Saturday, March 21, 2009

Guess What This Is. :)

Well...okay..there are clues in the picture.

It is proof that I beat my last foley bag record. As I stated in the previous post... I hit 2100 ccs of urine this last time. I think it was 2000ccs the previous time. I know...who does this... tries to top how much urine goes into a foley bag?


I just think when you try to turn drudgery or stressful things into games... it makes for a little needed levity. And the nuclear tech was amused that I wanted to know the numbers. LOL! He kind of got into it too... or... he was humoring me. :)

It's the same competitive spirit that plays the utensil game after emptying the dishwasher. Of course it doesn't take any special skills to fill a foley bag... other than chug-a-lugging a lot of water.. I guess. I can't say I have my kidneys or urethra trained for a urological voiding marathon or anything.

Anyway... for some odd reason... I am always amused when they place this big bag of urine over my bladder and then take the picture.

And I do not understand how patients do this scan without a foley bag. YIKES! Elephant bladders I guess. ? I would have to get up and leave before they ever injected the lasix. SERIOUSLY!

I have had this test done at 3 different hospitals... but this particular nuclear department is the only one that always places the full foley bag over my bladder after the renal scan, while it is still hooked up to me. They take a picture of the bag and they also take a picture of the syringe with the 10 ccs full and empty.

Thankfully... I don't have to give them a picture of anything else! They seem so thorough about this... I am surprised they don't want a picture of a foleyed (I know -made up word) urethra and urethra sans foley. I'm just sayin. :)

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