Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Never Think It will Be You

I haven't forgotten about posting on what
hideous liquid I consumed. And I could just tell you...but then you'll be wondering how I did it and it's gonna take a "few" words to explain. So, I will try to get to it this weekend sometime. :)

Salmonella, myocarditis and arterial infections.

This little post is about the phone call I got from Costco a little while ago.

It was a recall message for a trail mix I purchased a few times since December...including this past Tuesday. Specifically: "Back to Nature -Nantucket Blend" No preservatives or artificial ingredients...Almond, Pistachio, cherry, Raisin and Cranberry Mix... oh... and maybe a little salmonella!

They said to return the product for a refund and they gave a phone number to call. Also that we will be getting a letter.

I like that they can track which customers bought the product and can then warn them. I wonder if other companies do the same if they have the ability?

I called the number. I only listened to the recording and did not bother to talk with a live person.

They rattled off a bunch of things and symptoms that can be caused by salmonella poisoning and I already listed a few of the concerns.

They said it is not like the peanut salmonella and that this product may be contaminated. I think may is the operative word here.

Here's the thing. Younger son and I have been eating them since Tuesday. I actually had a lot last night and the only thing I have is a sore throat and Zycam is saving the day with that.

I am going back to Costco tomorrow to pick up a birthday cake and I could return them ... but the bag is almost finished now. "Ummm... I want my money back because these may be contaminated. Oh and I know they are almost gone because we ate most of them. They were good too. But... I want our money back because of all the psychological pain and suffering eating this product has caused us since getting your phone call."

So...I am guessing that our trail mix is fine and in fact just had another handful. Why not? We haven't gotten sick from the product?

Besides...after last Saturday afternoon's "Drink du Jour"...I feel I can live on the EDGE now. ;)

*** If we had not been eating them..of course I would return them for a refund and I would not chance getting sick by eating them.

I also in no way take salmonella poisoning lightly and it can be a very serious concern for people.

We have so much trust in the products we purchase and then ingest... and most products are very safe. You never think you will be the one affected by a tainted product.

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