Monday, March 23, 2009

New Post Soon - About *the* Beverage du Jour

I will post SOON about the ridiculous thing I drank that had me all skeeved... and reacting and now I have a reputation to live down. ;) I wasn't laughing then but I was by the next day... although... I will tell you...I really AM concerned and still have a flip flopping stomach when I think about it and when I write about it, you will understand. I can't imagine you wouldn't be grossed out either.

Anyway, I did tell Pstamper what happened and through hearty laughing and tears she kept apologizing and laughing and stating how these things only happen to me and she got me laughing too.

So.. I will post soon.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Out with it, woman!

SeaSpray said...

Angel! Hi! I will.I'm going 2 run it by my PCP Friday&am sure it will be a 1st! & his biggest LAUGH of the day! :)

I am still skeeved though. blech!