Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Renal Scan #7

* You can turn the music...Mambo #5 off if you want to. Just click pause or turn your volume off. I am leaving the song while the post is current. :)

So this is what I am doing later today.

Renal scan #7.

Funny thing... when I was going for renal scan #5...I thought of the song "Mambo #5"... which amuses me greatly for some reason... to think of getting a renal scan with the tune of
Mambo #5 in my head. :) But I better get it out of my head so I don't mambo on the table.

I find it is one of those catchy tunes that I just want to move around to. :)

Back in December and I had written a post about Renal Scan #5 that could be sung to the song.. but I never finished it and I can't find it in my drafts.

So... the girls and I will head over to urodoc's... where I get the foley and then I am good to go. Ha more ways then one! ;)

Passionstamper will be the driver and Caribbean Blue and I will be the drivees. The girls make it a fun day out, even though I have to do the Mag 3 renal scan. Oh and the foley is because I have to do it with Lasix. And if you know anything about Lasix... you know it is a strong diuretic and the whizzie winkles will be a flowin. :)

As a matter of fact... speaking of that wonderful champagne of body fluids... not that I am bragging or anything.... but, I actually impress the nuclear tech and nurse with the urine volume I put out during the test. I think it might be a least they act like it. 2000 ccs and I think it was a bit more..not sure now.

I drink prior to the test and I do mean drink. I chug-a-lug my large water bottle once I am in the nuclear department... I am guessing... maybe.. at least 32 - 40 oz... maybe a bit more. I am not sure.. but I think it is a combination of how much I drink and that I retain water naturally and once the lasix hits... I flood the foley bag.

I am trusting that tomorrow's scan will be uneventful. I do get some pressure... but not like the 1st time.

LOL! The competitive nature in me wants to beat my last foley bag stats! ;)

Today's test is a routine follow up and I am believing urodoc will give me a good report next week.

All prayers and good thoughts are welcome. I hope that my ureter will just once and for all have healed... completely with no more scarring.

Anyway... after the test...the girls and I will go out for linner. (Seinfeld's name for late lunch - early dinner. :) And that is always fun.

I am very grateful and blessed to have such terrific friends. The day is so much better than it would be..having to do these medical things... thanks to them. :)


rlbates said...

Hope it all goes smoothly

SeaSpray said...

Hi Ramona -it was an interesting day.

Thank you. :)

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