Monday, March 30, 2009

Warning flags

Wow! Good for Daniel Hannon! We need more people courageous enough to take a stand and to speak up as coherently and with the ability to tell it like it REALLY is and not what the master spinmeisters would have us all believe.

I would vote for this man!

You should hear his opinions of our heading toward socialism and why he believes it would be disastrous, which he discusses as someone who has lived through it.

I don't pretend for a second to understand the financial world (Ha! I'm sure that's obvious :), but that's all right as it seems the "financial" people and powers that be don't either. But I think I have something that I feel they don't have anymore. COMMON SENSE!

I was surprised to hear that Germany, France and China are concerned and lecturing the United States about our drifting toward socialism (That's rich -seriously!) and the way in which we are handling our money. And that we are trying to get China to buy more bonds.

And the German Chancellor is resisting our socialist trends. GOOD for her!

Doesn't China already own a lot now?

I feel concern when I hear how much real estate, etc., foreign investors have bought up... even prior to this financial debacle of epic proportions.

I also heard today that England is in such dire straights that they just tried to get a stimulus package going but the people turned them down because there is NO money. Will we come to that?

Our political leaders better wake up, stop allowing themselves to be bought and start working for the good of the country and the people that voted for them.

I am usually a conservative... but God as my witness... I will vote for the politicians that I believe consider being elected a privilege and an opportunity to serve the people if they can demonstrate their abilities for leadership. Maybe a third party will rise up because of these things because... right now...I don't have a whole lot of faith in either party and most of the politicians have sold out to lobbyists.

I was questioning the political leadership we have now with my doctor today. I don't recall verbatim what he said, but the gist was that perhaps the people have to fall hard enough to realize what is important and things will change. When you suffer because you go too far one way, you'll try harder to make things right again.

Wouldn't THAT be refreshing?!

Weren't we the role model for capitalism at it's best? What IS happening here?

I also heard... that with our own economy imploding like it is, that China is pushing for a one world monetary system. I really hope we do not do that.

I think it is extremely important to maintain our national sovereignty and we should never give that up under any circumstances.

I feel like we are witnessing the erosion of the American values that this country was founded upon. I wonder what our forefathers would think? What would they say? Would they allow these things?

And I am astounded at the rapidity (only a couple of months) ... with which such drastic changes are looming over us. And we aren't even through this financial debacle and now they are going to change health care.

My concern...among many regarding this that they will just plow ahead...without weighing in on the opinions from the medical professionals in health care. Kind of like the CEO directing the full code going on in the ED without any medical training enabling him/her to make the right calls that will save the patient's life.

Oh and I am squirrelly about my medical records again because my doc and I were discussing the privacy issue about a patient's medical records vs the government having the right to your information if you are being funded by the government. It turns out that my doctor said he learned early on what not to say in medical records and that he looks out for his patients. I told him I was really upset that a patient can't just come in and pour their heart out without being fearful that it could be used against them.

But I digress.

Forget red flag warnings! We have a bunch of international flags waving...warning us not to go down this road! anyone listening?

I hope so.


Rositta said...

SeaSpray, what I'm reading in some European newspapers is this; Obama's attitude that America is the saviour of the world if only the world would listen, is beginning to grate especially since Europe considers the entire financial meltdown and world wide recession to have been caused by American greed. So far he still has some good will but pushing these countries to put more money into stimulus won't do it. Most euro countries are broke and not willing to mortgage the great, great grand children's futures by throwing trillions at the problem. It will be interesting to see what he can get them to agree to...ciao
by the way, Germany and France are pretty socialist in my view.

Margaret Polaneczky, MD (aka TBTAM) said...

seaspray -
Hope you don't mind - I took your cue and did delete that second comment, though feel free to email me pretty much any comment off the blog.


Uro*MA said...

hey sea!! Glad you found my blog, ive seen your comments on alot of other med blogs!! Keep reading im working on a giant blog lol hope you have a great day!! ! Uro*ma

SeaSpray said...

Hi -Rositta- That's the irony Rositta..that socialist.communist countries are warning us not to go so socialist economically, etc. And I strongly believe we need to maintain our national sovereignty.

Believe me...not all Americans think he is and we were upset about the masses seemingly following like lemmings. I don't mean that about the thinkers, those that agreed with him, but rather the ones who couldn't tell you what experience he had that qualified him to be president and could only utter..we need change... as if that would magically happen without any regard to his far left liberal voting record, etc. baffling to me is the conservatives that crossed over, but I suspect they didn't like how McCain kept promising to shake up Washington from the old way or perhaps it was Palin on the ticket. I don't know. He would not have been my choice out of the republicans but certainly over an extreme liberal agenda. And now.. they have what they wanted I guess.

Anyone who thought he was anything akin to a savior...they know what...I am not going to go there because it is futile. But I am discouraged by the current administration and for the 1st time in my it democrat or republican presidents... I do not have confidence in the president or his administration. i feel like the kids have taken over and running wild in the candy store.

SeaSpray said...

Hi TBTAM-NOT at all! I was RELIEVED! Blogger's remorse set in withing 5 minutes & I went back to remove it and glad you did.!

Your post was interesting and true. Comments also interesting and I am going back tonight to add more. :)

SeaSpray said...

Hi Uro*MA- I enjoyed your urology office posts! Different slant from the usual and you have a great way of telling the story. :)

You have a great day too! :)