Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Evidently Relaxing Echocardiogram

I am having some routine tests done.

I felt stressed by time I got into cardiology unit... although I was enjoying the various people I was encountering throughout the hospital, I really like that hospital and was appreciating so many things every where I went.

I am very at home in a hospital environment. I know people who feel ill at the thought of even going near a hospital because they equate it with death and dying. Even before I worked in one...I always had good vibes about them. I know and have experienced, both personally and professionally that bad things do happen in hospitals... but to me... hospitals are filled with people helping other people and I equate them with help, hope and healing.

I also appreciated that I didn't actually run the guy off the road on my way down... but I digress.

So with all the things on my mind, stressing about the test and I felt like I was going to fail the test.

You know... like I just wasn't mellow enough.

And then I wondered if I should've drunk the 2 cups of coffee before leaving. No one told me not to. And did it matter if I took Celebrex cause I did. (Really helped knees on this rainy day-I knew I'd be walking all over and in heels.

It occurred to me about the coffee at home, but I really wanted the coffee and justified it with ..well..this is what I do.. I drink coffee... if it is gonna affect me.. then I should know.

So I walked in and told the tech I was feeling stressed and I drank coffee. She said I shouldn't have had the coffee.
See full size image

So I assumed the side position (beats Bajingoland) and she began the test.

Evidently my brain wasn't connected to my body during the test. ;) She said.."Boy..you're RELAXED. Your REALLY relaxed." Ha! Then I got scared thinking my heart wasn't beating fast enough. (Just call me Felix.. like the neurotic guy in the odd couple. :)

So I asked her what she meant. She said "Your heart rate is only 69... now 65... you're relaxed."

Then I did relax.

I don't like listening to my heart. I mean I do.. but I don't... but I guess I more do than don't... or maybe more don't than do... I don't know... I mean it bothers me more than doesn't... yet I am so drawn into listening to it... kind of eerie though... in a fascinating way.

It's fascinating... yet makes me feel so vulnerable and want to protect it. I know all the things I've done wrong and I appreciate the work it does. Heck.. I would send it a pretty thank you card if I could. :)

It is an amazing if not miraculous organ. It keeps going and going and going for decades in people...even over a century in some.

One of my heartbeat recordings reminded me of a worker on a construction job site. You'd want to hire this worker. Dedicated, diligent... and always on the job.

I also appreciated the tech and thought she performed her job well.


Rositta said...

I had an Echocardiogram before my Ablation last year and it was weird, kind of a slurpy noise. They said that was normal though. I've pretty much had it with hospitals but I have my foot surgery ahead of me in the short term. It's at a hospital I don't much like but I do like the surgeon...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Rositta- I was appreciative of my steady rhythm as opposed to Mom's irregular heartbeat we heard with her a-fib. I could see it bothered her when she heard it and reminded her that her meds help her. And even this fall...while there was a valve defect..her heart was strong.

*sigh* I know you understand. I am getting hit with a wave of missing her. When do the tears stop?

I hope your foot surgery goes well. I would follow my urologist where ever he worked because I have such confidence in him. But the hospital staff is important too. If you have concerns, maybe talk with your doc and maybe he will stay on them to be diligent with your post-op care. Is it an sds?

There were doctors I worked with who were notorious for being pricks (excuse me)but the staff was extra careful with their patients because they'd have to answer to those docs if they made mistakes.

What is ablation?