bought the product and can then warn them. I wonder if other companies do the same if they have the ability?

I called the number. I only listened to the recording and did not bother to talk with a live person.

They rattled off a bunch of things and symptoms that can be caused by salmonella poisoning and I already listed a few of the concerns.

They said it is not like the peanut salmonella and that this product may be contaminated. I think may is the operative word here.

Here's the thing. Younger son and I have been eating them since Tuesday. I actually had a lot last night and the only thing I have is a sore throat and Zycam is saving the day with that.

I am going back to Costco tomorrow to pick up a birthday cake and I could return them ... but the bag is almost finished now. "Ummm... I want my money back because these may be contaminated. Oh and I know they are almost gone because we ate most of them. They were good too. But... I want our money back because of all the psychological pain and suffering eating this product has caused us since getting your phone call."

So...I am guessing that our trail mix is fine and in fact just had another handful. Why not? We haven't gotten sick from the product?

Besides...after last Saturday afternoon's "Drink du Jour"...I feel I can live on the EDGE now. ;)

*** If we had not been eating them..of course I would return them for a refund and I would not chance getting sick by eating them.

I also in no way take salmonella poisoning lightly and it can be a very serious concern for people.

We have so much trust in the products we purchase and then ingest... and most products are very safe. You never think you will be the one affected by a tainted product.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Doing What You Have to Do

Here is a link to Bongi's interesting post about swearing in the OR. It involved his professor, the operating surgeon, a couple of bladders, a ureter..oh and the swearing. I'm not sure I would've wanted that surgeon attaching my ureter to my bladder because of all the mistakes he was making and having to do over.

Although... I do think a surgeon should do whatever they need to do to keep them on their game and get them through it...successfully. :)

New Post Soon - About *the* Beverage du Jour

I will post SOON about the ridiculous thing I drank that had me all skeeved... and reacting and now I have a reputation to live down. ;) I wasn't laughing then but I was by the next day... although... I will tell you...I really AM concerned and still have a flip flopping stomach when I think about it and when I write about it, you will understand. I can't imagine you wouldn't be grossed out either.

Anyway, I did tell Pstamper what happened and through hearty laughing and tears she kept apologizing and laughing and stating how these things only happen to me and she got me laughing too.

So.. I will post soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skeeved Myself OUT! BLECH!

Okay... I am just venting at this moment and have to go right back out... but I accidentally did something REALLY, REALLY DUMB and DISGUSTING and I admit this confessed mild (says me) germaphobe is GROSSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I think most people would be. GEEEEEZ!!! soon as I can... hopefully tonight I will explain... and I hope if anyone knows anything about this kind of thing you will either tell me I have nothing to worry about or tell me what to do. SERIOUSLY! I would APPRECIATE any input.

Oh... and the humor of it of course doesn't get past me either and my husband was trying to conceal his smile. he thinks I didn't see him but I did and then when I came back out to talk about it some more, I saw he placed his hand in front of his mouth, while resting elbow on his knee as he feigned watching TV. But his eyes gave him away and so I finally said.."It's okay... I know it's funny.. go ahead and laugh.", to which he then seriously said "I'm NOT laughing.", while simultaneously getting up and walking in the opposite direction.

He was too and it's okay.

It is funny but I'm not laughing yet because my stomach is still doing flip flops over it and I have this urge to keep spitting.

I want to anyway.

Of course I'm NOT spitting.

I DID though!

A *LOT*!

Besides.. it's too late!


Last Summer's Sunflower

I just love sunflowers... especially the big ones because they remind me of happy people. Did you know they will turn their faces to follow the sun all day? Hopefully we will have a lot of sunflowers this summer in all sizes.

I enjoy putting the smaller ones in bouquets for us and other people. :)

Guess What This Is. :)

Well...okay..there are clues in the picture.

It is proof that I beat my last foley bag record. As I stated in the previous post... I hit 2100 ccs of urine this last time. I think it was 2000ccs the previous time. I know...who does this... tries to top how much urine goes into a foley bag?


I just think when you try to turn drudgery or stressful things into games... it makes for a little needed levity. And the nuclear tech was amused that I wanted to know the numbers. LOL! He kind of got into it too... or... he was humoring me. :)

It's the same competitive spirit that plays the utensil game after emptying the dishwasher. Of course it doesn't take any special skills to fill a foley bag... other than chug-a-lugging a lot of water.. I guess. I can't say I have my kidneys or urethra trained for a urological voiding marathon or anything.

Anyway... for some odd reason... I am always amused when they place this big bag of urine over my bladder and then take the picture.

And I do not understand how patients do this scan without a foley bag. YIKES! Elephant bladders I guess. ? I would have to get up and leave before they ever injected the lasix. SERIOUSLY!

I have had this test done at 3 different hospitals... but this particular nuclear department is the only one that always places the full foley bag over my bladder after the renal scan, while it is still hooked up to me. They take a picture of the bag and they also take a picture of the syringe with the 10 ccs full and empty.

Thankfully... I don't have to give them a picture of anything else! They seem so thorough about this... I am surprised they don't want a picture of a foleyed (I know -made up word) urethra and urethra sans foley. I'm just sayin. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Renal Scan #7 Continued...

What a Bizarro day renal scan #7 day was... but it ended up fun. :)

I couldn't sleep because any time I have to do this or go to SDS... I guess I get a bit keyed up. Toss and turn in bed. The more I tell my self to sleep..I can't and then of course get real sleepy before I have to get up..although yesterday..I actually wasn't and I was going on about 2 hours of sleep if you put all the in between the restlessness together. I should look into taking melatonin. I got it from the health food store years ago and then found I didn't need it any longer.

Anyway... I had 2 cups of coffee as soon as I got up and then followed it with a health drink.

It was a new product that I was excited about taking... until I tasted it and immediately realized it had an artificial sweetener in it. Also... it felt like led in my stomach and I immediately began to feel nauseated...which exacerbated while in the shower to the point that I thought I would have to cancel both the foley and renal scan appointments. This is gross but as soon as I got out of the shower...I encouraged myself to vomit so I could get this product out of me and it did help...although I was still nauseated and wondering if I could do all I had to do. So..I reclined a bit and then proceeded to get ready.

I did have 3 bites of oatmeal with milk a a small piece of wheat bread with hope steadying my stomach a bit and it did help.

But I began to feel itchy. My face, neck chest and upper abdomen were getting increasingly blotchy and itching. I pulled the Benadryl out..just in case. So now then I was nauseated and itching and now stressing with what to do. And I scratched all the while knowing that is a vicious cycle that makes everything worse. i didn't want to take the Benadryl because that knocks me on my arse and I can't even say the word physician if I take 50mg.

I really wanted to go and get this over with. You know how you really don't want to do something but you bite the bullet, get yourself psyched and in the you can get it over with?

Passionstamper came by to pick me up. Unfortunately, Caribbean Blue wasn't able to make it and so it was just Pstamper and me... but we had fun...amidst the not so fun stuff. :)

I left my wallet home with my insurance card and money. Although I did have a check for the co-pay. I was embarrassed going in all blotchy. Even my nose was red and it itched.

The nurse commented that I had hives but I actually didn't because I didn't have the welts... just red blotches. I am so susceptible to the power of suggestion sometimes. The nurse asked if my back itched and I said no. Don't you know..then my back began itching?! And then my scalp.

Now...these foley appointments are in/out appointments. Meaning the doc puts the foley in and then we are out the door. But he knows...I always have questions. He graciously asked me if I had any questions and I said no. I probably surprised him. (Yes..I am one of THOSE patients you docs spend more time with) But I already wasted his time with telling him about the drink and questioning whether I should follow through with the scan because of the radioactive isotopes that get injected into my system with the test and any questions I had could wait. He thought I'd be alright but to run it by nuclear when I got there.

I was supposed to be at the other hospital at 1:30, but we didn't get out of the doctor's office until 1:30. They were busy. So I called ahead to the nuclear department and the tech told me to come down. The scan was supposed to be at 2pm. We got in there at ten after two and so we made good time. Passionstamper drives like me. Used to commuting and so navigate accordingly. :) Basically...she flew low. :)

I begin chug-a-lugging a lot of water as soon as I hit the hospital to make sure I am hydrated...even though they also give me IV fluids.

I am pretty used to the routines and have my own routines as well. I don't know why I get so nervous about it at all the night before. I guess it is really about my concern about the results. I just want to hear the good report.

It was a different tech this time. She was lovely and we were having an interesting conversation while she was prepping everything. And then she attempted to place the IV in me. I directed her to the arm and exact spot that is almost always like turning on a spigot for a direct line to the blood.

I guess the well was dry yesterday. After several attempts and apologies I thought she was going to tell me that she would call someone. No. She told me she would use my hand. Oh no...NOT the hand! I HATE the hand! *The hand* HURTS! I don't care who does HURTS! So I said the hand hurts a lot. She said she could see a vein. *sigh*

It evidently wasn't *the* vein because after a few more attempts and pushing that needle around in my hand looking for *the* vein... she told me she would try my other arm and I was wishing I took a Percocet. (I've already told you I am a wimpette with pain.) I was REALLY wishing she would just get someone else and I was really close to asking...but I didn't. So I braced myself. Make a fist, hang your arm down...slap the skin a bit. She didn't see anything and then said...she would call someone.

I smiled quietly while simultaneously screaming THANK YOU! in my brain.

And so this man in a white coat came in. I never did see his badge and so didn't know what he usually did in the hospital. But I felt relieved. But he didn't find anything either. *sigh* And so now I had 3 areas with taped bandages and he told me he was going for my left hand.

"Not the H-A-A-A-N-D!"...I whined to myself.

He tried one location... NOTHING! And maybe I am a wimpette... but you does frickin hurt when that needle gets moved around in the hand.

But on the second prick...he did hit a good spot and we were good to go. YAY!

I am guessing it was a good half hour of needle sticks, but it felt like an eternity.

She just got the test started and then with change of shift a new tech took over. He was also nice and we had an interesting conversation. It makes the time go more quickly.

By the way...why DOES that happen? My one arm is almost always dependable. Most people can get the right spots. I did have a bad day like that in SDS once and I thought maybe it was because I was dehydrated. Anesthesia doc had to come in and save the day that time...and they did it on the 1st stick. Are some people just so much better than others? Or is it something with the patient that day? Maybe Both?

So... the rest of the test was uneventful. I am always fascinated with watching the kidneys on the screen. It reminds me of looking at galaxies and I can see where it is brightly clustered in the one kidney where the fluids drain more slowly through the ureter. I worry about the bright cluster and wonder how much of a block it represents... but am also happy to say... it all dissipates which must be indicative of the fact the fluid is draining down and out of the kidney and ureter... and that IS a good thing. :) Although... not without some significant uncomfortable pressure after the Lasix is administered. But it passes.

I told the tech I wanted to beat my previous filled foley bag record and so asked to see where the fluid level was prior to the Lasix. 1000ccs.

Suffice it to know that I achieved 2100ccs just prior to the foley being removed. So that is the new record to beat. ;) Hey...all these little things make it interesting... what can I say? You have to find the light moments where you can sometimes. :)

And usually the foley comes out uneventfully..but the nurse hurt me and I stopped her. She did drain 10ccs out and so I don't know why that happened. She tried to get more and got a drop out. And for some reason...the foley balloon coming out hurt more than usual. I guess I was just having one of those days.

So..I went back to the waiting romm with Passionstamper. I was waiting for films and for the Lasix to drain through since we now had to drive home through rush hour traffic. I noticed in the ladies room mirror that my hair had matted and knotted in the back. Geez. I guess that was from writhing in needle stick pain. ? Well it was definitely not because I was mamboing on the nuclear scan table. ;)

The blotches had completely gone away, no more itching or nausea. YAY!

But then I became unbelievably nauseated for the entire ride home. I had a couple of cashews to try to help. I had to suck in fresh air from the window while trying not to simultaneously hyperventilate because my instinct is to inhale oxygen to alleviate the nausea. Of course we were stuck in rush hour traffic and it was the ride home from hell.

We were supposed to go out to linner (lunch/dinner) but there was no way that could happen.

Passionstamper has been with me through thick and thin with these things and is such a good friend. We do laugh... even amidst this stuff. It is wonderful when you have people in your life that you can just be yourself with and she is one of them for me. :)

We finally got to my house and I just wanted to lie there reclined. I couldn't imagine being vertical. So we talked. We N-E-V-E-R run out of things to say. And then I got better.

So we both went home to freshen up and we went to dinner after all. We went to the Irish Cottage because it is near our neighborhood. She got a nice steak dinner and I got a Guinness (sp?) stew. Everything was delicious!

And we got what I think is now my favorite place to sit in the restaurant. We had an inside wall corner booth seats. So private yet could see everyone else. We were so busy talking and enjoying our time out... we didn't realize we were the LAST 2 people in the dining area and staff was actually cleaning up. We closed the dining area. I love when you are having such a good time with someone that you are oblivious to what is going on around you and then are surprised when you realize it. :)

Then this morning... as soon as I got out to the kitchen...I tossed that hideous health drink. THAT will teach me for trying to be healthy! ;)

I called the company... told them what happened and requested an exchange of products. They are terrific that way. So I replaced it with an almond oil special they have going on..where you get twice the almond oil for the same price and the package came with a almond shower gel and gift wrapping. It was a bargain for the price! I have used these skin care products since fall of 89 and it is a terrific company.

And about the drink. It seems I have had most of the ingredients except for one of the berries and a root extract. I am not the allergic type... although I have gotten headaches from Dilauded.
But it contained Sucralose.

I never drink artificial sweeteners or ingest them in any form other than the occasional sugarless gum. To me...adding an artificial sweetener to a health product is the antithesis of what it would seem the goal of the product is. Artificial sweeteners are NOT good for you. Anyone can research it.

When I read the ingredients prior to didn't register with me that it was an artificial sweetener or I would not have gotten it. Anyway...just thinking about that drink causes my stomach to do a mini flip flop. It's too bad because the other ingredients looked so good.

Well...that is all I have to say about that stuff. Now I am praying urodoc will be able to give me a good report. :)

Ha! I was going to scan the picture of the filled foley bag but I guess that will have to go on hold since the scanner is telling me it's not hooked up to the computer... and it is hooked up. ?

I am not complaining. I know there are patients that have things so much worse and I know I am lucky by comparison. I am just amused now at how ridiculous yesterday was... you of those if it could go will go wrong days. Makes one appreciate the smooth sailing days all the more. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Renal Scan #7

* You can turn the music...Mambo #5 off if you want to. Just click pause or turn your volume off. I am leaving the song while the post is current. :)

So this is what I am doing later today.

Renal scan #7.

Funny thing... when I was going for renal scan #5...I thought of the song "Mambo #5"... which amuses me greatly for some reason... to think of getting a renal scan with the tune of
Mambo #5 in my head. :) But I better get it out of my head so I don't mambo on the table.

I find it is one of those catchy tunes that I just want to move around to. :)

Back in December and I had written a post about Renal Scan #5 that could be sung to the song.. but I never finished it and I can't find it in my drafts.

So... the girls and I will head over to urodoc's... where I get the foley and then I am good to go. Ha more ways then one! ;)

Passionstamper will be the driver and Caribbean Blue and I will be the drivees. The girls make it a fun day out, even though I have to do the Mag 3 renal scan. Oh and the foley is because I have to do it with Lasix. And if you know anything about Lasix... you know it is a strong diuretic and the whizzie winkles will be a flowin. :)

As a matter of fact... speaking of that wonderful champagne of body fluids... not that I am bragging or anything.... but, I actually impress the nuclear tech and nurse with the urine volume I put out during the test. I think it might be a least they act like it. 2000 ccs and I think it was a bit more..not sure now.

I drink prior to the test and I do mean drink. I chug-a-lug my large water bottle once I am in the nuclear department... I am guessing... maybe.. at least 32 - 40 oz... maybe a bit more. I am not sure.. but I think it is a combination of how much I drink and that I retain water naturally and once the lasix hits... I flood the foley bag.

I am trusting that tomorrow's scan will be uneventful. I do get some pressure... but not like the 1st time.

LOL! The competitive nature in me wants to beat my last foley bag stats! ;)

Today's test is a routine follow up and I am believing urodoc will give me a good report next week.

All prayers and good thoughts are welcome. I hope that my ureter will just once and for all have healed... completely with no more scarring.

Anyway... after the test...the girls and I will go out for linner. (Seinfeld's name for late lunch - early dinner. :) And that is always fun.

I am very grateful and blessed to have such terrific friends. The day is so much better than it would be..having to do these medical things... thanks to them. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kilt Crossing Zone?'s true?

Living in one of the most rural counties in NJ, I have become accustomed to having to stop for... critters.

When I first moved was quite common to have to stop for cows crossing the road. There were even cow crossing signs... warning drivers to drive slowly because they may come across a farmer and his cows crossing the main road to get from one side of his farm to the other. Usually bringing them from the pastures into the barn and vice versa.

However that rarely happens now since so many farms have been sold.

I have had to stop for geese, goats, deer, and wild turkeys. I stop most often for wild turkeys. People have had to stop for bear too. And also had to stop for a bull and some horses once.

But this morning I had a first.

I had to stop for a bunch of men in kilts who were crossing the road into an Irish restaurant.

While watching said men in kilts cross the road...I found that I was feeling sentimental, amused, curious, disappointed, relieved, then curious and amused... again.

I was sentimental because the kilted men reminded me of my Celtic origins... my family...bygone days. If they had been playing bagpipes... I would've been totally done in. My maternal grandparents were born in Scotland. My mother is the last of the generation that is the strong link to my grandparents. She is the last to know the stories first hand. No doubt... if she had seen the men in would've evoked a story about my grandparents or Celtic traditions.

I was amused... well ...because I had to stop for men in kilts crossing the road.

I was curious because while I watched said men in kilts crossing the road... I thought of the movie "Braveheart" and I wondered if said men in kilts were wearing any underwear under those kilts. ?

I was disappointed because it wasn't the least bit windy and so I still don't know if that is true or strictly and old fashioned Celtic custom of a certain era. ?

But then I was curious again... because I still don't know and I wonder. ?

And amused again... because it occurred to me that perhaps the restaurant should put signs up warning drivers they are entering a Kilt Crossing Zone.

Then later as I rounded back into my driveway... I almost ran over a rooster and some chickens! My neighbor's rooster and chickens (Spike & the girls) were loose and in our driveway and front lawn! We're semi- rural but people don't commonly have chickens and I am not even sure if it is against a town ordinance.

Now... I am going back out...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SeaSpray Confession

Hi, my name is SeaSpray and I'm a nightowlaholic with Bohemian tendencies.

I want to become... a *sigh*...these words are so hard to say.... D-A-Y.. P-E-R-S-O-N.

I feel like I am fighting against a tsunami of accrued years of bad habits... and I've become quite the nocturnal creature. If it weren't for makeup..I am pretty sure I'd be invisible by day.

When I was a young girl (preadolescent), I woke the birds up. But somewhere along the way...I lost my morning mojo, trading it in for a lady of the evening and then some, lifestyle.

Lady of the evening you say?

Yes... from high school on...most of my jobs have been the on evening shift... 3-11... hence lady of the evening. I have worked day jobs...even opened a ski area office at 6 a.m. - that was my earliest. I've worked in business offices, banking and was a waitress starting at 7am right after high school.

But...when I lived alone with mom, she didn't get off work until 2 am and I got used to staying up late..because I could. And at 14...when I moved in with my aunt and aunt was a night owl. So some of it was environmentally induced.

In H.S., I worked mostly 3-11s at the ski area and in my senior year... 3-11 pumping gas. Oh and there was a clothing store job 3-9.

I worked at SCARC 3-11 for 9 mos before switching to days..although I chose the hours 11 a.m.-7 p.m in the SCARC office. That year I also worked days in a gift store and while I had those jobs, I began at the hospital..3-11 evening shift during the week and 7-3 on alternate weekends.

But it was the 3-11 shift at the hospital for 20 years that was like nature's call of the wild to my Bohemian spirit. :) And on top of that... the last 5, years..I worked at another job where I could choose my hours..unless something specific was scheduled. It was usually only 5 hours a day and most people would've done 9-2 or 10-3 pm. Not me. I usually gravitated to 11:30 to 4:30 and I came alive after 3pm...when true day people are beginning to fade.

I LOVED the 3-11 shift at the hospital! It was perfect for when the boys were little. I was almost always there for them. They never had to go into day care. And if they were ill...they never had to leave the house.

I was also fortunate that I had a good support system of loving family and trusted friends to help for those times when I had to be at work. but mostly, my husband and I were like 2 ships passing in the night. His schedule was such that he could usually take over when I had to leave.

As they got older..I thought about switching to days... but never did and wondered if I could ever really make the break. One of my coworkers was also a mom with a family who found the 3-11 suited her family needs as well. She loved 3-11 and said she used to go to bed with Jay Leno..who was on TV..of course.

But then she left to work at a doctor's office and became a complete day person. She told me that you come home exhausted and are ready for bed and your body acclimates to the new schedule. It makes sense... but is just hard for me to imagine... being one of those days only creatures. Foreign concept.

On 3-11, I can get so much done or swim or whatever and then go to work with plenty of energy.

On day jobs... I come home tired and do not get the same things done.

But... I actually LOVE early mornings, seeing the sun come up, getting on the road early, smelling the coffee at work and experiencing the bustling of a new day. If I am home...I get so much more done than if I sleep late.

I want to switch to day working hours. Or day/early doctor office hours. I don't want to come home 11 at night anymore.

I just want to add about 3-11, by the time I would be home at 11:30 (if I got out on time)...I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed and hungry by the time I walked in the door. So, I'd eat and easily be up until 1 or 2 am. It became a lifestyle.

But since I haven't worked...this last year...and I think partially because of blogging...I find myself up until 3-4:30 am...fairly consistently. And husband and I have time together because of his schedule. We actually see each other more now than when I worked.

Actually...the ridiculously late bedtime hours began in November 07 because I had an awful upper respiratory infection and simply could not lie down and sleep without coughing to the point of feeling like I couldn't breathe. So I would sit up and sip on hot tea, with lemon and honey and blog and only took naps whenever I could for about 3 weeks. And it seems from that point on...I acclimated to those wee hours of the morning... and I guess also..because I could.

So...for 16 months...this horrible bedtime habit has become ingrained into my lifestyle and I hate it. And you know...even though I sleep later... I am more tired and I think that is because it is just NOT the same as when you go to bed at a decent hour. I don't know if there is science to back this up, but I heard a medical doctor discuss how she over came breast cancer with a holistic diet/lifestyle (I am not saying others should do this) and she also said she was in bed every night by 10pm. She said something about that the earlier you are sleeping prior to 2 a.m. ..the better your body is protected from getting cancer. (Again-I don't know if that is true.) If I am in bed by midnight, I think it is early!

I have considered some day positions at some hospitals that would begin at 7 a.m. and involve more commuting then I am used to. I don't mind the commute... but it was the factoring in what time I would have to get up... to get ready... to leave... to be at work 15 minutes early... allowing for traffic...and I got panicky. (But it IS what I really DO want to do) Oh sure..8-4:30, 9-5:30, or even until 9pm would be okay... but I do want to become a day creature.

Then recently, I inquired about a full time 3-11 position (although then you never see your day people in your life), and I admit... I felt relief at the idea of not going in until 3 p.m. But it is NOT what I really want to do. That is taking the easy way out.

Last night...ahem..this morning...I was a pretty good SeaSpray in that I went to bed at 2 a.m., but I didn't actually go to sleep until around 3:15 a.m., at least that is when I last looked at the clock.

I was tossing and turning.... and then even had to get up to tinkle. If I got two solid hours of sleep... that was a lot. I definitely did not get rem sleep. I heard my husband's 4:30 alarm go off too. Finally by 07:15, I couldn't stand it and just got up and I have been up ever since and it is 12:11 p.m. right now as I type this.

Now...I also know that hormones can cause this in menopausal women. Btw... I am still PERI-menopausal, as the cotton pony..well she still comes ridin into town. Right or wrong...some of you know of my sensitivities about the cotton pony fading off into the sunset. LOL! Of all people urologist-(TRUE story) does. I shocked myself with that one! :)

So... a pot of coffee later (I never drink that much coffee in such a short time and usually not in a day), I have gotten a gazillion things done and had time to read and blog. I really am so much more efficient at home in the morning! And I got all these things done while exhausted.... washed and dried clothes, emptied dishwasher, tonight's dinner is mostly made, straightened up, phone calls in, wiped down the bathroom, cleaned some clutter and here I am. And it feels so good because I love efficiency!

I am going in to take a shower and then to see mom and maybe grocery shop if I still have the stamina.

No matter what...I-AM-NOT-GOING-TO-TAKE-A-NAP! As soon as these baby blues begin to close and I feel like Dorothy going down in the poppy fields... I am going to BED. If for some Bizzarro reason..I wake up to soon or can't sleep...then I will knock myself out with 50mg of Benadryl.

So, I am confessing...owning up to being a nightowlaholic with the hopes of setting a marker in 12, 2009... that I will choose to once and for all make a healthy lifestyle choice and get into least by midnight...preferably earlier.

And if someday..I choose to do 3-11s it should because I really want to do them..not because I am taking the easy way out. Of course...all that being also might just be that I will prefer being a lady of the evening in the end. Although...that being said... everyone I have worked with at the hospital who worked 3-11s in the past...once they switched to days...they ALL have said they'd never want to go back to it.

In 12 step programs, they say one of the 1st things a person has to do to overcome an addiction is to own up to it and admit they have the addiction.

So there you go..I SeaSpray have confessed to being a nightowlaholic, which at this time in my life is a bad habit I choose to recover from.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Germaphobe Song (Sorry - No Throckmorton Songs)

Please be advised that anyone predisposed to being a paranoid germaphobe should not watch these videos. However...if you do take the plunge..brace yourself for your creepometer to spin around a bit. ;)

In keeping with the previous Germaphobe post, I have decided to add the following 2 videos.

Not to worry Germaphobes... they're actually funny... okay..and Weird Al's is a bit creepy... but funny. :)

The first video (1:59 minutes) "What Are Germs?" or "Germs and You"

I've been enlightened. :)

The 2nd video (6:54) Wierd Al Yancovic -GERMS -(live)

LOL! I admit the song creeps me out..just a little. There are just some things you'd rather not think about...I'm just sayin. ;)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scrubs-The Most Annoying Patient in the World

This is HILARIOUS! Dr Cox is my favorite character..he's so funny when he is P**SSED!

I dedicate this post to WhiteCoat because I know how much he LOVES patients on cell phones. ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twitter Virginity Lost!

I lost my Twitter Virginity yesterday!

Oh sure..I joined last summer... but really..I only got to first base..maybe rounding to second. nah..stuck on 1st. I was too shy. Seriously...a shy SeaSpray. It happens sometimes. :)

But then Dr. Ramona Bates (Suture For a Living blog) linked her post she wrote for ExmaxHealth, "Are Patients in U.S. Over- Exposed?", to Twitter... and like a moth to flame... I was drawn in to read it... which is probably not the best thing for me to do.

I did take some comfort from these words, "7 percent of patients will have enough radiation exposure from CT scans during their lifetime to slightly raise their risk". Emphasis is mine. I liked the word slightly in reference to this topic.

It also helped me when Scalpel ... a while back stated in his comments (somewhere) that the long term studies regarding over-exposure to radiation weren't in yet.

And so like the "Slowly I ...Step" routine in the old Lucy episode... I reacted when I saw the words "Over- Exposure" and "Radiation" because of my own medical history. Suffice it to know..that if my radiation history were on a resume... it would be one impressive resume. And if I were a firefly... well this Jersey girl could light up the east coast. Okay..I am exaggerating a bit.. but I feel that way.

I have been blessed with very good health until around the time the urology issues began. (DARN kidney stone!)

But still... because of various circumstances... Dental, MVC's (2), infertility work-ups, pregnancy, routine work check-ups, rule out tests... I have had plenty of radiologic testing... even prior to the urological reasons. When I was a dentist didn't use the led shield and that was in the early 70s when I started with him. And then even when working at the hospital... I got caught behind the curtain a couple of times when the tech shot a portable x-ray on a patient.

And of course ..environmental... sun, radon, EMF waves... and perhaps there is something I am not thinking of.

As a lay person...I just don't know how to take this..these medblog posts about the controversy/concerns about overexposure to radiation and *possible* future consequences. And so sometimes when I read them... they momentarily take my breath away. That would be the moment the fear shoots through me like an arrow piercing through to the other side and out again. I don't hold onto it. It is more akin to an attack that I refuse to let conquer me. It's a split second thing.

But I want them to all go away.

I don't want anymore attacks on my body.

Not emotionally.

Not physically.

Who among us does?

I also appreciate another blogger who a while back pointed out to me that years ago, people would have died without the tests/procedures they have today and that unfortunately... the tests that are needed to help me...could *possibly* cause harm. They followed with the advice to basically..just enjoy life. They were right. I know I would not be alive today if it were not for modern medicine.

So this shy twittering girl responded to Dr Bates' post... by writing a virtual POST about the topic on twitter!

Wild horses couldn't have stopped me at that moment. I had to vent! Hence... I lost my Twittering Virginity. For better or worse... I have now officially crossed over.. or out into the Twitterverse. I am one- of- them. I've joined the cult. :)

I didn't expect anyone to twitter back, but I appreciated their responses. I can see where it is fun and even addicting. Good thing I don't have a blackberry! :)

It is a waste of energy and counterproductive to allow worry to compromise the good quality of life you are living at the moment. None of us have any guarantees about life. All we can do is our best each day and make the most of it... enjoy what we have now.

And last but not least..and I believe most important... is faith. Faith that all things will work out and trust that God is in control. I do believe that... but..I just take the control back every so often. :) I prefer it though...when I surrender and know that all is well..better than I could make it... because he knows what's best... and where I need to be in the future. the end..I am grateful for my doctors and the tests/procedures that have facilitated healing in me. It was what it was. It is what it is. And I am glad I know to be discerning about future tests...while all the while knowing... I also may still need them.

I do think it is important for patients to be proactive with their health care and for good, open communication between physicians and patients. I am fortunate that I have 2 very special doctors who are good listeners, answer questions, know me well and I know take good care of me as a patient. I am grateful for that.

I think it is important for physicians to discuss the risks of certain tests. And I can see where a universal EMR system would be beneficial to alert physicians to prior testing while patient was being see elsewhere, as it may alter their decisions on how they will proceed with future testing and treatments.

And sometimes... you just have to do what you have to do... even if it's not the best solution... the alternative would be worse.

I have a question that I have been pondering.

Hypothetically speaking... if a patient has been "Over-exposed" to radiation...what can they do to protect themselves from the "slightly" *possible* negative consequences?

I briefly discussed this with one of my docs. I said all I know to do is to take better care of myself. Get good sleep (I am so bad with this), eat well.. feed my body with GOOD nutrition, vitamins, exercise, lose weight and basically do what I can to nurture/nourish my body.

He agreed with me. He also recommended a book. I ordered it and look forward to reading it.

I believe faith and hope are important to one's well being too.

And then finally... ! :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surgeons Twittering Surgery!

This is a video of the happenings in the OR as the surgery is being twittered. VERY interesting! And somewhat amusing too..the idea of it... a live surgery being reported out into the Twitterverse. :)

Wow! It seems like twittering just took hold this year and now it's evolved by leaps and bounds. I still don't get it..entirely. But then again I am a sporadic twitterer. Or am I a tweet or a tweep? See.. that is how twitterless I have been.. although I do indulge. I never feel like I have anything twitter worthy. Maybe that is the point.. it's twitter.

I have my twitter at the bottom of my web page because I figure no one would be interested. Ha ha! And I am right about that. :) It's just a little side distraction... although I have been doing it more.

Although, I see the doctors have definitely embraced twittering and it's cool to see the things they communicate. The technology today truly is amazing. Lots of people twitter. But I also hardly use my cell and I don't own a blackberry. I guess people stay connected that way... with twitter. It is cool how you can put links up on it. maybe I will start linking some of my posts if I think they are twitter worthy. :)

And that brings me to this post on Kevin MD's site that led me to this post "Surgeons Send Tweets From Operating Room, where the chief resident twitters about the live surgery where in the OR of Henry Ford Hospital, surgeons were removing a cancerous tumor from a patient's kidney.

And it must have been pretty dramatic twittering because it turned out that the tumor was bigger than the operating surgeon thought and he became concerned that he would have to do a nephrectomy!

I won't ruin the ending. You can check out the article for yourself. :)

Boy...would this surgical groupie have been INTERESTED in following that twitter feed ..a LIVE surgery!!!! How cool is that?!! :)

In one way I am in awe of technology and teaching/communication tools at our disposal and then in another... I am greatly amused. I don't know if it just the word twitter or what? But the idea that you have this serious surgery taking place in the OR and when the chief surgical resident is twittering or tweeting about it seems surreal. Life-death-twittering. It just seems twittering in the OR should have a weightier word.

If anyone reading this knows how to access twitter feeds with live surgeries...please let me know. I am still twitter challenged... but..I am willing to learn. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

More Medical Cartoon

Blogger's Remorse Joke -Cute.. but proabably Short Lived as a Post. :)

Little Johnny was sitting in class one day. On this particular day, the teacher wanted to ask her class which part of the body went to heaven first.

One little girl raised her hand and said, "I think your mind goes to heaven first because you have to have a mind in order to believe in God."

The teacher praises the little girl as a little boy raises his hand. He says, "I think your heart goes to heaven first because God is all about love."

"Very good," said the teacher. The teacher looked up and saw Little Johnny's hand up. "Oh no," she thought, "I'm not gonna like this". "Little Johnny, which part of the body do you think goes to heaven first?". Little Johnny thinks for a minute and says, "Your feet." The teacher asked him why he thought your feet go to heaven first.

He replied, "Well, I was walking past my parents' bedroom last night and my mom had her feet up in the air and she said, 'Oh God, I'm coming!', but fortunately Dad was on top of her holding her down."

Snow Light

mpmmeboysjim by you.
Picture of J and our older son when he was 5.

Today was my favorite kind of day! Snowy day!

Snowy days always feel so exciting and cozy to me..even if I am at work. They are so beautiful and I love the bustle of activity and excitement at work. Everybody starts talking and/or worrying about the storm, patients give you road condition updates... and it's cozy.

I do hate white knuckling the steering wheel when it's icy though and feel for people having to go through that. But barring and snow related calamities ... I just Love, love, love a snowy day!!

Of course the best place to be is all snuggled up warm and cozy at home and I was fortunate to be home today. I have driven through to Governor declared blizzards..the second one..home and back and plenty of bad snowstorms. So.. I've paid my dues too.

I like a snowy day so much...that when the sun came out mid afternoon..I felt a twinge depressed. I hate that snowy to sunny transition!

But then..once I acclimate... I love the SNOW LIGHT! That is when the inside of the house fills up with bright sunlight reflecting off the snow... hence SNOWLIGHT!

I also love full moon nights where the moonlight cascades down on the snowy fields creating a sparkly silver blue light. To me...that is one of the most beautiful sights in all of creation.

I made a tray of chicken cutlets, celery, onions, carrots, spices and organic chicken broth. I baked it at low temperatures all day and the chicken was so tender. :)

I also have been blogging intermittently on and off and doing some posts ahead of time. And left a long political comment in one of my favorite surgeon's political blog (that's a clue), but he hasn't posted it as yet. Political comments can be so draining. :)

And I have been organizing. So it has been a productive, fun cozy day. :)

Also...this girl is real grateful we had an oil delivery today. It is so cold and blustery out there tonight. I am so glad to have a roof over my head and live in a warm house. I remember what it was like to live without heat in the dead of winter for a couple of winters when I was a teenager.

And it's hard to believe that spring really is right around the corner. We could have more snow storms... but I think this month will go by quickly and spring will be here.

Actually..I will miss winter because fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Then again...swimming in the pool will be around the corner too. (a favorite activity) Saturday, my Devan asked me when we were opening our pool. She's a girl after my own heart! :)