Friday, April 17, 2009

Dreams DO Come True... So Moving!

I highly recommend that you watch this video.

I was so moved and excited while watching this clip as were all the people actually there. I wish I could've been with them in person to experience Susan Boyle's magnificent well as the transformation that surely would've resonated within me as it did in the judges and the audience. She sang I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. How apropos.

She was the perceived underdog. I was feeling very sorry for her as she was being made fun of.

I also thought she was courageous.

And then she sang.

She brought the house down!

I LOVED seeing Simon's reaction the most, because he is a no nonsense and sometimes harsh guy who tells it like he sees it... and it was awesome to see the countenance on his face change to that of surprise, being profoundly moved, wowed and appreciative of ... yet almost in disbelief at what he heard... but there was no denying it... she is a truly gifted woman. At one point Simon looked like he was in love...he was so taken with her voice.

It was exciting to see the other judges reactions too. :)

What an example to remind us not to prejudge someone and that first impressions can be wrong.

What an inspirational story to remind us all to never give up on our dreams!

I was so happy for her and have no doubt she will become as famous as the singer she likes.

***** 5 starfish rating. :)


Rositta said...

Pretty amazing wasn't it. I saw this days ago on BBC news and have downloaded the video. I have watched it at least once a day since last week. Took mainstream media a few days to catch on. She is a courageous woman...ciao

passionstamper said...

What an amazing voice she has-did she blow them away or what! It truly was a wake-up call to those who judge on appearance alone...KUDOS to Susan for her boldness and self-confidence! Love it! With her voice and her spunk, I'm sure we will be hearing alot more from her!