Friday, May 1, 2009

No Preparation

People say that no one prepares us to be parents. I would add that no one prepares us to parent our parents. ~SeaSpray ~

I wish I could have a do over.


~ Erica ~ said...

Very true. I would add that there really isn't a text book or instructional on life period. There can't be as each one is uniquely different. I never feel adequate as a parent - I will be the same when it comes to taking care of my parents. Although...that is my sisters job not mine!!! : ) They like her more anyway!!!

Rositta said...

I think that's a normal feeling. There are things I would have done differently not that it would have changed the outcome. My husband is going through the same thing right now, he's wishing we had lived in Greece or at least spent more time there. Even though we spend two months a year it wasn't enough he thinks. Some things you can't change so we just have to accept...ciao

SeaSpray said...

Hi Erica -yes..instructional book on life *specific to each of us* would be nice. ;) Sometimes I have wished God would just drop a sign out of the sky telling me what direction to take-what to do. :)

You are blessed to have a sibling. many times I wish I had someone equally involved to commiserate with regarding Mom.

maybe together we would've seen things I missed.

Hi Rositta - I know the questioning and regrets are hard.

More and more..I am realizing that most of us do what we can. Just that knowing what I know..I believe if I could have a do over..I'd do it even better.