Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Germaphobe Song (Sorry - No Throckmorton Songs)

Please be advised that anyone predisposed to being a paranoid germaphobe should not watch these videos. However...if you do take the plunge..brace yourself for your creepometer to spin around a bit. ;)

In keeping with the previous Germaphobe post, I have decided to add the following 2 videos.

Not to worry Germaphobes... they're actually funny... okay..and Weird Al's is a bit creepy... but funny. :)

The first video (1:59 minutes) "What Are Germs?" or "Germs and You"

I've been enlightened. :)

The 2nd video (6:54) Wierd Al Yancovic -GERMS -(live)

LOL! I admit the song creeps me out..just a little. There are just some things you'd rather not think about...I'm just sayin. ;)

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