Saturday, May 30, 2009

Computer Crashing!

I wish an easily removable cute kitten on the keyboard was the reason for my computer continually shutting off.!

I am admittedly a bit bummed because I think my computer is in the agonal breath phase of it's working existence. It continually freezes and I have to shut it down... but when it is turned back on... it comes on 3 seconds then off...repeatedly... nonstop until it decides to stay on ever so briefly if at all. I did get 5 days out of this last time but... today... will not stay on. :(

A new computer is not in the budget and so if I am not around for awhile.. please know... I am still blogging... just restricted... severely restricted. Younger son is graciously letting me use his laptop today but that is because he is home. He has one of those finger print ID thingies and so I can only use when he is here and not using it himself. Also, I don't want to put wear and tear on his computer. You know how I LOVE to blog! :)

Anyway...I have some wonderful news and hopefully will put that post up later tonight or as soon as I can. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


  • Elaine

  • Last night I was both shocked and saddened to read that my dear blogging friend, Elaine... from across the pond (Scotland), from "Old Age is a Bitch"had passed away this week. I missed seeing her coming here for a visit but had been preoccupied with my concerns and have been remiss in blogging as I used to. Then I visited her blog and recently read that she hadn't been feeling well and left a comment for her. She was home from the hospital at that point. I am still not sure what was wrong.
  • She was a lovely woman, a retired nurse who had a delightful blog always had a kind, insightful comment or post and she had a fabulous sense of humor. I also enjoyed her appreciation for the little day to day activities she shared with us as well as her recipes.

    And I loved that she was never put off by my zanier posts and was right in there with a comment.

    I'll miss you Elaine. It was a pleasure to have met you.

    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    111! Scrabble WORD Score! :)

    I just finished a scrabble game on word biz.

    My first word was gate. 10 points

    My second word was tuxedoes also making the word lex. 111 points! Whoo hoo! :) It was the letter X on the triple single letter... both ways, plus I used all 7 letters which gave me a bonus 50 points added to the original word score.

    My fourth word was hazes on a triple word, giving me 51 points.

    So..4 words into the game... I had 190 points.

    I did win the game 382 to 313.

    I was hoping I'd have a super high score... but it was a 6 minute game ..3 minutes for each player. When I lose... I usually lose because of time..not score..although I do get beaten with score too. :) I just love the game and so play fast so I can play more games.

    If I had more time to think I probably would've had a better score. Obviously the letters were favorable but you still have to see the plays and know the words.

    Anyway... if anyone out there wants to play scrabble with me..I'd love to play.

    I play - WordBiz 1.7 and I play as SeaSpray88

    I am playing more again and am usually on anywhere from 8 pm on, kind of hit or miss. I kind of watch the talking heads and blog... a little of this and a little of that.

    I don't have to play fast games at all and certainly would play slower games. Ha! Might actually win more. :) Some people like to play single-validated games. That is where Wordbiz won't let you put a word down unless it is a valid word. I play double games where you challenge someone if you don't think the word is real. if they're wrong..they lose a turn. If you're wrong.. then you lose your turn. I like that because that is the rule for the board game. However..I click on lots of single validation games just to play because a lot of people play that way.

    *Also you can type to each other just like chat if you want to while you play. That gets challenging in a 3 minute game. :)

    I don't know how to tell you to sign up or if you will find me... but if you want..e-mail me or leave a comment here and we can set up a time to look for each other. The thing is when you click on throws your name out there and anyone can click on you but.. not always.

    Here is the WordBiz site:

    I just LOVE this game.

    So..if you feel so inclined... come play word biz scrabble. :)

    P.S. Does this mean I'm a Scrabble geek? :)

    P.P.S. Devan will be 8 on Sunday and one of her gifts is going to be adult Scrabble. She's an avid reader (wants a Borders gift certificate for her birthday :), and I think she's ready to be taught how to play Scrabble.

    Saturday, May 16, 2009

    Close Call! Girl Talk :)

    Gee! I almost ruined a whole bunch of favorite clothes! The pretty, soft, silky and lacy delicate items. *sigh*

    I was soaking my light colors, pastels, and whites in the washing machine. It was filled with quite a few things.

    I pre-treat what has to be pretreated, turn things inside out, let it swish on gentle ever so briefly... just enough to let the detergent mix through and stop the cycle. Then I add the pastel bras to the top and push them down into the water. These are the under wires and so I don't let them agitate long and definitely don't let them spin and then dry in dryer. Too harsh... even on gentle.

    Then after a few hours... sometimes over night... I let everything swish a minute, stop cycle, remove bras and then let gentle cycle finish out.

    I rinse the bras in bathroom and then hang up or outside. They last a lot longer that way.

    So... these were soaking since this morning and I went to remove the bras and to my dismay... the water was looking a little dingy, dark gray!!! What?! These were pastel pink, pastel aqua, baby yellow, cream and white articles of clothing and some of my favorites.... oh no!

    I fished in there and what did I find... but my BLACK jacket and one of Mr SeaSpray's sweat shirts. Got them out and the bras and let the cycle drain and rinse and so now they're all soaking again. Fortunately it doesn't appear anything is discolored.

    I had washed darks previously and did look in the machine..but evidently not good enough and they must've been plastered up against the washer wall.

    Once, I neglected to check son's pockets and a red crayon melted onto the clothing and once a pen leaked in the dryer and got on the dryer walls and clothing. The crayon was aggravating but the pen was horrible. Ink!

    And when we were first married...the first time I used bleach... I evidently used too much and
    incorrectly. I remember I just poured it in on Mr
    SeaSpray's whites and let it agitate through
    the whole cycle. After I took them out of the dryer... I saw that he had all these little holes.. a few bigger in most of his underwear and t shirts. I never made that mistake again.

    And then this winter...while I was washing some of Mom's things... I washed and dried one of her tartan afghans and when I emptied the drier..I momentarily wondered where the scarf came from...until I realized that the tartan afghan was wool and I had just shrunk it down to SCARF size!

    And then that time when the BULLFROG (they're really big up here) got mixed in the wash that was in the boy's hamper and agitated in the washer! ... If it wasn't for the loud unusually high pitched panicked croaking... I..

    Gee... I'm KIDDING! It could happen though. ;)

    I know.. teasing again and with such a mundane post. ;)

    Friday, May 15, 2009

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E WAVE!

    I put this up a couple of years ago and thought it would be neat to put up again. I am mesmerized by this HUGE wave every time I watch!

    That guy is one brave surfer! :)

    ODD- FISHY Delivery

    Okay, the book really doesn't have anything to do with the post other than that I was counting fish Saturday morning. I just LOVE Dr Seuss books! :)

    1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, 4 fish
    5 fish, 6 fish, 7 fish, 8 fish
    9 fish, 10 fish, 11 fish... dead fish!

    12 dead fish!

    So what is this all about?

    I don't know...exactly. ??

    So...what happened?

    Well... Saturday morning around 11:30ish... my younger son hollered for me to come right there. His friend hollered and said "Pat, you have to see this!" Then as I walked into the kitchen... both he and his friend were laughing and told me to look in the sink.

    I did.

    There was a yellow plastic Shoprite bag sitting in the sink.

    "Open it and look in!"

    The way they were acting, I knew I didn't want to.

    "What's in it?"

    "Just have to look!"

    So...I guardedly opened the bag.

    Eww the smell! There were a bunch of bloody, dead fish in there.

    I knew they had been in the house then and so I asked where the fish came from.

    "Some man dropped them off."

    "Some man? What man?"

    Younger son, "I don't know. He knocked on the door and by the time I got there he was going to the other door. I asked if I could help him."

    "O.K., so what happened?"

    "He gave me this bag of fish." (Friend really laughing now :)


    "I don't know."

    "Well do we know him?"

    "I don't think so... maybe dad does."

    (Female brain now in full gear and wanting every bit of minutia son could offer because who drops off a bunch of dead fish without an explanation?) "Well what did he say?"

    He asked if the owner of the house was here and I said, "You mean my dad?" Then he said, "Here, this is for the chief." Then he just left."

    "What was he driving?"

    "A silver truck."

    "Did you ever see the truck before?"


    "Well where did he go?"

    "He got in his silver truck and then drove up the rode."

    "What did he look like?"

    "White hair, white beard and about my height." (Younger son is 6'2")

    "What color were his eyes?"

    "I don't know."

    "Well... did he look familiar at all? Did the truck look familiar?"


    "Do you remember anything else about him? Was he heavy? Thin?"


    "Anything else?"

    "He had crooked teeth."

    "Anything else?"


    "I'm calling Dad."

    "Hi -Mr SeaSpray... does anyone ever call you CHIEF?"

    "No, why?"

    And so I explained and he didn't have any idea who the person could be either.

    So..I asked son to put them in a garbage bag and put them outside.

    I felt bad about throwing the fish out if they were meant to be a gift... but who would eat dead fish from a stranger? I don't eat any dead fish unless it comes out of a can.. well okay..maybe salmon or flounder. But I draw the line there.

    It was just odd.

    I wondered if he had the wrong house. ?

    I wondered if he was a nut. ?

    And who comes up to your house with a bag of dead fish and then asks if the owner of the house is home? Wouldn't you say... is your father home or is your mother home?

    Not something as impersonal as "The owner of the house".

    We also had a good laugh over. It was all just so unusual.

    But it was bugging me and so I asked dear son to explain all over again... hoping for some clue for identification. Nothing new.

    Then I began thinking of the symbolism of fish. Well if there is a real symbol..that I don't know.. other than it is a Christian symbol. I began thinking about Christ saying "I'll make you fishers of men."

    And I began thinking of the miraculous loaves and fish in the basket feeding the five thousand.

    And then I thought of President Obama's chief of staff sending a dead fish in the mail to someone he was angry at.

    And then I wondered what it meant to get a bunch of dead fish.

    Admittedly, my imagination went into overdrive because there is a situation in the area where nefarious activities *may* be going on and just the night before I was telling another person concerned about the situation...well maybe we should write an editorial and talk to some reporters... be armed with facts and dates but perhaps get an expose going. Then I started wondering if anyone could have heard us on neighbor's portable phone? (I was on land line) I had even been questioning possible Mafia involvement. I mentioned that we all should unite and show the negligent officials that we mean business... and see how they like it when we go over their heads and get some inquiries going because they were elected by us and they are supposed to serve and protect us!

    So.. I googled about dead fish being delivered: "Leaving a dead fish on someone's doorstep is a warning that they are going to be killed. Usually, by a Mafia hit man." "Use of a fish is notorious as a mafia message indicating that its recipient will "sleep with the fishes" unless he or she heeds the warning." "Or, in Mafia Lore, it would mean that someone "sleeps with the fishes". "

    Now... I know my imagination was in overdrive here, but I was feeling creepy about the previous night's conversation and have been about the situation... ever since I began hearing officials were afraid... and the whole situation is seriously troubling ..believe me.

    Anyway, Mr SeaSpray looked in the bag when he came home and said they were trout... but over the limit of what you're allowed to catch.

    Then I thought..why 12..maybe it is a warning for everyone who has been in opposition. But I have been out of the loop because of Mom, until the night before.

    In all probability... the guy probably had the wrong house.

    But who comes up and says, "Is the owner of the house here?" and then hands their kid a bag of dead fish?

    Weird, mysterious and amusing.

    Hey.. who needs TV when I have my active imagination? ;)

    LOL! I was just telling a friend about the fish and she thought that was weird and that perhaps I should've called the police. Ha! Can't you just imagine the conversation after I call in to the police station stating I was concerned because a stranger gave us 12 dead fish? I guess it would be a good thing if someone called in to report they were missing some dead fish! Ha ha!

    And really... it was so bizarre. :) ??

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Red Bra-White Coat-Grey Suit-HYPERTENSION!!
    Water has nothing to do with this post. There wasn't any body of water that I could see in the exam room. Nor was there an aqua beach chair... or a deck... but there was a red bra... and me. I just like the picture.

    ... Is all I'm gonna say about this for now... if ever.


    Suffice it to know I met a new doctor today.

    Suffice it to know I was dying a thousand deaths from the second he walked in!

    Suffice it to know... I dug myself in deeper with my words... but I had to explain.

    Suffice it to know..I think I may have had the doc chuckling on the inside as evidenced by his obviously restrained... ever so slight... smile, as I was getting SQUIRRELLIER by the second!!


    Even if I never post it all... I feel better for venting!

    Sorry SeaSpray-Nice Guy :)

    Okay...about the guy I almost ran off the road...dumb on my part.... OBVIOUSLY!

    I was traveling southbound on a one way 2 lane highway.

    He was in my blind spot and while I did check...evidently not carefully enough.

    As I got halfway into the fast lane, the other vehicle was right there from seemingly nowhere and so as I came in... he veered farther to the left onto the shoulder. I then veered back into my lane while he simultaneously came back into his lane and it was as if our paralleled cars were totally in sync ... as though we intended to do this choreographed car dance of the highway. It was all so calm and uneventful... surreal... yet could've been very serious.

    Then we were side by side and fortunately got to stop together at the next light. I wanted to tell him I was sorry. I was afraid to look over because I didn't want to see any obscene gestures or whatever. But even more so I wanted to apologize. So... I put my window down and tried to get his attention by waving at him.... while simultaneously thinking he might think I'm a nut if he see's me in his peripheral vision and not look at me at all.

    But he did look over and so with a sheepish and most apologetic face... I dramatically mouthed the words, "I'M SORRY!" followed by a please forgive me look.

    Figuring... I'd take whatever..I deserved it... but instead... he flashed a friendly smile and nodded his head a bit...acknowledging and accepting my apology.

    Then in a minute or so... he went his way and went mine.

    Not everyone would've been so nice. HA! WhiteCoat would've taken my picture with that trusty camera of his! ;)

    Tuesday, May 5, 2009

    Evidently Relaxing Echocardiogram

    I am having some routine tests done.

    I felt stressed by time I got into cardiology unit... although I was enjoying the various people I was encountering throughout the hospital, I really like that hospital and was appreciating so many things every where I went.

    I am very at home in a hospital environment. I know people who feel ill at the thought of even going near a hospital because they equate it with death and dying. Even before I worked in one...I always had good vibes about them. I know and have experienced, both personally and professionally that bad things do happen in hospitals... but to me... hospitals are filled with people helping other people and I equate them with help, hope and healing.

    I also appreciated that I didn't actually run the guy off the road on my way down... but I digress.

    So with all the things on my mind, stressing about the test and I felt like I was going to fail the test.

    You know... like I just wasn't mellow enough.

    And then I wondered if I should've drunk the 2 cups of coffee before leaving. No one told me not to. And did it matter if I took Celebrex cause I did. (Really helped knees on this rainy day-I knew I'd be walking all over and in heels.

    It occurred to me about the coffee at home, but I really wanted the coffee and justified it with ..well..this is what I do.. I drink coffee... if it is gonna affect me.. then I should know.

    So I walked in and told the tech I was feeling stressed and I drank coffee. She said I shouldn't have had the coffee.
    See full size image

    So I assumed the side position (beats Bajingoland) and she began the test.

    Evidently my brain wasn't connected to my body during the test. ;) She said.."'re RELAXED. Your REALLY relaxed." Ha! Then I got scared thinking my heart wasn't beating fast enough. (Just call me Felix.. like the neurotic guy in the odd couple. :)

    So I asked her what she meant. She said "Your heart rate is only 69... now 65... you're relaxed."

    Then I did relax.

    I don't like listening to my heart. I mean I do.. but I don't... but I guess I more do than don't... or maybe more don't than do... I don't know... I mean it bothers me more than doesn't... yet I am so drawn into listening to it... kind of eerie though... in a fascinating way.

    It's fascinating... yet makes me feel so vulnerable and want to protect it. I know all the things I've done wrong and I appreciate the work it does. Heck.. I would send it a pretty thank you card if I could. :)

    It is an amazing if not miraculous organ. It keeps going and going and going for decades in people...even over a century in some.

    One of my heartbeat recordings reminded me of a worker on a construction job site. You'd want to hire this worker. Dedicated, diligent... and always on the job.

    I also appreciated the tech and thought she performed her job well.

    Friday, May 1, 2009

    No Preparation

    People say that no one prepares us to be parents. I would add that no one prepares us to parent our parents. ~SeaSpray ~

    I wish I could have a do over.

    New Blog -Uro Post

    There is a new blog in the med blogasphere... that I found through WhiteCoat. "Tales From the Serenity Now Hospital" and of course I honed in on the "Fun With Foley's" post.

    But be forewarned should you decide to read the foley post... while the post is funny ... it is also disturbingly gross and may be an image you'd prefer NOT to have. (Colostomy bag post even worse) And I DO think this woman was either demented or a 10 on the PERV pain scale.... or both!

    Uro Joke