Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Surgeons Twittering Surgery!

This is a video of the happenings in the OR as the surgery is being twittered. VERY interesting! And somewhat amusing too..the idea of it... a live surgery being reported out into the Twitterverse. :)

Wow! It seems like twittering just took hold this year and now it's evolved by leaps and bounds. I still don't get it..entirely. But then again I am a sporadic twitterer. Or am I a tweet or a tweep? See.. that is how twitterless I have been.. although I do indulge. I never feel like I have anything twitter worthy. Maybe that is the point.. it's twitter.

I have my twitter at the bottom of my web page because I figure no one would be interested. Ha ha! And I am right about that. :) It's just a little side distraction... although I have been doing it more.

Although, I see the doctors have definitely embraced twittering and it's cool to see the things they communicate. The technology today truly is amazing. Lots of people twitter. But I also hardly use my cell and I don't own a blackberry. I guess people stay connected that way... with twitter. It is cool how you can put links up on it. maybe I will start linking some of my posts if I think they are twitter worthy. :)

And that brings me to this post on Kevin MD's site that led me to this post "Surgeons Send Tweets From Operating Room, where the chief resident twitters about the live surgery where in the OR of Henry Ford Hospital, surgeons were removing a cancerous tumor from a patient's kidney.

And it must have been pretty dramatic twittering because it turned out that the tumor was bigger than the operating surgeon thought and he became concerned that he would have to do a nephrectomy!

I won't ruin the ending. You can check out the article for yourself. :)

Boy...would this surgical groupie have been INTERESTED in following that twitter feed ..a LIVE surgery!!!! How cool is that?!! :)

In one way I am in awe of technology and teaching/communication tools at our disposal and then in another... I am greatly amused. I don't know if it just the word twitter or what? But the idea that you have this serious surgery taking place in the OR and when the chief surgical resident is twittering or tweeting about it ...it seems surreal. Life-death-twittering. It just seems twittering in the OR should have a weightier word.

If anyone reading this knows how to access twitter feeds with live surgeries...please let me know. I am still twitter challenged... but..I am willing to learn. :)

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