Saturday, March 21, 2009

Skeeved Myself OUT! BLECH!

Okay... I am just venting at this moment and have to go right back out... but I accidentally did something REALLY, REALLY DUMB and DISGUSTING and I admit this confessed mild (says me) germaphobe is GROSSED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! I think most people would be. GEEEEEZ!!! soon as I can... hopefully tonight I will explain... and I hope if anyone knows anything about this kind of thing you will either tell me I have nothing to worry about or tell me what to do. SERIOUSLY! I would APPRECIATE any input.

Oh... and the humor of it of course doesn't get past me either and my husband was trying to conceal his smile. he thinks I didn't see him but I did and then when I came back out to talk about it some more, I saw he placed his hand in front of his mouth, while resting elbow on his knee as he feigned watching TV. But his eyes gave him away and so I finally said.."It's okay... I know it's funny.. go ahead and laugh.", to which he then seriously said "I'm NOT laughing.", while simultaneously getting up and walking in the opposite direction.

He was too and it's okay.

It is funny but I'm not laughing yet because my stomach is still doing flip flops over it and I have this urge to keep spitting.

I want to anyway.

Of course I'm NOT spitting.

I DID though!

A *LOT*!

Besides.. it's too late!


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