Saturday, May 16, 2009

Close Call! Girl Talk :)

Gee! I almost ruined a whole bunch of favorite clothes! The pretty, soft, silky and lacy delicate items. *sigh*

I was soaking my light colors, pastels, and whites in the washing machine. It was filled with quite a few things.

I pre-treat what has to be pretreated, turn things inside out, let it swish on gentle ever so briefly... just enough to let the detergent mix through and stop the cycle. Then I add the pastel bras to the top and push them down into the water. These are the under wires and so I don't let them agitate long and definitely don't let them spin and then dry in dryer. Too harsh... even on gentle.

Then after a few hours... sometimes over night... I let everything swish a minute, stop cycle, remove bras and then let gentle cycle finish out.

I rinse the bras in bathroom and then hang up or outside. They last a lot longer that way.

So... these were soaking since this morning and I went to remove the bras and to my dismay... the water was looking a little dingy, dark gray!!! What?! These were pastel pink, pastel aqua, baby yellow, cream and white articles of clothing and some of my favorites.... oh no!

I fished in there and what did I find... but my BLACK jacket and one of Mr SeaSpray's sweat shirts. Got them out and the bras and let the cycle drain and rinse and so now they're all soaking again. Fortunately it doesn't appear anything is discolored.

I had washed darks previously and did look in the machine..but evidently not good enough and they must've been plastered up against the washer wall.

Once, I neglected to check son's pockets and a red crayon melted onto the clothing and once a pen leaked in the dryer and got on the dryer walls and clothing. The crayon was aggravating but the pen was horrible. Ink!

And when we were first married...the first time I used bleach... I evidently used too much and
incorrectly. I remember I just poured it in on Mr
SeaSpray's whites and let it agitate through
the whole cycle. After I took them out of the dryer... I saw that he had all these little holes.. a few bigger in most of his underwear and t shirts. I never made that mistake again.

And then this winter...while I was washing some of Mom's things... I washed and dried one of her tartan afghans and when I emptied the drier..I momentarily wondered where the scarf came from...until I realized that the tartan afghan was wool and I had just shrunk it down to SCARF size!

And then that time when the BULLFROG (they're really big up here) got mixed in the wash that was in the boy's hamper and agitated in the washer! ... If it wasn't for the loud unusually high pitched panicked croaking... I..

Gee... I'm KIDDING! It could happen though. ;)

I know.. teasing again and with such a mundane post. ;)


Uma said...

Dear Seaspray- Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
I really like your suggestions on girl talk- I am hopeless at laundry !
I also love how your blog plays the sounds of the ocean- I lived in Philly for 4 yrs so the NJ shore was a must visit in the summer- I really miss it now.
Take care and keep blogging.

SeaSpray said...
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SeaSpray said...

Your Welcome Uma. Thank you for your kind words. :)

I look forward to reading your blog. It's such an important subject and it is a calling to be in that field.

Thanks for encouraging me to blog... because I just twittered that I felt I was losing my blogging mojo.

Ahhh the o-c-e-a-n... :)