Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Seaspray

I am extremely happy to say that I got a good report from my urodoc!!!

My renal scan was good and my renal function even went up a bit.

And... and I may never have to have the reconstructive ureteral surgery!'s LOOKING GOOD! YAY!!

I will see him again for a follow-up in the fall. I will have to have follow-ups to be certain my ureter is remaining open... but if I keep getting a good report, then they will be less often.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if I am finally healing!

Thank you God and thank you Urodoc! :)


Elaine said...

This is absolutely excellent news.

Makes up for the next post about the cat's water (at it wasn't the cat's pee!)

Uro*MA said...

Im glad that your renal scan came back well. Its always nice to hear good news on the uro side LOL
I hope you have a great day!

Jabulani said...

Stumbled across your blog from another and just wanted to say, God is good and answers prayer! I've so many instances of that, it is precious!
I hope you don't mind if I pray for continued healing for you.

Rositta said...

Yay Seaspray, good news, good stuff...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Elaine,Uro*MA,Jabulani,& Rositta -Thank you for sharing in my joy about this!

Cat's pee? I WOULD die! Wonder if it tastes as bad as it smells? Well don't want to know. :)

Thanks for stopping by Jabulani. :)

May you all have a Happy Easter! :)

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Jabulani -Yes God is good and heals today. I'm touched that you will still pray for my continued healing. Thank you very much! :)

rlbates said...

Great news!!!

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Ramona. I'm grateful. :)