Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kilt Crossing Zone?'s true?

Living in one of the most rural counties in NJ, I have become accustomed to having to stop for... critters.

When I first moved was quite common to have to stop for cows crossing the road. There were even cow crossing signs... warning drivers to drive slowly because they may come across a farmer and his cows crossing the main road to get from one side of his farm to the other. Usually bringing them from the pastures into the barn and vice versa.

However that rarely happens now since so many farms have been sold.

I have had to stop for geese, goats, deer, and wild turkeys. I stop most often for wild turkeys. People have had to stop for bear too. And also had to stop for a bull and some horses once.

But this morning I had a first.

I had to stop for a bunch of men in kilts who were crossing the road into an Irish restaurant.

While watching said men in kilts cross the road...I found that I was feeling sentimental, amused, curious, disappointed, relieved, then curious and amused... again.

I was sentimental because the kilted men reminded me of my Celtic origins... my family...bygone days. If they had been playing bagpipes... I would've been totally done in. My maternal grandparents were born in Scotland. My mother is the last of the generation that is the strong link to my grandparents. She is the last to know the stories first hand. No doubt... if she had seen the men in would've evoked a story about my grandparents or Celtic traditions.

I was amused... well ...because I had to stop for men in kilts crossing the road.

I was curious because while I watched said men in kilts crossing the road... I thought of the movie "Braveheart" and I wondered if said men in kilts were wearing any underwear under those kilts. ?

I was disappointed because it wasn't the least bit windy and so I still don't know if that is true or strictly and old fashioned Celtic custom of a certain era. ?

But then I was curious again... because I still don't know and I wonder. ?

And amused again... because it occurred to me that perhaps the restaurant should put signs up warning drivers they are entering a Kilt Crossing Zone.

Then later as I rounded back into my driveway... I almost ran over a rooster and some chickens! My neighbor's rooster and chickens (Spike & the girls) were loose and in our driveway and front lawn! We're semi- rural but people don't commonly have chickens and I am not even sure if it is against a town ordinance.

Now... I am going back out...


Elaine said...

It is true. Real men "go commando".

Ellen Kimball said...

We've been to Scotland three times, and various Scotsmen have several ready answers to that all-important question. (I even researched it on the Internet, and found some interesting photos.)

But the best response I've heard goes like this:

American Lady: "Is anything worn under the kilt?"

Scotsman: "No, madam. I can assure you it's all in perfect condition."

Are these guys a laugh riot or what?


PS. Mostly, the men wear matching tartan boxers in case of a windy day... I love the outfits and the bagpipes, too.

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine...I have wondered. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ellen -ThAT *is* a riot! LOL! Thanks for sharing and the laugh!

How nice that you have been to Scotland. I would LOVE to see Scotland. :)

I have been listening to the best Irish music on Pandora today. I can imagine my Scottish grandmother doing the highland fling to it. :)