Thursday, March 19, 2009

Renal Scan #7 Continued...

What a Bizarro day renal scan #7 day was... but it ended up fun. :)

I couldn't sleep because any time I have to do this or go to SDS... I guess I get a bit keyed up. Toss and turn in bed. The more I tell my self to sleep..I can't and then of course get real sleepy before I have to get up..although yesterday..I actually wasn't and I was going on about 2 hours of sleep if you put all the in between the restlessness together. I should look into taking melatonin. I got it from the health food store years ago and then found I didn't need it any longer.

Anyway... I had 2 cups of coffee as soon as I got up and then followed it with a health drink.

It was a new product that I was excited about taking... until I tasted it and immediately realized it had an artificial sweetener in it. Also... it felt like led in my stomach and I immediately began to feel nauseated...which exacerbated while in the shower to the point that I thought I would have to cancel both the foley and renal scan appointments. This is gross but as soon as I got out of the shower...I encouraged myself to vomit so I could get this product out of me and it did help...although I was still nauseated and wondering if I could do all I had to do. So..I reclined a bit and then proceeded to get ready.

I did have 3 bites of oatmeal with milk a a small piece of wheat bread with hope steadying my stomach a bit and it did help.

But I began to feel itchy. My face, neck chest and upper abdomen were getting increasingly blotchy and itching. I pulled the Benadryl out..just in case. So now then I was nauseated and itching and now stressing with what to do. And I scratched all the while knowing that is a vicious cycle that makes everything worse. i didn't want to take the Benadryl because that knocks me on my arse and I can't even say the word physician if I take 50mg.

I really wanted to go and get this over with. You know how you really don't want to do something but you bite the bullet, get yourself psyched and in the you can get it over with?

Passionstamper came by to pick me up. Unfortunately, Caribbean Blue wasn't able to make it and so it was just Pstamper and me... but we had fun...amidst the not so fun stuff. :)

I left my wallet home with my insurance card and money. Although I did have a check for the co-pay. I was embarrassed going in all blotchy. Even my nose was red and it itched.

The nurse commented that I had hives but I actually didn't because I didn't have the welts... just red blotches. I am so susceptible to the power of suggestion sometimes. The nurse asked if my back itched and I said no. Don't you know..then my back began itching?! And then my scalp.

Now...these foley appointments are in/out appointments. Meaning the doc puts the foley in and then we are out the door. But he knows...I always have questions. He graciously asked me if I had any questions and I said no. I probably surprised him. (Yes..I am one of THOSE patients you docs spend more time with) But I already wasted his time with telling him about the drink and questioning whether I should follow through with the scan because of the radioactive isotopes that get injected into my system with the test and any questions I had could wait. He thought I'd be alright but to run it by nuclear when I got there.

I was supposed to be at the other hospital at 1:30, but we didn't get out of the doctor's office until 1:30. They were busy. So I called ahead to the nuclear department and the tech told me to come down. The scan was supposed to be at 2pm. We got in there at ten after two and so we made good time. Passionstamper drives like me. Used to commuting and so navigate accordingly. :) Basically...she flew low. :)

I begin chug-a-lugging a lot of water as soon as I hit the hospital to make sure I am hydrated...even though they also give me IV fluids.

I am pretty used to the routines and have my own routines as well. I don't know why I get so nervous about it at all the night before. I guess it is really about my concern about the results. I just want to hear the good report.

It was a different tech this time. She was lovely and we were having an interesting conversation while she was prepping everything. And then she attempted to place the IV in me. I directed her to the arm and exact spot that is almost always like turning on a spigot for a direct line to the blood.

I guess the well was dry yesterday. After several attempts and apologies I thought she was going to tell me that she would call someone. No. She told me she would use my hand. Oh no...NOT the hand! I HATE the hand! *The hand* HURTS! I don't care who does HURTS! So I said the hand hurts a lot. She said she could see a vein. *sigh*

It evidently wasn't *the* vein because after a few more attempts and pushing that needle around in my hand looking for *the* vein... she told me she would try my other arm and I was wishing I took a Percocet. (I've already told you I am a wimpette with pain.) I was REALLY wishing she would just get someone else and I was really close to asking...but I didn't. So I braced myself. Make a fist, hang your arm down...slap the skin a bit. She didn't see anything and then said...she would call someone.

I smiled quietly while simultaneously screaming THANK YOU! in my brain.

And so this man in a white coat came in. I never did see his badge and so didn't know what he usually did in the hospital. But I felt relieved. But he didn't find anything either. *sigh* And so now I had 3 areas with taped bandages and he told me he was going for my left hand.

"Not the H-A-A-A-N-D!"...I whined to myself.

He tried one location... NOTHING! And maybe I am a wimpette... but you does frickin hurt when that needle gets moved around in the hand.

But on the second prick...he did hit a good spot and we were good to go. YAY!

I am guessing it was a good half hour of needle sticks, but it felt like an eternity.

She just got the test started and then with change of shift a new tech took over. He was also nice and we had an interesting conversation. It makes the time go more quickly.

By the way...why DOES that happen? My one arm is almost always dependable. Most people can get the right spots. I did have a bad day like that in SDS once and I thought maybe it was because I was dehydrated. Anesthesia doc had to come in and save the day that time...and they did it on the 1st stick. Are some people just so much better than others? Or is it something with the patient that day? Maybe Both?

So... the rest of the test was uneventful. I am always fascinated with watching the kidneys on the screen. It reminds me of looking at galaxies and I can see where it is brightly clustered in the one kidney where the fluids drain more slowly through the ureter. I worry about the bright cluster and wonder how much of a block it represents... but am also happy to say... it all dissipates which must be indicative of the fact the fluid is draining down and out of the kidney and ureter... and that IS a good thing. :) Although... not without some significant uncomfortable pressure after the Lasix is administered. But it passes.

I told the tech I wanted to beat my previous filled foley bag record and so asked to see where the fluid level was prior to the Lasix. 1000ccs.

Suffice it to know that I achieved 2100ccs just prior to the foley being removed. So that is the new record to beat. ;) Hey...all these little things make it interesting... what can I say? You have to find the light moments where you can sometimes. :)

And usually the foley comes out uneventfully..but the nurse hurt me and I stopped her. She did drain 10ccs out and so I don't know why that happened. She tried to get more and got a drop out. And for some reason...the foley balloon coming out hurt more than usual. I guess I was just having one of those days.

So..I went back to the waiting romm with Passionstamper. I was waiting for films and for the Lasix to drain through since we now had to drive home through rush hour traffic. I noticed in the ladies room mirror that my hair had matted and knotted in the back. Geez. I guess that was from writhing in needle stick pain. ? Well it was definitely not because I was mamboing on the nuclear scan table. ;)

The blotches had completely gone away, no more itching or nausea. YAY!

But then I became unbelievably nauseated for the entire ride home. I had a couple of cashews to try to help. I had to suck in fresh air from the window while trying not to simultaneously hyperventilate because my instinct is to inhale oxygen to alleviate the nausea. Of course we were stuck in rush hour traffic and it was the ride home from hell.

We were supposed to go out to linner (lunch/dinner) but there was no way that could happen.

Passionstamper has been with me through thick and thin with these things and is such a good friend. We do laugh... even amidst this stuff. It is wonderful when you have people in your life that you can just be yourself with and she is one of them for me. :)

We finally got to my house and I just wanted to lie there reclined. I couldn't imagine being vertical. So we talked. We N-E-V-E-R run out of things to say. And then I got better.

So we both went home to freshen up and we went to dinner after all. We went to the Irish Cottage because it is near our neighborhood. She got a nice steak dinner and I got a Guinness (sp?) stew. Everything was delicious!

And we got what I think is now my favorite place to sit in the restaurant. We had an inside wall corner booth seats. So private yet could see everyone else. We were so busy talking and enjoying our time out... we didn't realize we were the LAST 2 people in the dining area and staff was actually cleaning up. We closed the dining area. I love when you are having such a good time with someone that you are oblivious to what is going on around you and then are surprised when you realize it. :)

Then this morning... as soon as I got out to the kitchen...I tossed that hideous health drink. THAT will teach me for trying to be healthy! ;)

I called the company... told them what happened and requested an exchange of products. They are terrific that way. So I replaced it with an almond oil special they have going on..where you get twice the almond oil for the same price and the package came with a almond shower gel and gift wrapping. It was a bargain for the price! I have used these skin care products since fall of 89 and it is a terrific company.

And about the drink. It seems I have had most of the ingredients except for one of the berries and a root extract. I am not the allergic type... although I have gotten headaches from Dilauded.
But it contained Sucralose.

I never drink artificial sweeteners or ingest them in any form other than the occasional sugarless gum. To me...adding an artificial sweetener to a health product is the antithesis of what it would seem the goal of the product is. Artificial sweeteners are NOT good for you. Anyone can research it.

When I read the ingredients prior to didn't register with me that it was an artificial sweetener or I would not have gotten it. Anyway...just thinking about that drink causes my stomach to do a mini flip flop. It's too bad because the other ingredients looked so good.

Well...that is all I have to say about that stuff. Now I am praying urodoc will be able to give me a good report. :)

Ha! I was going to scan the picture of the filled foley bag but I guess that will have to go on hold since the scanner is telling me it's not hooked up to the computer... and it is hooked up. ?

I am not complaining. I know there are patients that have things so much worse and I know I am lucky by comparison. I am just amused now at how ridiculous yesterday was... you of those if it could go will go wrong days. Makes one appreciate the smooth sailing days all the more. :)


passionstamper said...

cute synopsis, Seaspray! Only you left out one thing about the trip home-when you asked me for that yellow ShopRite bag cuz you felt like you were going to upheave! I think this makes about the 3rd time you've almost upchucked in my new Durango! (Well, it was new the FIRST time you DID upchuck in the Durango! LOL). Had a great time for a day at the hospital...just praying the test has good and positive results for ya...

SeaSpray said...

Mental block. Urology/Durango combo seems to have that effect on me? :) was a fun day despite the negative stuff.

Thank you... again. You really help make all this bearable. Of course I can do all these things on my own... but it is comforting knowing I have someone with me and also great that we have fun to look forward to... kind of the rewward for going through it. :)

I think it will be good because the fluids did drain out and that is always a good thing. I don't know/understand what other criteria they use, but draining out HAS to be good... I would think.