Thursday, May 21, 2009

111! Scrabble WORD Score! :)

I just finished a scrabble game on word biz.

My first word was gate. 10 points

My second word was tuxedoes also making the word lex. 111 points! Whoo hoo! :) It was the letter X on the triple single letter... both ways, plus I used all 7 letters which gave me a bonus 50 points added to the original word score.

My fourth word was hazes on a triple word, giving me 51 points.

So..4 words into the game... I had 190 points.

I did win the game 382 to 313.

I was hoping I'd have a super high score... but it was a 6 minute game ..3 minutes for each player. When I lose... I usually lose because of time..not score..although I do get beaten with score too. :) I just love the game and so play fast so I can play more games.

If I had more time to think I probably would've had a better score. Obviously the letters were favorable but you still have to see the plays and know the words.

Anyway... if anyone out there wants to play scrabble with me..I'd love to play.

I play - WordBiz 1.7 and I play as SeaSpray88

I am playing more again and am usually on anywhere from 8 pm on, kind of hit or miss. I kind of watch the talking heads and blog... a little of this and a little of that.

I don't have to play fast games at all and certainly would play slower games. Ha! Might actually win more. :) Some people like to play single-validated games. That is where Wordbiz won't let you put a word down unless it is a valid word. I play double games where you challenge someone if you don't think the word is real. if they're wrong..they lose a turn. If you're wrong.. then you lose your turn. I like that because that is the rule for the board game. However..I click on lots of single validation games just to play because a lot of people play that way.

*Also you can type to each other just like chat if you want to while you play. That gets challenging in a 3 minute game. :)

I don't know how to tell you to sign up or if you will find me... but if you want..e-mail me or leave a comment here and we can set up a time to look for each other. The thing is when you click on throws your name out there and anyone can click on you but.. not always.

Here is the WordBiz site:

I just LOVE this game.

So..if you feel so inclined... come play word biz scrabble. :)

P.S. Does this mean I'm a Scrabble geek? :)

P.P.S. Devan will be 8 on Sunday and one of her gifts is going to be adult Scrabble. She's an avid reader (wants a Borders gift certificate for her birthday :), and I think she's ready to be taught how to play Scrabble.


Chrysalis Angel said...

Happy birthday to Devin!

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SeaSpray said...

Thanks Angel! :)

Word! John you're HILARIOUS! :)