Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Light

mpmmeboysjim by you.
Picture of J and our older son when he was 5.

Today was my favorite kind of day! Snowy day!

Snowy days always feel so exciting and cozy to me..even if I am at work. They are so beautiful and I love the bustle of activity and excitement at work. Everybody starts talking and/or worrying about the storm, patients give you road condition updates... and it's cozy.

I do hate white knuckling the steering wheel when it's icy though and feel for people having to go through that. But barring and snow related calamities ... I just Love, love, love a snowy day!!

Of course the best place to be is all snuggled up warm and cozy at home and I was fortunate to be home today. I have driven through to Governor declared blizzards..the second one..home and back and plenty of bad snowstorms. So.. I've paid my dues too.

I like a snowy day so much...that when the sun came out mid afternoon..I felt a twinge depressed. I hate that snowy to sunny transition!

But then..once I acclimate... I love the SNOW LIGHT! That is when the inside of the house fills up with bright sunlight reflecting off the snow... hence SNOWLIGHT!

I also love full moon nights where the moonlight cascades down on the snowy fields creating a sparkly silver blue light. To me...that is one of the most beautiful sights in all of creation.

I made a tray of chicken cutlets, celery, onions, carrots, spices and organic chicken broth. I baked it at low temperatures all day and the chicken was so tender. :)

I also have been blogging intermittently on and off and doing some posts ahead of time. And left a long political comment in one of my favorite surgeon's political blog (that's a clue), but he hasn't posted it as yet. Political comments can be so draining. :)

And I have been organizing. So it has been a productive, fun cozy day. :)

Also...this girl is real grateful we had an oil delivery today. It is so cold and blustery out there tonight. I am so glad to have a roof over my head and live in a warm house. I remember what it was like to live without heat in the dead of winter for a couple of winters when I was a teenager.

And it's hard to believe that spring really is right around the corner. We could have more snow storms... but I think this month will go by quickly and spring will be here.

Actually..I will miss winter because fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Then again...swimming in the pool will be around the corner too. (a favorite activity) Saturday, my Devan asked me when we were opening our pool. She's a girl after my own heart! :)

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