Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'd rather be playing scrabble.

Why? WHY do I do this...every year?

I am doing our taxes.

I procrastinated worse than ever this year and still am... I'm blogging now..right?

Waiting for pharmacy plan meds to print out. Gotta get the drug deductions, office visits, premiums paid, co-pays and even the medical mileage...which by the way has gone up due to the elevated gas prices. And then all the rest of it.

Printed! I should stop typing now.... I should..but I'm not.

This is where I would like a patient version of EMRs to keep track of medical expenses.

Unfortunately..we have qualified for medical deductions. Although... I think we pay a hefty price for our med insurance premiums and so doesn't take much to tip the scale.

I actually thought I would have this done yesterday... which I never have it done a day early... but ran into some snafus while gathering info and even though I procrastinate with this.. I still dot every I and cross every T.

Don't miss your deadline!

I e-file and the banks are on Pacific coast time and so technically have until 03:00 EST. My goal is before midnight though.

I have most entered... but still going through receipts and double checking figures.

I should take pictures of the kitchen table, the counter, the computer desk and surrounding area. LOL! I wasn't laughing yesterday when I couldn't find the w-2, bank statements, etc.... you know...the really IMPORTANT information... that I put in a "safe" place. I have been doing taxes for most years since I was 17 or 18 and I never found such a "safe" place!

Part of me enjoys doing it and so I do wonder why I do this... procrastinate... because I DON'T enjoy the pressure when something goes wrong and I'm under the wire..or... do I? I don't allow wiggle room for anything to hang me up and I do have some funny stories. Not at the time but in retrospect.

I guess this is just one of my quirks... but I suspect there are a lot of people just like me crunching their numbers right about now. :)

I am dragging this year though as I feel like I have been intermittently under the weather for 3 weeks now and so feel drained.

Listening to music which helps me focus but now also listening to the news about the tea parties around the country.

Adrenaline and coffee pulling me through. :)

P.S. What do you think of going to the Fair Tax instead of the usual IRS form of taxation?

Check this link out:

I didn't sign it yet because I want to read more about it. Just wondering what the consensus is. ?? :)


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog you have here

SeaSpray said...

Thank you Mystic Sight. :)